Balls of Steel

If I’d been handed this buttplug a year ago there was no way in hell I would have tried it out – even six months ago it would have been too big and too firm for me. But I’ve been persistent and (fairly) consistent with my anal training, and so when I clapped eyes on the Snowman plug last month and felt its weighty goodness in my hands I knew that I definitely wanted to give it a go.

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Shameless Girl

You don’t already read Girl on the Net‘s blog? Well, that’s okay – you can start after you’ve read this post (because you won’t regret it, I promise!). And Girl on the Net’s amazing memoir is just as hot as her blog, while adding what every memoir needs: a whole lot of wanking, some impressive sexual shenanigans, expanded stories that we never quite got to read enough of on her site, and some of the terrible rotten no-good very bad things that she did too.

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Bent Fiction

Take one writer – that’d be Greta Christina – who kicks arse with her non-fiction and blogging, and then asks me to check out her book of her erotic fiction. I happen to like erotica, so I was pleased to say yes.

I’m glad I did, because this book is hot! It’s called Bending: Dirty Kinky Stories about Pain, Power, Religion, Unicorns, & More, and even if I’d never heard of Greta I’d be interested because a) wouldn’t you with all the dirty kinkiness? and b) oxford comma right there in the title (I do love me some oxford comma).

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Watching Closely

So we all know that I’m a bit of a perve, and that I really like to watch. My penchant for voyeurism came in handy when sitting down with the second volume of Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman XXX series, and there was plenty to see! The first DVD came out last year (it was really hot), and so my expectations for this second offering were high.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a partner to watch with me this time around – but it did mean I could stretch out comfortably on the couch; have the pleasure of drooling appreciating and scribbling notes as I went; stop and start if I wanted to write a quote down – and giggle like mad at the Behind the Scenes extras!

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As lewd as goats and monkeys

I first read Alan Moore’s thoughts on pornography – not to mention the human obsession with masturbation and fucking, and the history behind all things erotic – back when it was an essay floating around on the internet.  Like all things Alan Moore, it was a bit off-beat, I disagreed with some aspects but agreed with the overall drift, and (most importantly) it made me think.

As a hard-covered book, expanded and edited and chock-full of art both historical and modern? The above still applies. And I get to re-read it, admire it, and ponder more about it.

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For Everybooty? Really Not

Tickle My Tush, by Dr. Sadie Allison, just annoyed me. There were bits where I laughed, sure. And even bits where I learned things. But for a book that purports to be for ‘Everybooty’? It’s really, really, not.

So who’s this book really for? That would actually be monogamous heterosexual couples who’re looking to experiment with anal play.  It says as much on the copyright page, in tiny text.

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Bring Back Buck!

I think we all know by now I have quite the adoration for Buck Angel. He’s a sweetheart in person, has great boots to shine, and is a awesome role-model to write about as well. I’m also somewhat shameless, so when he mentioned on twitter that his latest DVD was out, I totally offered to review it in exchange for a copy! And because Buck is very nice, he said yes and sent one out.

I’m very glad that I did – this DVD is not only educational, it’s extraordinarily hot! There are five scenes, and each will rock your world.  Let me (and Buck) introduce you to Sean, James, Eddie, MJ and Fallen – all trans men.

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Show Me More!

Cross-posted at The Lady Garden. Yay!

Holy vulva, did I adore this movie.

I find something profoundly thrilling in seeing a group of people take that which is commonly perceived as private (or dirty, or wrong, or shameful, or simply not for public consumption) and delightedly show them as natural (or normal, or erotic, or amazing, or marvellous) instead.

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Who Let This Dog Out?

Damn, but I keep procrastinating when I have to write a review and the product is completely crap…

So here’s the one-paragraph review:

This is a not a good product.  And I feel that it’s kind of sad that the best thing I can say about the Fetish Fantasy Doggy Hood and Leash is – well, at least people can’t see who’s wearing it!

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Doesn’t this toy look elegant? You’d never believe that this was a Cal Exotics product, would you? The packaging doesn’t show any mostly-naked person on it using the toy, the bullet and charger looks nice, and it seems quite good quality. And there are no phthalates! (Bonus – the packaging is recyclable as well.)

This Solar Eco-Friendly Bullet Vibe  is different from other bullets, in that it doesn’t require cell batteries in the bullet itself, or any AA or AAA batteries in the controller. What this provides instead is a solar-cell, with a plug-in jack for the bullet. This means you can unplug the bullet, put the cell on the window-sill, or beneath a turned-on lamp, and let it charge. It looks quite innocuous when charging, as solar-cells are used for other products that have nothing to do with the sex. The solar-cell even has a little LED on the side which glows blue when it’s charging, so you know if you’ve put it in strong enough light.

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