Sodom is a year-long story (updated every week or two on a Thursday) about an anally-oriented sex club. Here you can find links to each chapters, and information about the characters as they appear!



Here we go  – 05th January

Enter the fist – 12th January

Invitation only – 19th January

It’s a date – 26th January

Jake – 02nd February

Comfort levels – 09th February

Who watches? – 16th February

Work of art – 23rd February

The more you know – 08 March

Good pony – 15 March

Perceptions – 29 March

Impulse moves – 05 April

Soaking it up – 19 April

Well stocked – 03 May

Midnight – 28 June

What’s in a Name? – 05 July

Remembrance – 09th August


Characters (alphabetical)

Anneke – Pony trainer. Trainer of Stanis the pony. First introduced in Good pony.

Arthur – Watchman at Sodom, he keeps an eye on everything that goes on. We meet him first in Who watches?

Ayn – We learn about Ayn in Enter the fist, although she and partner Yvonne are described without names in Here we go. A curvaceous woman, she is a fan of both vaginal and anal fisting.

Caroline – Introduced in Here we go, we learn more about Caroline’s history in Invitation only. Submissive to Linus, he calls her Pet. She wears glasses.

‘Doyenne’ – The owner of Sodom. Dresses elegantly. Wears gloves. Otherwise, a mystery …

Jake – Bartender at Sodom, as well as handyman and equipment fixer. We first meet him in Jake.

Klementina – Another of the staff at Sodom, Tina is on the door and checks all invitations against the list provided each week by the owner. She is also a very effective bouncer. First mentioned in Comfort levels.

Linus – Dominant of Caroline, he introduced her to rope, electrical play and to anal pleasure. She calls him Sir. We are introduced to him by name in Invitation only, although we meet him briefly at the end of Here we go. Likes to drink Corona with lime.

Nadica – Photographer at Sodom, who works only in black and white. Doesn’t talk, and doesn’t play. Introduced in Work of art.

Otto – Partner of Saul, Otto loves anything anal, especially rimming and fucking. We get his backstory in It’s a date, but we have met him and Saul earlier in Here we go, just without names.

Saul – Partner of Otto, Saul rocks a silicone cock and amazing chest tattoos. We meet Saul and Otto properly in It’s a date – but have seen them earlier in Here we go.

Stanis – A rubber-clad pony boy. First seen in Here we go, but introduced properly in Good pony.

Theodore – One of the floor staff at Sodom. First mentioned in The more you know.

Yvonne – Ayn’s partner, we are introduced to her in Enter the fist. She is small and delicate, and a fan of both vaginal and anal fisting. She and Ayn are described without naming in Here we go.


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