Shady Assets

Posted on | April 20, 2014 | 11 Comments

In which Katie and Dee flash their stuff!

So there are all these gazebos at Cornwall Park – they’re very popular, naturally, as they’re shady spots and you don’t have to worry about getting a damp bum on the ground, or sitting on roots. But we were determined to find one that wasn’t already occupied, because damn, we wanted to get a photo at one. How often do you find a gazebo?

We passed a barbequeing party of, well, large. Another family group was at the next – so busy for a Tuesday afternoon! – and so we trooped over to the next one we saw in the distance. Then we spotted a third one. Glory of glories – it was empty! (Possibly because it was right next to the carpark, and hence not as park-like.)

We didn’t care. It was a gazebo! Cars passing nearby? That’s what we were on lookout for as we sat ourselves down. Construction workers behind us? Katie’s hubby could keep an eye on them…

curvaceousdee modestyablaze cornwallpark exhibitionism

True to myself, I flung my top off. Because hey, that’s me. Katie, on the other hand, needed some encouragement to undo her buttons…

curvaceousdee modestyablaze cornwallpark exhibitionism

But she quickly got into the spirit of things! That modesty of hers really was completely ablaze :)

(The word ‘gazebo’ always makes me think of this amazing piece by The Vestibules. Listen/watch and you’ll see why!)


Check out Katie’s photos of the gazebo here!

Sinful Sunday

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Intriguing Reading #79

Posted on | April 15, 2014 | 1 Comment

My semi-regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Content Notes: Sexual Assault; Depression

The Worst Way a Man Can Dress (Is Like a Woman): ” While fashion-forward types are coming around to the idea of a man wearing a skirt, it’s generally accepted only if it’s styled in a way that is appropriately masculine: with biker boots, sewn in traditional Scottish plaids, if it maintains a “straight” silhouette (as opposed to A-line), or if it echoes ancient (or folkloric) menswear.” (Male Pattern Boldness)

Why Don’t Cops Believe Rape Victims?: “In the past decade, neurobiology has evolved to explain why victims respond in ways that make it seem like they could be lying, even when they’re not. Using imaging technology, scientists can identify which parts of the brain are activated when a person contemplates a traumatic memory such as sexual assault. The brain’s prefrontal cortex—which is key to decision-making and memory—often becomes temporarily impaired. The amygdala, known to encode emotional experiences, begins to dominate, triggering the release of stress hormones and helping to record particular fragments of sensory information. Victims can also experience tonic immobility—a sensation of being frozen in place—or a dissociative state. ” (Rebecca Ruiz / Slate)

How PayPal & WePay Discriminate Against The Adult Industry: “That’s when I got an email from Patreon, saying that the payment processor PayPal had threatened to shut down all integration with their site because it contained “adult content.” …  Patreon emailed all of our patrons to warn them and suggested we also email them to ensure payments went through as usual at the beginning of April. While Patreon was open to artists creating work that was adult in nature, their hands were tied. And not in a kinky way.” (Kitty Stryker / The Frisky)

Bad Sex: “For bad sex doesn’t just lead us to manual distraction; it also leads us to wonder if it’s us. It takes two to tangle, and sometimes you begin to wonder if the problem is not he, not she, but me. An unrelenting diet of bad sex—and even not flat-out see-you-in-the-funny-pages bad, but just sex that’s lame—is a soul killer. It will leave you in a sexistential crisis.” (Chelsea Summers / Adult Mag)

Miles and Miles of No-Man’s Land: “If depression were as physically evident as, say, a broken limb or cancer, it would be easier to talk about. The pain could be marked, quantified, obvious to the observer. You would feel justified in saying, “I’m sorry that I haven’t returned your email but you can see the huge hole in the center of me, and I’m afraid it has made such dialogue impossible.” But the stigma of depression is that it comes with the sense that you shouldn’t have it to begin with. That it is self-indulgence or emotional incompetence rather than actual illness. This brings on attendant feelings of shame and self-loathing, which only exacerbate the pain, isolation, and hopelessness of the condition.” (Libba Bray)

Into the Woods: “That Google search was possibly the most important one I’ve ever made. Definitely more important than “How much cheese can a human consume?” or “Best cat Vine compilation videos”. (Though that one CAN provide lots of entertainment.)” (Samantha Fraser)

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

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Conversations With My Owner

Posted on | April 7, 2014 | 6 Comments

Need versus Want

Dee on IM: growls happily 
I am so fucking horny and ready to come.
bites lip

Tethys on IM: Do you need to come?

Dee: I can wait, m’Lady.
The pulsations are distracting.

Tethys: Unless you need to come, i forbid you from coming. And even then, you can’t expect my permission.

Dee: nods I understand, m’Lady.
I adore being aroused by you.
I have, however, a suspicion that if I flow with that and orgasm as I wish, I will be punished.

Tethys: So what do you need more?

Dee: I need you more than I need to come without permission.

Tethys: A satisfactory answer. :-)

Dee: smiles Thank you, m’Lady.

The Unexpected

Dee on IM: May I have permission to masturbate to orgasm tonight?

Tethys on IM: You may not masturbate to orgasm.
You may masturbate to four orgasms, no less. :-)

Dee: Yes, m’Lady. Thank you.

Tethys: Message me when you’ve done so.

Dee: I shall, my owner. I will text you, and tell you what I was fantasising about when I came. Thank you so much!

No Intention

Tethys on IM: I require you to slap your cunt five times for me. Right now.

Dee on IM: catches breath And now I am absolutely dripping. Thank you, m’Lady.

Tethys: i am glad my fucktoy responded as i’d hoped!
Would you like an orgasm?

Dee: Oh, yes please, m’Lady! Your slutty fucktoy would like that very much indeed!

Tethys: How much do you need one?

Dee: ponders Right now I want one very much. I don’t need one.
And I really wish I didn’t have to admit that.

Tethys: i am proud of you, my property!

Dee: May I touch myself though, please, m’Lady?

Tethys: Because, in fact, i have no intention of allowing you to orgasm tonight. Or indeed tomorrow.

Dee: whimpers

Tethys: You may touch yourself however you wish.

Dee: Thank you, m’Lady.
I do enjoy being able to touch myself.

Tethys: i enjoy knowing that you’re touching yourself.

Dee: The torment of doing so, without release, knowing it pleases you, pleases me.

Tethys: nods in satisfaction

Dee: is drenched

curvaceousdee dildo chrome masturbation

Orders in Public

Dee on phone: Am at a bbq lunch with kinky friends right now – it’s great to see friends I haven’t caught up with in a while. Love you m’Lady xxx

Tethys on phone: Oh? Well: come!

Dee: *shudders and bites lip* Thank you m’Lady! That was lovely.

Tethys: My pleasure, my fucktoy.

Time is Relative

Tethys on voice/video: As you begged so well, i’m thinking about letting you come.
But if i do so, you must come until i tell you to stop.
Can you do that, my fuckcow?

Dee on voice/video: I…I think so. I want to. I will do my absolute best, my owner.
I really want to come. I need to come.
So yes.

Tethys: Are you sure?

Dee: Yes. Please. Please, m’Lady, please can I come for you?
Please, can I come for as long as you order?

[long pause]

Tethys:  Come!
Keep going.
You can do it.
Keep going.
You may stop now, my slut.

[another long pause]

Dee: Thank you, my owner. Ow! I ache everywhere.
How long was that?

Tethys: One minute 10 seconds.

Dee: Wow.
My head, stomach, cunt all ache.
Totally worth it!

curvaceousdee dildo chrome masturbation


I was also ordered to orgasm during the putting-together of the blog post. Unsurprisingly!

Kink of the Week

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Heated Spaces

Posted on | April 6, 2014 | 20 Comments

A winter’s day.

Good company.

A hot fire, and no clothes…

curvaceousdee bush nude

(click for hi-res)

Photograph taken by Amie Wee; edited and composed by me for the Triptych competition.


Other pics taken on this occasion can be seen in these two posts: Winter Warmth and Toasty Warm

Sinful Sunday

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Heft and Pressure

Posted on | March 31, 2014 | 10 Comments

I love my penetrative toys. While I don’t always have a desire to be penetrated (and my clit gets a lot of attention when I wank) when I feel the need to be filled, vibration rarely enters into what I desire: for me it’s about the shape of the dildo, the solidity of the object, its girth and its length. I retain a focus on the material it’s made of and how it interacts with my labial lips, my vulva, and my slippery interior; the heft in my palm and weight in my belly; and the pressure I can use with it against various interior delicious spots. Mmm. Just writing about it makes me grin!

I love my dildos, and I have quite a lot of them. Slim and long, squat, fat, immensely wide. Silicone, glass, metal. Smooth, knobbly. With handles and without. Some, yes, that have vibratory options – although most of the time I don’t bother. For me, generally, vibrations are most appreciated on my clitoral nub.

Over the years I’ve had my share of appalling jelly, ‘real-feel’ material, and hard plastic from when I was starting out, and moved onto materials better both for my body and for my wanking as I grew more discerning. I’ve both purchased and been given a variety which I’ve reviewed. And there are plenty I never got around to writing up, but are seen in various posts.

And there are the ones I go back to again and again: the favourites.

There’s the chrome dildo shaped like a penis, with just a hint of scrotum to press up against my clit if I angle it just right, and a ringed handle I use so I can work the head of the toy against my g-spot.

dildo bush curvaceousdee

There’s the silicone Sire dildo, the largest I could find to purchase in New Zealand (made by D.VICE), which spreads my labia wide and provides a delicious stretch. I often sit up when using this and slide myself up and down, using the arms of a chair to lift and lower myself.

There’s the pyrex not-really-a-dildo at all, which once upon a time used to be a part of a telephone line insulator (an antique found in a second-hand store and well-sterilised) - it’s heavy and solid, with ridges and circles. Looking like an art-piece, it challenges me and leaves me panting with desire.

curvaceous dee cleavage pyrex

And then there’s the silicone Mr Universe, purchased from overseas, which requires time and a warm-up with the Sire, and a lot of lubrication. When I’m fucking myself with this, I know it: and I’m both wide open and completely full – an experience I’ve never felt with anything else.

curvaceous dee mr universe buried

Those are my current favourites – all very different, and utterly astonishing.

A few posts I’ve written that include dildos:



 What’s your favourite dildo?

Kink of the Week


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Posted on | March 30, 2014 | 15 Comments

A few weeks ago I had the grand pleasure of meeting up with Modesty Ablaze and her hubby for lunch followed by an afternoon of Scavenger Hunting – a rare treat for a sex blogger in New Zealand! Katie and Hubby had flown into Auckland the day before, and thanks to great forward planning (that is, an email from her just before New Years, and the occasional back and forth since to check it was still on) we were all very much looking forward to it.

It was a brilliant day, and all three of us had a wonderful time (and you just know we got a whole load of photos). I may have been rather an enabler, but can you blame me with the wonderful dress she was wearing: all buttons and no underwear! Hubby was a great photographer, and we ran around Cornwall Park and knocked off a whole bunch. Counting later I we got five locations together, one for me solo, two for Katie solo, and (if I remember correctly) they’d already done two before I arrived…

This was one of the later locations, up the top of One Tree Hill. The famous Auckland landmark has not only been immortalised in song, but it’s also without the eponymous tree – the monument is all you get to see! But the obelisk is still stunning, and worth travelling to the top of the hill for:

obelisk monument auckland

It was, however, extremely windy once we got up there, and stuffed full of tourists. So we wandered around and snapped photos and waited for an appropriate moment to show itself.

obelisk monument auckland

Eventually we figured out you could walk all the way around the monument (yes, it has four sides!) so we went into the shadow – where it was even windier – and finally managed to get some shots! While Katie’s skirt hasn’t flown up in this picture, I’m sure you’ll get to see plenty in the one(s) she eventually chooses to share:

curvaceousdee modestyablaze exhibitionist

Yes, we had a grand time indeed!


I have 20 Scavenger Hunt location photos waiting to post … I think I need to update my blog more!

Sinful Sunday

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Intriguing Reading #78

Posted on | March 25, 2014 | No Comments

My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

It’s Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women: “Despite these seemingly overwhelming challenges, it seems the tide is turning. People in queer communities are demanding that the silencing of trans women be addressed. Cisgender feminists are speaking out about Brennan’s activism.” (Tina Vasquez / Bitch)

The Public Voice of Women: “Take the language we still use to describe the sound of women’s speech, which isn’t all that far from James or our pontificating Romans. In making a public case, in fighting their corner, in speaking out, what are women said to be? ‘Strident’; they ‘whinge’ and they ‘whine’. When, after one particular vile bout of internet comments on my genitalia, I tweeted (rather pluckily, I thought) that it was all a bit ‘gob-smacking’, this was reported by one commentator in a mainstream British magazine in these terms: ‘The misogyny is truly “gob-smacking”, she whined.’” (Mary Beard / London Review of Books)

Doxxing Internet babes: “She wanted it”: “Unlike with the critical response to the Olympic volunteer’s doxxing, women who are outed after anonymously posting nude photos tend to get little sympathy. Often, the attitude is one of, “She was asking for it.” [...] That apparent hypocrisy has not gone entirely unnoticed.” (Tracy Clark-Flory / Salon)

Games, Noir and the 17%: Where are the Women?: “The truth is, in a culture where we now see vast amounts of people perform roles for us on stage or screen, we have come to expect women to take up only 17% of them, even though women are half the media-consuming population. In the games industry we tend to think of ourselves as being special in that we have this big consternation going on about how women are treated, but the reality is that we’re a little acorn on a rather big tree.” (Cara Ellison / Paste)

As Of Tomorrow, I Do Not Have Gonorrhea: “So right now, I’m Schrodinger’s Slut, probably not genitally ablaze with various transmissibles, but uncertain.  At some point tomorrow, I will start another free period where I am, insofar as we can reasonably assume, good to go – an assumption that will degrade throughout the year as I continue to have sexual encounters, until I get tested again.” (Ferrett Steinmetz)

Easter Peeps Slutphd

Slut, PhD

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Macro Tease

Posted on | March 19, 2014 | 5 Comments

Sometimes – not often, but sometimes – my sadistic side comes out. For me, that means a little bit of using my nails and teeth, of inflicting pain. But more often, it means tantalising and teasing, building the anticipation and doing what pleases me. And when Hylas is wrapped up and tied down, blind and unable to move as I slowly and deliberately do what the hell I like? That really gets me off!

This particular evening, I messaged him just before 5pm:

Dee: Can you please go and empty your bowels, put in a metal plug and put on latex shorts for me?

Hylas: ok Boss. Any particular metal plug?

Dee: You have until 6pm to do so. Your choice of plug and shorts. This is as specific as I’m choosing to be.

Hylas: righto

Dee: However, I would also like you to get out your rope and place it on the bed, along with one gasmask of your choice, the longest spreader bar, and safety shears

Dee: Nothing else on the bed except two towels, please

Hylas: ok Boss

Dee: *nods* Thank you pet

When I arrived, I found that he’d followed instructions well, which I definitely appreciated. So I proceeded to tie him down! Wool and leather cuffs around the ankles and wrists, spreader bar to the legs, rope to hold him firmly to the head and footboards – and then I could have some fun… with the camera.

pet collar tag

I was definitely admiring of the results. What a shiny pet tag :)

gasmask eye

I didn’t know he would pick this gasmask, but I was pleased with it – because he ensured he wouldn’t be seeing anything out of it (this particular one is modified so the eyes have lens cap covers, and looks even more creepy than the original!).

rope bondage cuff

You test that rope allllll you like, my pet :)

tag zipper

What have we here? A zip! A shiny, shiny zip.

Zippers are fun to run my fingernails along – they make a great sound and and feel funky too …

tag zipper finger

*prods at the firm underside*

tag zipper finger baffle

This is the best bit about zips, of course – they can be unzipped. Very carefully, when there are tiny hairs and (less tiny) genitalia involved – that’s why rubberwear comes with baffles!

By this point in the slow torment of teasing and photography there was some concerted muffled noise and squirming going on. So I put my camera down and unzipped a little more, and had some different, sadistic, fun :)

It’s amazing how much my pet can communicate, with no verbal or non-verbal options available to him!


Later I teased him using a small polka-dotted duck. My wickedness knows no bounds!

Wicked Wednesday

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Hidden Grotto

Posted on | March 12, 2014 | 11 Comments

One slightly drizzly Sunday afternoon, Hylas and I went a-hunting Scavenger locations. As we like to do, of a weekend. We went out with a few places in mind – but neither of us expected or planned this one (and, indeed, it wasn’t even on the list yet – but it will be now!). But it’s gorgeous, it’s a multiplicity of things, and it’s hidden in plain sight – I fell in love with it instantly!

Where were we? We’d been tramping across a sports field which we’d deemed, somewhat gloomily, not good enough to photograph at, when at the far end in what seemed only to be brambles and muck, we found this: a trickling stream, a teensy mangrove forest, and … a storm water outflow. (Because of course!) And, for bonus fun, it was less than 100 metres from the motorway – I’d driven past it thousands of times and never noticed it.

Most photos have bonus click-throughs…

mangroves auckland

It really is beautiful – how could I resist? I was very glad I’d worn sneakers, though, as those were some slippery rocks! I managed to clamber down eventually, and was very pleased to a) find my balance and then b) take my top off.

curvaceous dee mangroves

Still, I didn’t feel I was done. I wanted to appreciate the atmosphere just a little longer. So once I’d managed to scramble my way back up again, I sat at the edge of the outfall and relaxed, looking out across the mangroves to the motorway. And took my top off again, because why wouldn’t I? (My reasoning was that if I’d never noticed this place in all the times I’d driven past, who was going to start now? No accidents on account of my udders, thank you!)

curvaceous dee sewage

It was a lovely, lovely spot. A hidden gem, just waiting to be found. And there it was.

curvaceous dee mangroves motorway


We did a number of other Scavenger Hunt locations that day, including the post office and the roundabout – and a few yet to be shared!

Wicked Wednesday

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Curvaceous Derp

Posted on | March 2, 2014 | 22 Comments

I post a lot of photos of myself. I regularly receive comments from readers complimenting both the photographer’s talent and how I look, which is always appreciated and great for the self-esteem. Still, with the occasional comment suggesting that I always look ‘amazing’ I must disagree – boy howdy, is that not the case! As it is with anyone who takes and posts pictures, there are a lot of shots that never make it onto the blog.

You know the ones. The extra-blurry photos, the half-out-of-frame shots, and the ones where I’m making some terrible expression (or laughing my arse off when I’m trying to be serious).

I’ve been keeping a ‘derp’ folder of the extra impressive examples for a while now. And it’s time, with this week’s theme, to share a few.

curvaceousdee derp

Scavenger hunting is rife with disastrous pics, because I’m moving swiftly and (as in this example) Hylas is trying to get off as many shots as fast as possible. When we were at the post office,  I was looking toward the direction I could hear another customer sorting his mail, and hoping desperately he didn’t come nearer. And lifting my top very quickly indeed (I have no idea why my tongue is sticking out…). We got two great photos out of it, and many more terrible ones. Which isn’t unusual, really.

curvaceousdee derp

Then there’s this lovely example (captured by Adonis). There I am, having a grand old time wearing fluffy furry kitty ears and cuffs and tails, and I go and pull a face like that! When you look at four photos in the main post, you’d have no idea – and neither did I, until I was looking through them later :)

curvaceousdee derp gasmask

Sometimes rather than eyes half-closed, it’s eyes wide open. Hylas and I were in the old military tunnels under North Head, and it was very dark in there! There are six pictures in the main post and I manage to avoid this for those ones – but then, for most of them I’m not looking directly at the flash of the camera…

curvaceousdee derp tentacles

I have brilliantly terrible faces when I’m wanking. This is just one of many, many examples from this shoot – Hylas has gotten ever more skilled with his photography, and a good afternoon will now leave me with hundreds of pics to sort through and choose from. Handily, I can usually dismiss the ones where I look like a muppet. Those ’10 photos in 2 seconds’ options means there are lots of me making incredibly inelegant faces… why not go and enjoy the 10 good images I chose instead?

curvaceousdee derp

But this. This takes the cake. It is my favourite of the terrible – because it shows me doing something I love so very much, and I look so utterly horrific as I do so! Eyes rolled back, whites showing … am I possessed? Perhaps! Once again Hylas catches me at just the wrong moment. (Still, he caught me at many right moments as well – go and look at six hot photos in this post.)


I have plenty more in my ‘derp’ folder. Perhaps I should make it an occasional series?

ETA:The ‘Grumpy Cat’ photo was selected as top pic in the Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup.

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