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(April) Fleshbot BBW Blowout: Showering in Matakana One of the best things about going on holiday is checking out the weird and wonderful bathroom facilities provided.


(July) Sinful Sunday One Word Competition: Bordello Thames, Coromandel, New Zealand, 1869.

(May) e[lust] #46: Suspension of Disbelief Of course I wanted to be suspended – I was delighted when Bear asked me if he and NiteWolf could take advantage of me wrap me in rope and hang me up high.


(July) e[lust] #28: What Makes Me a Woman? It’s a stumper, this question. There must be something that makes me a woman. Something more than how I am perceived by others as I walk down the street.  But what is the answer?


(June) e[lust] #16: I Want It All: I like labels. I like them a lot. Labels, provided you get to choose them for yourself, please me no end – especially when I discover a new one that fits me (and occasionally when I peel off an old one that no longer suits). I have a whole lot of labels which I choose to wear. Among them are kinky, polyamorous, fat, happy, Buffy fan, slut, and pansexual.

(March) e[lust] #9: Wicked Tongues: I love cunnilingus. I love having the opportunity for my lips and tongue and chin and nose to discover the secrets of another; and I love to have my legs spread, my cunt open and welcoming of anothers’ teasing face.


(June) Sexoteric: I forgot I forgot so many things. I forgot that to most people the word ‘cunt‘ is an insult, derogatory, and shocking. That they don’t hear it as a marvellous beautiful descriptor of female genitalia, or realise that I speak the word with love and reverence and respect.


(December) Pleasurists #9: Don Wands Candy Cane: When better to review a toy that looks like a Giftmas ornament, than at Giftmas-time? This gorgeous glass toy isn’t designed to be hung on the tree, or to be licked and sucked and stickily devoured (although you can do both) – there’s a better use for it!

(September) Sugasm #145: Being Civil: I write about Apollo quite a lot – after all, he’s my husband, my primary, my house-mate, my love. He’s also my civil union partner.

(July) Sugasm #140: Chill Pleasure:I pull the glass dildo from it’s fur pouch, and a shiver goes through me as I feel the solid coldness of it. Smooth and rounded, weighted and clear, it holds all the chill of winter within itself.

(May) Sugasm #132: May Masturbation Challenge: Progress Report day 10: At the Dee & Apollo household, it’s early on Day 10 of the May Masturbation Challenge. As those who are following the official spreadsheet will know, so far the challenge has been completed successfully every day. Can she manage for another twenty-one? We here at Wank-a-lot Industries thought it time to check in on our tireless masturbator to see how things are progressing.

(March) Fleshbot Sex Blog Roundup: Crochet Sex: “Don’t mind me,” says Aphrodite. “I’m in a really weird headspace right now.” She’s sitting crosslegged on one side of the bed, her skirt demurely over her knees, variegated wool in her lap and crochet hook in one hand. On the other half of the bed are Adonis and me, bare-arse naked and tangled up in each other.


(November) Fleshbot Sex Blog Roundup: Hot Boobs and Spam: I have spam I have spam from Kinky Ma’am It’s spam for jam from Kinky Ma’am . I really like that spam from Ma’am.

(August) Sexoteric: Trembling: “Stand in the bath-tub.” Naked, holding his hands, I lift my foot and step backward into the tub, my other foot following. “Good girl.” Letting go of me, he places both hands on my belly and gently pushes me back until I feel the touch of the cool wall behind me. I jolt at the coldness, and laugh at my surprise.

(August) Sugasm #92: Do one thing every day that scares you …: I received my first caning today. Canes scare me, and for a long time have been on the hard limit ‘do not want’ part of my BDSM checklist. But, as with many things that scare me, canes also have the power to intrigue me. When visiting expos and sex shops I’d find myself approaching the canes on display, brushing them gently with my fingertips, feeling their smooth coolness. I’d look upon the different styles, weights, widths and lengths, and all would sing siren songs of pain to me – but I would back away, unwilling to be tempted.

(July) Fleshbot Sex Blog Roundup: Apollo Sandwich: Apollo and I have been together for half a decade. We’ve shared our bed with a few female partners (no male ones yet, but I live in hope), and we’ve gone off to other beds with individual partners. Many fantasies have been lived out … but there was a big one that just hadn’t happened. I’d never seen Apollo fuck someone else.

(June) Sugasm #82: A Hard Day’s Play – part 4: We fucked hard, Adonis and I. While I was on top, riding him, he was most certainly in charge. He twisted my breasts cruelly, knowing how it would make me gasp, and ordered me to lift and re-impale myself on his cock. I did so with delight.

(May) Sugasm #78: A Hard Day’s Play – part 3: I’m down on my knees, adoring Adonis’ cock (as I so love to do), as he sits on the edge of the bed. He has kindly allowed me to put a pillow down, so I have some small softness between me and the floor-boards. I’m leaning forward enough that my cheeks are not resting on my heels, and thus I’m not feeling the welts on either my arse or my feet. My back aches from the flogging, but I’m enjoying myself far too much to care.


(May) Fleshbot Sex Blog Roundup: Cuts Like a Knife: Hygeia and I have talked about cutting for a while now – how it turns me on, how it turns her on, how practical it is to actually do it. Despite that, however, I was surprised when she called me early last week to let me know that she was holding a play party on Friday, and was I still interested in trying it out?

(April): Big Fat Carnival #2: Fat and Sexy: See those curves? Those are mine. I love them. I love my breasts, which are large and heavy. Sometimes they become more gravid than usual, drooping down toward my torso – usually as my sex drive rises.

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