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Sometimes bio says it best. Dee is a “fat, poly, pansexual, civilly unioned, submissive, kiwi, and happy to be all of the above”. In her very personal blog, she writes about sex, love, life, and regularly includes sexy photos of herself in her posts. Her love of life really comes to the fore and her posts seem startlingly frank and honest. I was particularly amused by the last orgasm counter on the side bar. Dee has been writing for about two years and in that time has accumulated a lot of material. Recommended! – Wolfe

Starla says –  It is not too often then we assign a 5 star rating to a site. However Curvaceous Dee is more then deserving of receiving 5 stars. Her writing style is captivating and flows naturally and freely. No false pretense in what she writes. She will capture your interest as she openly discusses all aspects of her life. Poly, kinky, Curvaceous! Her site is easy to navigate, clean,  and maintained on a regular basis.  Photos are clean and sharp. You will not be disappointed when visiting this site!

Terra says – Curvaceous Dee is an enthralling writer.  One of the things that I love about doing reviews for The Naughty Guide, is being exposed to amazing writers, and Dee is one of them.  Her blog resides on Blogger.com, and has very little ad content, other than toplist links and her own reviews.  The link list on the sidebar is long, but there are other writers there to discover.  The template is clean and not distracting to the content that lies within.  Her tale is that of a kinky and poly girl, sharing insights into issues that can arise from being poly, such as jealousy.  She also gives scene/sex reports and does reviews for products.”

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Top Sex Blogger

Top Sex Blogger 2014

In the #11-#99 range :)

Rebel's Top 20 of 2014

Rebel says – Ever since I first discovered Dee’s blog and saw her photos, I was amazed by it. Her smile – Dee’s wonderful smile – it draws me in every time and puts a smile on my face. Her photos are always full of fun and sexiness and her words tell more about all the sexy things she does. Dee is also the host of the exciting and sexy Scavenger Hunt.

Molly's Top 20 of 2014

Molly says – If there is anyone on the internet showing the pure unadulterated joy that kinky activities can be it is Dee. I love her zest for life, her joy in her various relationships and her images that show a beautiful sexy confident woman. This is a woman who really knows how to enjoy life and her body and her blog is a wonderful honest open celebration of her life and of course she is also the guardian (and top participant) of the Scavenger Hunt meme.

#5 out of 25

Molly's Top 20 of 2013

Molly says – I have been reading Dee’s blog now for a very long time, in fact she was one of the very first sex blogs I stumbled across when I first started my own. She is most definitely on my ‘people I want to meet one day’ list. She is also the host of the Scavenger Hunt, I think everyone knows how I feel about that fabulous meme. In my mind she is the undisputed Queen of the Scavenger Hunt as her photographs always show a woman who is quite frankly having the time of her life. Her images, Scavenger Hunt and otherwise, portray a confident, happy woman, totally at ease in her body, having fabulous sexy fun. If anyone out there sums up the message that sex and kink are fun then it is Dee!

Rebel's Top 20 of 2013

Rebel says – Dee … what can I say? Dee is wonderful. Dee has a smile that never fails to put a smile on my own face. Dee is a beautiful person; open and spontaneous and she shares her photos and sexual experiences with the same enthusiasm that can be seen in each of her images.

#5 out of 25 in 2013

#5 out of 25

#37 out of 100 in 2013

#37 out of 100

Inferno says – The blog of a pansexual, polyamorous, fat, kinky, New Zealander by the name of Dee. Great writing and fun attitudes abound.

2012 Top Sex Bloggers

#93 out of 100

2011 Top Sex Bloggers

#92 out of 100

2010 Top Sex Bloggers

#77 out of 100

2008 Top Sex Bloggers

#3 out of 100

Rori says –
About Curvaceous Dee: Fat, poly, pansexual, civilly unioned, submissive, kiwi, and happy to be all of the above.
For a great read: “Lean in close. Open your mouth and show your teeth to me. Capture my gaze, with the look in your eye that tells me you are about to clamp down and hurt me…” Read more from “Bite Me
Why you should love Curvaceous Dee: It is people like Dee who make it OK to be fat…or thin…or whatever. No matter what, you are sexy if you think you are. Not only that, but her writing is daaaaamn hot.

#27 out of 74 

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Competition Awards


Molly says – Dee’s word was Bordello which, regardless of Dee’s entry is, in my opinion, such a great word. It is one of those words that just feels nice when you say it. (I know, you are all saying it now right?) It is also a rather tricky word to convey in an image because for many it conjures up a very specific ‘old time’ image but Dee seems to have recreated that vibe to perfection. She looks like a very alluring but very wicked fair maiden from a bygone era and like all Dee’s images they ooze fun, happiness and lots of sexiness.

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Awards from Bloggers

Rebel says – Dee is such a beautiful woman. In her own words, she’s: Exhibitionist with words, skin and sex. Free with kisses, compliments, and friendship. Open with heart, passion, and laughter. And every word is true. I really admire this woman!

Kazi says – A gorgeous woman inside and out, Dee captured my attention for her seemingly effortless nature in baring all for the camera with the very best saucy expressions and poses, all with stunning backgrounds when she takes it outside for the Scavenger Hunt.  I’ve appreciated her insights into polyamory and pansexuality, and she has given me much to think about with her sexy depictions of furry kink :)

Pea says – A beautiful woman, that embraces all that she embodies. She’s so fat positive it’s infectious. She inspires me & I aspire to be as free with my body as Dee is with hers. She is polyamorous, pansexual & leads such a beautiful life with her partners. She’s bright, vivacious & I love it when she comes to my page & licks something I have posted. I don’t get to talk to this lady enough, but I’m grateful for her being.

Mia says – Dee is just wonderful. As a larger lady myself her work gives me the confidence to go out there and and just be me and not worry about what size I am (although at times I still wobble). When in doubt I just go back to her, read her words and see her smiling face in her images. Thank you Dee!

Stella says – Dee is an absolute delight. She is confident, funny, personable, and sexy. Oh, and quite adventurous if her Scavenger Hunt is any indication. She inspires me to let go of my inhibitions, to be confident in who I am, in the body I have now.

Anna says – I’m nominating Curvaceous Dee for the META Awesomest Blog award because visiting her blog is like a being let loose in a sweet shop of sexy, thoughtful, stimulating, entertaining and all round delightful writing and photos that I can nibble on again and again… And she’s gorgeous.

Kazi says – another awe-inspiring source of inspiration to me, this lady is bold, beautiful, and not afraid to tell the bad along with the good.

Clive says –  bubbly, infectious naughtiness 

Molly says – No list of mine would be complete without this blog on it. She is on this list for one main reason, because she is Dee. She is completely honest about the person she is and shows the world that you don’t have to be a size 10 to be sexy as hell.

Kazi says – another versatile lady who absolutely inspires me on so many levels; I am awed by her courage, her creativity, and the awesome way she approaches and displays her journey in the lifestyle with stunning pics and descriptions.  And who better to host the Scavenger Hunt?

Shelby says – Blog written by a beautiful, curvy lady who’s not afraid to show herself to the world.

Molly says – Last week I wrote about a blogger who is just starting out on her blog journey, but this week it is a blog that is most definitely at the other end of that scale. Not that she is at the end of her journey by any stretch of the imagination but in the sense that this week’s blogger started writing her blog way back in 2006 and is still going strong, if not stronger, today. I really hope that I can say the same about myself in 5 years time as that kind of longevity in the blogging world is not as common as you may think. Not only to keep a blog going for 5 years but to keep its readership growing and its content fresh and interesting is a real challenge, but without a doubt Dee has achieved this in bucket loads

If you are new to her blog then you do have some catching up to do, but she made it easy for you in that all the key bits of information and how to find them are beautifully laid out in the tabs across the top of her blog. Probably one of the most important of these is ‘Curvaceous Cast’ which lists all the people whom Dee refers to in her blog and a brief explanation as to her relationship she has or had with them. This is a must read for newbie visitors but make sure you check out the other tabs/pages too as they will lead to you to links to Dee’s writing elsewhere on the net as well her extensive list of reviews she has written. Trust me when I say these are some of the best independent and knowledgeable reviews you will find online. Her most recent write-up about Dental Dams, which you will find on her home page, is just one such example that I urge you to read.

Dee describes herself as “Curvaceous, vivacious, tenacious, bodacious. That’s me! I’m also fat, poly, pansexual, civilly unioned, kinky, kiwi, slutty, exhibitionistic – and happy.” a fine description for sure but one that leaves out highly intelligent, funny and sexy as hell. If anyone ever tries to tell you that larger ladies are not sexy, then point them in the direction of Dee, because one of my absolutely favourite things about Dee and her blog is her photographs. I love the photography on Dee’s blog; it has often sparked some of my own ideas and has certainly challenged me to be bolder and braver in the shots I take. Her pictures are always brilliant, often cheeky and funny and always sexy.

I am sure Dee won’t mind me saying she is fat, in fact she even describes herself as such, but oh my, she is one sexy woman, she has not allowed societies anti-fat culture to reign her in and influence her belief that she is anything other than beautiful and sexy, which she is, but it is her exhibitionist streak and her daredevil attitude to getting her kit off that I love. If there is even a chance for her to grab a snap of her in her undies she will do. If you don’t believe me, make sure you visit the Scavenger Hunt page that she is currently hosting for Sapioslut and click on some her links there. *Hot tip, make sure you check out her post ‘Sex Shop’, it is so wonderfully Dee.

One final thing about Dee before I let you go off and explore her for yourselves, she is one of those bloggers who likes to join in the sex blogging community. I first discovered Dee’s blog through Wanton Wednesday and from her I discovered Sapioslut and Scavenger Hunting as well as a host of many other great blogs. One of the recent highlights of her blog for me as been her Photo Favourites which is a monthly selection of her favourite sexy pics she has seen on other blogs. You can find all these posts by clicking on the photo favourites list in the category sections in her side bar, every single one of those posts deserves your attention and shows just how she reaches out to many people in the sex blogging community and beyond and brings them together under one roof.

Bestowed by Lila and The Panserbjørne

Bestowed by Jackie Adshead

Bestowed by Vanilla Impaired

Droplet says – It’s no surprise that I’m putting our Dee up here. Dee reminds me so much of myself, it’s a little spooky. But whereas Dee’s been actually writing about things that she’s actually doing, I’m just sitting in my apartment making shit up, based loosely on experiences previous to my marriage and a few asides here and there within the limits that my husband and I have agreed on. Dee lives for me, as many of you do, but hers reminds me of the life that stretches between my ears just before I come the most. And she’s a freaking good writer too. Knocking you a kiss there, babes. Keep the good stuff comin’.

Bestowed by Viemoira and Diana

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