Property Milestone

Posted on | January 31, 2015 | 2 Comments

I am delighted to celebrate my fourth anniversary today with m’Lady Tethys! This is also an opportunity to post a copy of my latest Title Deed (this is the fourth version – we’ve signed one every year since our first anniversary). My relationship with m’Lady is complex, comprehensive, and full of joy: we are not just owner and property, but also partner and partner – we have an overarching relationship structure which does not rely on our D/s interactions, but is intensified and increased by it. Being long-distance adds extra challenges, but we have persevered and grown together through them.

In all discussions about our kink relationship, being owner/property, and the Title Deed itself, we work on the meta level; that is, not within the dynamic but within our overarching relationship, with respect and honesty.

Back in January 2012 we signed the very first of our Title Deeds. It took us nearly eight months to put together, and we decided we wanted to formalise our o/p relationship on the anniversary of the start of our overall relationship. We spent a lot of that January finalising details, checking we’d not forgotten anything (we had!), and making sure that that this was not only what I wanted, but what ey wanted as well. There were more than a few questions about this once I’d posted about it, so there was a follow-up where I clarified what this meant to me.

In January 2013 we made quite a few additions and alterations. There were sections we had realised belatedly were necessary and useful (by belatedly, read: within the fortnight). Having lived with the Title Deed for a year, we needed to make some changes based upon what we had discovered had worked and hadn’t. As a living document, like our living relationship, it was right and good to be able to show it reflecting ourselves.

In January 2014 we simplified a fair bit. We combined some clauses, removed others. As always, we discussed language, revised statements, and occasionally reordered.

This year the changes were fairly minimal – if you weren’t paying attention you’d think it was identical. There’s been some removals and some additions, and I will mention them next to the pages in question.

Read more

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Posted on | January 29, 2015 | 5 Comments

wooden rubber implement

I rather like paddles. Some that I own are heavy thuddy bastards, and some are stingy light bastards. Some look and feel like they’ll deliver a thud (like that gorgeous wooden one above made by The Gunner’s Daughter) but sting incredibly instead. I’ve found that’s one of the downsides of paddles: no matter what I think they’re going to deliver when I get them, I never know for sure until someone’s whacked my bum with it.

The rubber one above I thought would be a little stingy. Turns out that it’s like being smacked with a handful of bees, as all those bits make contact – which appeals to m’Lady, but not to me so much! It doesn’t take much before I’m tapping out with my intermediary safeword and begging for anything else to be used on my rump instead.

wooden plastic implements

I have rather a lot of paddles made from a variety of materials: wood, plastic, rubber and more. Many of them are pervertables, as you can see above. Your basic $2 rice spoon is a particular favourite (m’Lady is a particular fan of the heart-shaped ones, which were a gift from Kiana), but there’s also wooden spoons, table tennis bats, and of course a few rulers!

I find it interesting that while I have a number of paddles, they’re not used very often. Most of the heavier impact items I own are frequently used for bastinado, and generally paddles are too wide or too stingy for my feet. So they’re saved for my rump, and m’Lady’s pleasure.

So yes: paddles. I like them and I dislike them. Generally speaking they make me wriggle and yelp, but don’t mark me very much. But I always make sure they’re packed when I go to Melbourne!

A few posts I’ve written about paddling:

Being a bad girl and getting thoroughly bruised
Making my own leather-covered paddle (seen above)
Being punished with a paddling


Click below to see what other people had to say about paddles!

Kink of the Week

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Happy Property

Posted on | January 25, 2015 | 14 Comments

There are so many different ways that being owned by m’Lady makes me happy. There’s the tasks ey sets me to do – for example, for the last four weeks I’ve been emailing em links to 10 different arousing images every day (that takes a few hours on tumblr for each one, because I want to find images that not only I found hot but that also, hopefully, ey will). There’s the amazing birthday story that ey wrote for me (go read it!). And there’s the wonderfulness that comes from being in person.

These three images are from my most recent trip to Melbourne. None are particularly explicit, and yet all are utterly arousing to me in so many ways – for the memories of what led to the photograph, for the happiness I had then and have now, and the reminder that I am well-used, and well-loved, property.

curvaceousdee drool collar bell
What happened here? Well, after we’d relaxed for a while on the sofa, m’Lady decided ey wanted some cock worship while working on eir programming. So I got down on my knees and provided worship (and sporadically had my face fucked). Apparently it was helpful with the programming challenges too! As you can see, it led to a whole lot of drool – and a very big smile :)

curvaceousdee cutting lambda

m’Lady and I had talked for some time about having em do a cutting on me – something that only Adonis (and my lovely scarification expert Sadistic Panda) had done with me before. For a first-time cutting, m’Lady did a lovely job – this is a lambda symbol, the same as is on my ownership tag – on my upper back. It didn’t last more than a few days unfortunately (like my angel wings; it seems my back heals fast) but we both thoroughly enjoyed the process. Definitely will be doing that again!

curvaceousdee smile orgasm

I’m sure you will be shocked to know that this is a post-orgasm (many orgasms) face. Just seeing this makes me grin nearly as largely as I am in the photo. m’Lady knows how to use me until I’ve got no ejaculate and no energy left, and then use me just a little bit more.


Next week we renew my Title Deed!

Sinful Sunday

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Auctioned (part 2)

Posted on | January 23, 2015 | No Comments

Last year m’Lady Tethys wrote me a wonderfully hot story for my birthday – as ey has done every year we’ve been together. It’s one of the most wonderful gifts I receive. The story I awoke to on my birthday last month, however, is a little different in that it continues on from the previous year. And it is even hotter, especially if you get to hear em read it aloud (er, you don’t get that – I’m keeping it for myself)! I strongly recommend you read the first part if you haven’t – but either way, it is with permission and with great pleasure that I share these words with you now. Enjoy!

<- part one

The footsteps crunching on dirt and stone were muffled by the cold daytime air, as though they were actually surrounded by a thick fog. Whore Cow 001 of Lambda Farm was grateful for the warmth provided by the cloak covering her otherwise naked flesh; the collar and ear tag were warming, but emotionally, not physically. And she knew that she would be even warmer soon enough.

Owner and property walked together along the long path. The greenery on either side of them gradually became neater, and more obviously maintained. Rough hedges appeared; the undergrowth became thinner. Finally they came to two rows of lampposts marching ahead of them towards their destination: slim metal poles topped by currently unlit enclosures, with four small half-loops of metal clustered together a couple of feet from the ground. Whore Cow 001 felt cunt start to throb, and then let down milk, at thoughts of what those half-loops might be used for. Her owner smelt it and smiled.

“A pleasing response, my property. And I’m sure the Consortium will be pleased as well, to smell how ready you are.”

“Thank you, my owner,” she replied, her voice quivering slightly.

A figure suddenly appeared on the path a short distance ahead of them. Whore Cow 001 didn’t remember it being there a moment ago. She allowed that maybe her focus had not been on the physical path ahead of them, and that it was possible that the figure hadn’t just materialised on the spot. On the other hand, she had heard things about the Drake Consortium, things involving …. things. Some claimed magick was involved; some said science. Some said both. In any event, the shape of the figure was not like anything she had heard of, let alone seen. Part of her became even more nervous, whilst another part tried to reassure her that her owner wouldn’t let anything happen to her that would lower eir property’s value.

As owner and property approached the figure, its surface features became visible: it was a tangle of limbs and holes, apparently eyeless. All the limbs were prehensile, and seemingly used for both locomotion and manipulation of objects. Some limbs ended in a small area of several short spikes, whilst others ended in a strangely crosshatched surface. Clearly it was a servitor designed by the Consortium to meet their specific requirements. Whore Cow 001 realised that her immediate future would surely involve encounters with more creatures such as these, for the amusement and delight of the Consortium. Not to mention who knew what creatures besides.

Finally they stopped within conversational distance of the creature, and her owner gave it a small nod. It moved one of its limbs in the direction of her owner in an apparent gesture of acknowledgement. Her owner spoke.

“I bring Whore Cow 001 of Lambda Farm to fulfill her hire as entertainment for the Drake Consortium.” Whore Cow 001 loved hearing her owner say “zero zero one”; she was first not only in time, but in her owner’s affections as well.

The creature made another gesture of acknowledgement, and reached down towards the ground. An iron chain lay there, heavy enough to be used to anchor a small boat. A limb end wrapped around it firmly, then yanked the chain sharply and effortlessly. There was a slight muffled thud, and then a section of nearby ground began to split in two, each half beginning to rise upwards from the point of separation. Two panels were opening skywards, stones and dirt skittling down their surfaces towards where they hinged with the ground. A flight of wide stone steps became visible, leading down into darkness. Or temporary darkness: as the panels neared the top of their arc, the steps suddenly became illuminated by a glow from something out of sight. Whore Cow 001’s ankles felt warm air flowing past.

Her owner lightly flicked the chain between eir hand and the collar around eir property’s neck. She felt it not only through the collar, but also through the two smaller chains that ran from the main chain to the rings in each teat.

“Let us descend, my property. I’m sure your arrival is rather eagerly anticipated.”

They made their way downwards, soon hearing the panels close behind them. The glow was coming from a series of lamps on the walls, identical to those topping the posts they had passed earlier. Some of the steps had been hewn directly from the rock; some had been moved into place from elsewhere. All had reasonably rough surfaces, insurance against becoming too slippery when they became coated with any water that might have been brought in from outside.

Several dozen steps later, they reached the bottom, a short patch of floor preceding a large archway whose intrados was covered in some sort of intricate pattern. In the archway stood a person, besides whom was another one of the creatures they had encountered on the surface. The person was covered from neck to ankles in black, loose-fitting clothing, cut in such a way that underlying body shape was difficult to discern. When they spoke to her owner, their voice was of medium pitch, conveying words in a smooth, moderately-paced rhythm.

“I am Seqrar. Welcome. We are all much looking forward to making good use of your property over the next few days. Your quarters await you; the servitor here will take you to them. From your quarters you will be able to browse and select some of delights we have available – a small token of our appreciation for making your property available to us.”

“Thank you,” said her owner. “It is my pleasure to both make my property available to such an august group as yourselves, and to profit well from doing so.” Whore Cow 001 felt a flush of pride at being such a significant source of income for her owner, and this in turn caused a further trickle of milk to flow down the inside of both thighs.

“She is fully prepared?”

“Not quite. There is one final thing to be done, which was to be done as late as possible.” Her owner turned to her. “Come!”

Cunt spasmed, and the trickle of milk became a spray, instantly covering the floor in a thin layer of wetness. Mouth formed but two words – “Oh fuck!” – legs gave way, and she flailed for something to hold onto. Failing, she collapsed onto the wetness. “Thank you, my owner. That orgasm belongs to you.” Her owner smiled.

“So it does. And so will every other orgasm you have during your time here. When your time here is complete, all of those holes of mine will be stretched and used beyond your training, yet will still be frantic to be used even more. And you’ll have become even more valuable to me. Do me proud.”

She nodded. “Yes, my owner. I’ll not disappoint you. I love you.” Her owner smiled.

“I love you, my property.”

Her owner handed the chain to Seqrar, and she followed Seqrar down the tunnel.

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e[lust] #66

Posted on | January 19, 2015 | No Comments

Elust 66 Header image
Photo courtesy of CurvaceousDee

Welcome to Elust #66

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #67? Start with the rules, come back February 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

For our UK readers, we would like to make a special request that you take a moment and fill out this petition to repeal the new censorship laws.

~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Small Breasts
Watching Her Cum
An Ode to Blow Jobs

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Of Skeletons and Secrets
Would you be bored?

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Lust Fish

Read more

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Posted on | January 11, 2015 | 18 Comments

Unlike the majority of New Zealanders, I’m not a big fan of sports. I’m particularly not a big fan of rugby – I went to some games with family when younger, but if pressed I must admit to preferring cricket a bit more (the other big Kiwi sport). And I prefer roller derby most of all, probably because I know some players!

But despite not being a rugby fan, there are sports grounds everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Handily, where there’s a sports ground, there’s a scoreboard:

curvaceousdee grass

You can probably guess what field I’m at, yeah?

There were some people in the distance chucking around a ball, but that didn’t stop Kiana and I having fun…

curvaceousdee flash boobs

So first was the quick flash. Up top, photo, down top. But then Kiana suggested what might make for a better photo, and I got to fiddling with the (tiny!) buttons on my shirt. Well, why not?

curvaceousdee flash boobs

I gotta say, I like this one better. What do you think?


We got a few scavenger hunt locations around this field – more to come!

Sinful Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Diamond

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Summer Love

Posted on | January 4, 2015 | 13 Comments

It’s hot right now. Summertime in Auckland mean inevitably high humidity, and only with all the doors wide or the fan going strong is it bearable – and it’s much more bearable naked.

Of course, sometimes there’s good reason to add to the stickiness (and nakedness). When Demeter comes over for a visit and declares that she’s horny? Well of course Apollo and I are going to oblige – not that it was an obligation!

Intimacy with Demeter has always been glorious. Her delightful pillowiness; the way her nipple tightens in my mouth; the taste of her in Apollo’s kiss. Her hands and tongue on me. Her laugh. Her orgasms.

With all three of us sated and exhausted, we sprawl and cuddle together.

naked flesh hands

No, this isn’t new – it’s the intimacy of long loving and knowing each other well. But who needs to search out the thrill of the new when you can have someone so beloved?


In other not-new news, this blog is now nine years old!


ETA: Selected as top pic in the Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup.

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Blogaversary Number Nine

Posted on | January 1, 2015 | 3 Comments

How is it that Curvaceous Dee, the blog, has now been active, updating, and filthy, for nine years? Yes – it’s my ninth blogaversary today!

Click-throughs on both images. Photographed by Demeter. 

curvaceousdee nine back

Time flies when you’re writing about sex and relationships and poly and kink and long-distance and love and fucking, doesn’t it?

Some highlights of the year were:

curvaceousdee nine back

As I turn my back on 2014 and years prior, it’s time to head forward into the 10th year of Curvaceous Dee. What will it bring? That’s a very good question. I’ve been pondering the future of my blog for over a year now, and still have not come to any conclusions. It may be that I change focus; or mothball the site, leaving it available for viewing; or (unlikely) close and delete it altogether.

If you have strong opinions, now’s the time to share them!


This is my ninth blogaversary. Want to see how I celebrated in previous years?


Here’s to a great 2015!


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Intriguing Reading #87

Posted on | December 30, 2014 | No Comments

My irregular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Content Notes: misgendering; emotional abuse

Eat It Up and Lay Wit It: Hip Hop, Cunnilingus and Morality in Entertainment: “Sex is a gendered issue, Y/y? In spite of near-universal agreement that sex is fun and feels nice, the backseating of women’s sexual pleasure is still a stubborn stain on our cultural fabric, and we can’t seem to get past the idea that sex is really for men.” (Madeleine Holden / The Pantograph Punch)

Why It’s Best to Avoid the Word ‘Transgendered’: “Referring to someone as “a transgender” can sound about as odd as saying, “Look, a gay!” It turns a descriptive adjective into a defining noun and can make the subject sound distant and foreign, like they’re something else first and a person second.” (Katy Steinmetz / Time)

A few resources on kink and chronic pain: “In kink communities, we don’t talk a lot about chronic pain. We talk about pain as solely sexy, as punishment, as desired. In general our communities want to spend time talking about fun, hotness, and desire, and are much less interested in conversation about things like oppression, illness, disability, nonconsensual violence, or chronic pain.” (Corey Alexander)

Abuse in polyamorous relationships: “You have to be able to leave, and your partner has to be able to leave in order for the relationship to be consensual. If your relationship is eroding that ability, I believe the best thing you can do for yourself, is to rebuild the strength you need to be able to leave. Whether or not you leave is always your choice, because your choice is really what this is all about.” (Shea Emma Fett / Medium)

Beards, Whiskers and the History of Pogonotomy: “But where once beard styles could last decades, the pattern in the past 10 years or so has been more towards months. That is why the endurance of the current crop of beards is actually quite interesting. Whatever the current, vogue for facial hair tells us about men today it is clear that beards, moustaches and whiskers are not just a quirky sidenote; in many ways they are in fact central to a range of important themes in history.” (Dr Alun Withey)

courtneytrouble fat curvy

Courtney Trouble, photographed by James Darling

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Posted on | December 28, 2014 | 18 Comments

When making my list of things to take to Melbourne last month, m’Lady requested that I bring a short (as in short!) skirt. While I have some very short dresses, a short skirt is unfortunately missing from my wardrobe – I tend to go for long and flowy. But that’s what friends are for! I asked Kiana if she could lend me one, knowing that when we’d been op-shopping recently she’d purchased an incredibly sexy one.

Handily, she had no plans to take it to the U.S. (where she’s currently on holiday) so I was able to borrow it for Melbourne. It’s was a great fit too, much to my delight – and to that of m’Lady’s when I got it out and put it on.

It’s short. And looks fantastic with my boots, too.

curvaceousdee smile boots

(Click-through to see what’s on show.)

Even better than the front view is how it shows off my arse – there’s nothing hidden when this is on, that’s for sure:

curvaceousdee arse flash

Oh, and can you imagine what happens when I bend over? Clicking through shows you …

Yes, this was a sexy and arousing wardrobe win. It is any surprise we fucked like demons after taking these photos in the back yard?


For all that I’m not a fan of sex with shoes on, I make an exception for these boots. So hot!

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