I rather like paddles. Some that I own are heavy thuddy bastards, and some are stingy light bastards. Some look and feel like they’ll deliver a thud (like that gorgeous wooden one above made by The Gunner’s Daughter) but sting incredibly instead. I’ve found that’s one of the downsides of paddles: no matter what I think they’re going to deliver when I get them, I never know for sure until someone’s whacked my bum with it.

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Beat My Feet, Please!

Here’s how it is with my feet: I hate having them tickled. I really don’t like having needles stuck in them – whether it’s for acupuncture or for kink. Like many people, I find that having them rubbed is blissful. And I happen to think that having them beaten, smacked, flogged and cropped – especially if it’s heavy, thuddy and hard – is about the best damned thing ever.

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Party at Pet’s Place

I much prefer small intimate parties to large ones. While I have occasionally attended kinky events that have had 50-100 people, I get ‘peopled’ out and overwhelmed quite swiftly – while I really enjoy getting to know people and talking to them (not to mention seeing folks play), the sheer numbers tire me out.

So the small parties that we hold at Hylas’ place? Are absolutely perfect. 8-12 people that we know really well, the option of sex with our kink, and anyone is welcome to go and hide out in the toy pile if they need some quiet space. There’s no shortage of introverts in our group of friends, and I’m not the only one that sometimes needs some time to myself.

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My goodness, what can these be? Yes, they’re little teeth with eyes. And they bite!

*click for jaw action*

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I’m a crafty kinkster

You can buy sex toys, or you can pervert ordinary items into sex toys … or you can make your own sex toys (getting hands on, y’know?). This book, the eponymous Make Your Own Sex Toys, contains ’50 quick and easy do-it-yourself projects’. In other words: the details on how to make a whole bunch of sexy and kinky items yourself.

There are five main sections in the book: The Basics, For Him, For Her, For Couples, Storage and Organisers. Note the gender binary, as well as the presumption of duo-relationships. It may have been a simple way to organise the book, but did feel rather limiting. There was also some kink included in the book, but it was mixed in with more vanilla toys, which was a shame.

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Pervertable Things

Because I just can’t help myself …

Long wooden spoons and electric toothbrushes

Bright metal rulers and boots good for crushes

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Budget Bondage Beauty

Alison Tyler, aka Trollop with a Laptop, keeps one of the most-readable blogs on the internet (and if you’re not already following her, go have a look, okay?). Her writing style is easy to follow while still being erudite, and she frequently includes short stories in her postings. Alison has had a plethora of erotica books published on a wide variety of topics, and I was delighted to win a copy of Bondage on a Budget from her last year. Rather a few more of her books are on my wish-list as well!

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Boxing Wraps

Knowing that he had sampled many of the contents of my toy box, on Friday night I asked Dionysos, “What product do you think I should review next?” He paused and looked thoughtful (no doubt remembering some of the fantastic play sessions we’ve had in the past), and then his eyes sparkled and he grinned evilly.

“The boxing wraps,” he stated with certainty. “Definitely the boxing wraps. After all, you’ve been trying them out for years now.”

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