Intriguing Reading #88

My irregular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Why I Hate The Word Sex-Positive: “There are lots of things I’m positive about! I’m consent-positive! I’m autonomy-positive! I’m people-being-happy-positive! But I’m not really sex-positive. I’m more sex-neutral, really. If people want to have sex, then they should have sex; if people don’t want to have sex, then they shouldn’t have sex. As long as everyone involved is happy, I don’t really feel entitled to have an opinion about whether other people have kinky lesbian orgies or hold each other’s sleeves because they’re not yet emotionally ready to hold hands.” (Ozymandias)

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Summer Love

It’s hot right now. Summertime in Auckland mean inevitably high humidity, and only with all the doors wide or the fan going strong is it bearable – and it’s much more bearable naked.

Of course, sometimes there’s good reason to add to the stickiness (and nakedness). When Demeter comes over for a visit and declares that she’s horny? Well of course Apollo and I are going to oblige – not that it was an obligation!

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Blogaversary Number Nine

How is it that Curvaceous Dee, the blog, has now been active, updating, and filthy, for nine years? Yes – it’s my ninth blogaversary today!

Click-throughs on both images. Photographed by Demeter. 

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Intriguing Reading #87

My irregular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Content Notes: misgendering; emotional abuse

Eat It Up and Lay Wit It: Hip Hop, Cunnilingus and Morality in Entertainment: “Sex is a gendered issue, Y/y? In spite of near-universal agreement that sex is fun and feels nice, the backseating of women’s sexual pleasure is still a stubborn stain on our cultural fabric, and we can’t seem to get past the idea that sex is really for men.” (Madeleine Holden / The Pantograph Punch)

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Intriguing Reading #86

My irregular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

50 Shades of Non-Consent: Editing BDSM Erotica as a Queer Top: “At this point the guidelines for our “good imprints” have been whittled down until there is only one acceptable BDSM heroine. She cannot have any past history of D/s relationships, have ever engaged in casual play, or, heaven forbid, have ever been a Domme herself. In short, she is never a woman interested in BDSM. Additionally, she is an insecure girl who is willing to accept abuse if someone spit-shines it and calls it love. She is never someone I can see as a consenting submissive.” (Jennifer Hanks / Autostraddle)

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Squeaky Selfie

I’ve just returned from two weeks in Melbourne visiting m’Lady – a bonus visit for the year, thanks to knuckling down and doing ‘the budget’ with Apollo, which lead to the pleasing discovery that another flight across the ditch was affordable.

As usual, a lot of time was spent indoors, in bed, having incredibly hot sex and kink play. But this visit I also hired a car for a few days, so we took a day trip down to Wilson’s Promontory (aka ‘the prom’), the southernmost tip of the Australian mainland. I mean, why not? Neither of us had been there before.

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Fist Me All Year

It’s the fourth annual International Fisting Day (well, it is in the US – it was yesterday in New Zealand), and I’ve had some amazing fisting experiences this year – so now seems like a great opportunity to share them. This year has been all about give and take, and when it comes to hands in *cough* new places, that’s never been more true!


Take yourself back to the very first day of 2014. Do you remember what you were doing?

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Intriguing Reading #85

My semi-regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Content notes: arachnids, addiction

Trans People and Basic Human Respect: “I think accepting the existence of trans people makes everyone else rethink gender in ways that may be unsettling. If we’re invested in the idea that gender roles are “natural” and inborn, it makes us rethink that. If we’re invested in the idea that gender is 100 percent socially constructed, it makes us rethink that. It makes us rethink masculinity and femininity in ways that may undercut our sense of our own masculinity or femininity. Indeed, trans identity causes us to question the very idea of a gender binary—the idea that there are two and only two genders that are distinct and easy to identify. It makes us rethink what gender even is.” (Greta Christina / The Humanist)

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Intriguing Reading #84

My semi-regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

“Coming Out” in the Classroom: When the Personal is Pedagogical:  “While I had the freedom to reorganize some lectures to explore topics in gender and sexuality, my own sexual identity has had little overlap with what I teach, at least so far. But looking ahead, I wanted to know how others navigate this potentially challenging terrain.” (Justin Bengry / Notches)

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The Great Outdoors

I love having sex – I think we all know that by now! And I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, too. Add those together, and outdoor sex is one of those things I really enjoy, even if I don’t do it often. One of those things about outdoor sex, though, is that the potential for amazingness – and disaster – is often increased…

Let’s get the (hilarious in retrospect) disasters out of the way first, shall we? It turns out golf courses use sprinklers – and they turn on about dusk, drenching the hapless couple getting it on nearby. Who knew? Then there’s bamboo. The otherwise excellently concealed piece of parkland where I chose to fling my virginity away – yes, really – had small shoots growing. Right where the small of my back was. Didn’t matter how I repositioned myself, it always ended up just there. It was a toss-up what was less fun, that day. And then there was the day-trip to Picton where rampant horniness got the better of us, and so we put a towel down in the bush by the ferry terminal and went for it. Apparently other people had the same idea, and managed to – literally – stumble across us. Oops!

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