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Posted on | September 22, 2014 | No Comments

Photo courtesy of Bawdy Bloke

Welcome to Elust #62 -

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Are you guilty of slut-shaming sex doll lovers?

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In the Camp Kitchen

Posted on | September 21, 2014 | 12 Comments

One of the great things about being at Kinky Camp is that no one cares (although they may well admire) if you’re running about half dressed. Or, indeed, entirely naked! So I made the most of it – and Hylas, having marked up my boobs with the evil stick (and with assistance from some fellow campers) was happy to photograph me without most of my clothes. Yay!

curvaceousdee industrial boobs

Still, much like getting my kit off in the chiller, it felt very strange to be standing in the large industrial kitchen wearing nothing but some very sheer knickers. Surely this was against hygiene regulations or something?

curvaceousdee industrial oven

I compromised with myself by not leaning on anything that wasn’t easily wipeable. That would probably be acceptable…

curvaceousdee industrial oven

No kitchen is complete without a comprehensive pantry. And we kinksters had filled it (much like the chiller) right up!

curvaceousdee pantry boobs

Ah, kinksters. Play hard, then eat comprehensively to recover the energy. Gotta love them all :)


That was a fantastic camp. Still got some (non-Scavenger Hunt) photos to share, too.

Sinful Sunday


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Falling Water

Posted on | September 20, 2014 | 4 Comments

When Apollo and I were in the Hokianga, we spent a lot of our time doing as little as possible (and fucking). But we did spend one day exploring the region – and in the afternoon we hunted down this track, which we’d seen on the map and then travelled quite a lot of metal road to get to:

hokianga DOC waima waiotemarama tramping

I’m not a huge fan of long tramps, but the walk to the waterfall looked lovely (in the click-through? it’s the extremely short, barely noticeable, dotted red line). It was a shit of a hike, up steep steps and slippery paths, to get there. Thankfully, the waterfall was totally worth it!

hokianga waima waiotemarama

(In the click-through, you can see the only ‘down’ that we found.) Isn’t it gorgeous? Some standing water, big rocks, and the glissando and burble of falling water.

curvaceousdee waima waiotemarama

So I gingerly stepped up and over some boulders, and angled myself so the waterfall could be seen. And Apollo took a whole bunch of photos of me having fun (click through for another view).

And then it was time to get my top off, and let the sun shine down on my boobs!

curvaceousdee waima waiotemarama boobs

And I grinned like a fiend (as you can see in the click). It was fantastic!

We took photos of each other, played about, kissed thoroughly … and eventually I put my top back on, we walked the track (mostly down, thankfull!) back to the car, and we drove back to the house we were staying in.

You can probably guess what happened after that :)


That’s the last of the photos from my Hokianga holiday. But I still have one more tale to share…


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Observing Carefully

Posted on | September 18, 2014 | 3 Comments

curvaceousdee stardome

When Modesty Ablaze, her husband and myself were out and about collecting Scavenger Hunt locations, there was one place I really wanted to do: the Stardome Observatory. I’d been there late last year for my birthday (which was a fantastic show) and while I’d not had any opportunities then, I figured with the three of us in the middle of the day we could probably manage something…

curvaceousdee flashing planets

And what do you know? It was rather quiet in there, with the exception of a few folks in the gift shop. So we wandered around the exhibits and took opportunities when we found them! I showed off my own planets in the planet section, and then flashed an astronaut:

curvaceousdee exhibitionism astronaut

‘Hubby’ captured both of those well! Then Katie and I ambled around, and she couldn’t resist snapping me by the rockets:

curvaceousdee boobs shuttle

Apparently my boobs cause erections (and liftoff)?

As we were leaving, there was one more shot that I wanted to get. A great big round thing, and my two (comparatively) small ones, all in one shot :)

curvaceousdee stardome exhibitionism

It didn’t even matter that there was one fellow close enough to perve (although far enough away to not be a bother). I hope he enjoyed ‘observing’ as much as I did!


That’s the last of my photos with Modesty Ablaze and her husband. I definitely need them to visit again :)


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Rubber Band Brilliance

Posted on | September 17, 2014 | 19 Comments

Last Saturday night I got all dressed up, picked up Kiana, and off we went to a kink party at the Chilli Club. It was private invitation, a pre-event for the new CHoKE  – but boy was it packed! It was fantastic to arrive there and see friends, acquaintances, and new people all mixing in together. Not to mention having a good perve at everyone :)

The party had a theme of corporal punishment, so it’s unsurprising that there were quite a few school girls, school boys, a headmaster and headmistress or two, and a whole lot of general fetish wear on show. It was quite an impressive turnout, with the least dressed-up still looking lovely indeed.

Now dressing as a school girl – or even taking advantage of someone dressed as one – isn’t really all that appealing to me, despite my love of anime. So I decided my outfit would be ‘teacher, out of hours, visiting a sex club’. I donned pearl necklace and earrings, boots, my business jacket, a very cleavagey party dress, and even put on some makeup. I completed it with an evil stick thrust through my hair. Because I knew it would come in handy…

curvaceousdee boobs marks

Come in handy it did! I ran into the much missed Vanilla Impaired (those who’ve been reading sex blogs for a while will remember the name), and after catching up for a bit, the evil stick caught her eye. I was extremely willing to have it used on me, so the dress came off, and once again most of my flesh was on display.

One of the nice things about playing with a friend you’ve known for so long – I think it’s been seven or eight years since I first met Impy – is that you know how to talk to each other. She’s seen how I like to play, what gets me off, and I know what she likes to do as well. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve both gotten considerably more sadomasochistic over the years!

So Impy enjoyed getting intense with the evil stick, making patterns across the flesh of my breasts – such that you could play noughts and crosses with them if you wanted to! But then she had a suggestion: using rubber bands on me.

“What?” I said. “I’ve had that done once, but it was years ago.” (And they are, after all, stationery. And I like my stationery!)

“It’s fun! And hurts a lot,” she said.

“And I can get some from the bar,” chimed in Kiana.

curvaceousdee boobs marks

So … on top of the evil stick we added rubber bands. And that last time? Had nothin’ on this one – every time one landed it stung like a motherfucker! And it was glorious – Impy and I were both laughing ourselves silly as I gave full-body flinches, swore like a very bad teacher indeed, and then proceeded to ask for more.

Those big red welts? Those are from the rubber bands. *whistles* Those little red barely seen marks? Those are from the evil sick, and Impy’s fingernails (she has great nails).

curvaceousdee boobs marks

She kept coming up with great ideas – “Can I put ice on these?” I was rather confused, but Kiana got us some ice, and I quickly found out that rather than soothing the pain, the intense coldness (particularly on my thighs) added to it – especially when she then used open palm slaps on them!

It was extremely painful, absolutely wonderful, and we had a blast. But it wouldn’t have been any good if we didn’t have decent communication. If she’d been a stranger, I likely wouldn’t have played at all – although upon being asked, I happily let a stranger motorboat me later – and as an acquaintance our conversation about play probably wouldn’t have got past using the evil stick. But as it was, we had prior conversations and understanding to build upon. And that meant we both had a grand time – and I still have amazing marks four days later :)


Thanks Chilli Club, for a great party. Thanks Kiana, for being there with me to enjoy it. And thanks Impy, for hurting me just as much as I wanted to be, and photographing the results!


Kink of the Week

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Ye Olde Cottage

Posted on | September 15, 2014 | 2 Comments

Given that New Zealand’s been colonised for less than 200 years (by Europeans, that is – the Maori have been here considerably longer), there’s not a huge amount of choice when it comes to genuine Historical Places. The Stone Store in Kerikeri is one, as the oldest stone building in the country (Apollo and I visited it on our honeymoon), and there are various ruins like the Buried Village in Rotorua (also visited with Apollo).

So when Modesty Ablaze, her hubby, and I were out and about in Cornwall Park? And we saw Acacia Cottage, the oldest surviving building in Auckland (albeit moved from its original home about 100 years ago)? We had to get photos with it for the Scavenger Hunt!

cornwall park auckland

It’s not a huge place – it’s a cottage, after all. But we were able to walk through the hallway, read more about it, and see how it might have looked when it was being lived in.

cornwall park auckland modestyablaze

We snapped a pic of Modesty while she was in there (you can see it here) – and then she got one of me. And there was someone just outside the door to the right, taking photos in and down the hallway. It was rather exciting :)

curvaceousdee flash tits

To finish, we relaxed outside on the verandah and let Modesty’s hubby take a few photos of us together. Because that’s definitely what it was used for, back in the day!

curvaceousdee modestyablaze flash

It was a lovely place to visit. Although I freely admit I wouldn’t want to live there …


I wonder what the original inhabitants were like?


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Mmm, Buttplugs!

Posted on | September 14, 2014 | 20 Comments

I am rather a big fan of anal, and of anything that can be safely stuffed up the rear passage – be it fingers, cocks, or plugs. I’m also quite equal opportunity when it comes to arseholes: I like mine being filled, but I also really like filling those of others. Seems fair, after all!

My sprawling toy collection has a few plugs, which pleases me – there’s variety, and when I was doing my anal training I had different sizes to work my way up to:

silicone glass chrome

Six of the eleven there were purchased from D.VICE, three were gifts, one was a sample for review, and one was a prize for winning a Sinful Sunday competition. There’s a mixture of silicone, glass and stainless steel – and a variety of lengths, girths, and comfort levels from the neck and the flare.

However, Hylas’ collection puts mine to shame:

rubber silicone glass chrome vinyl

There are 49 – count ‘em! – toys designed for going up his arse. Materials are, variously: vinyl, plastic, silicone, glass, stainless steel and rubber. There’s an anal hook hiding out in there, some prostate stimulators, animal tails (piggy, puppy and doggy), fluffy tails (horse, rabbit and fox), one with electrodes, ones you can inflate (and one you can use with an enema) … it’s a whole lot of fun!

When we’d hauled them all out and laid them out for photographing, Hylas looked at them covering his bed and said to me: “I think I have a problem.”

You know, I think he does – he needs one more to take it to a round number!

I wrote a comprehensive post a while back about how to use buttplugs (and other anal toys) safely. If you’re new to anal play, be sure to check it out!

A few posts I’ve written where my arse is filled:

Apollo does hot things to my arse

Being silly while using a glass plug

Starting to train my bum

An update on the anal training

Deciding that I’m a butt-slut

My spacey look after using a vibrating plug

Having fun with heavy metal

A few posts I’ve written where I fill others’ arses:

Pegging Hylas with my Share

Providing a service for m’Lady’s arse

Hylas has a bad anal experience

Hylas tries a prostate toy

And then tries out another one!


Do you like anal play? What’s your preference?

Sinful Sunday

Kink of the Week



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Hitting the Wall

Posted on | September 12, 2014 | 4 Comments

Spending the afternoon with Modesty Ablaze and her husband earlier this year was fantastic – it was so lovely to meet them both, and I can’t wait to catch up with them again. And getting so many Scavenger Hunts together was a blast as well!

We found a whole lot in and around Cornwall Park – this boundary wall was just off to the left of the gazebo. (Click through for a different perspective.)

modestyablaze curvaceousdee boobs

When we headed up the top of One Tree Hill, there was another boundary wall – with this amazing view of Auckland in the background. So Modesty’s hubby kindly snapped me here as well, with wind-whipping hair amusing us all. (Again, there’s another view in the click-through.)

curvaceousdee boobs auckland

It was a really lovely day, with delightful friends. More, please!


Cornwall Park was an excellent place to find locations :)


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This Hole is Uber

Posted on | September 11, 2014 | 3 Comments

I have a lot of appreciation for holes. I know, you’re all shocked by this! So when I found a manhole cover out in the subdivision, I knew the time had come to grab this location.

curvaceousdee cunt

If you’re going to cover a hole up, you just know I’m going to squat on it until it’s available :)

curvaceousdee cunt

And look! This isn’t just any manhole cover – it’s an UBER one!

uber finger

That makes it even better, don’t you think?


Three Scavenger Hunt locations was pretty good for this one street in the subdivision :)


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For Sale!

Posted on | September 10, 2014 | 8 Comments

What’s for sale? Not me, no – this plot of land here! Remember that great subdivision where Hylas photographed me with the sharing sign? That’s right at the top left of this first image (if you can’t quite tell? Just click through). And it was full of other excellent opportunities for scavenging:

longbay residential

It was extra bonus wonderful to be showing off a newer parasol of mine, as well as my smile!

curvaceousdee sign parasol

What’s that? I have to actually flash some bits to get the scavenger hunt location? Handily, I’m dressed for that:

curvaceousdee cunt parasol

My arse seems to be quite popular lately, so I made sure Hylas got a photo of that, too.

curvaceousdee arse parasol

Thanks, real estate agency, for advertising where we happened to be. I was kind and edited out the agent’s name and all the contact details – I don’t think this is the way they want to get their business!


I’m having a great time with my Scavenger Hunt month. Six posted, sixteen to go!



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