Questions, Just Because

Because what the hell! (Seen and taken from all over the place on tumblr, most recently here.)

Getting Started:

1. Last kiss?

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I was surprised to be given the Very Inspirational Blogger Award – and then I was really surprised and extra surprised, because over the last few weeks five different people have awarded it to me! Many, many thanks to Rebel, Kazi, Pea, Mia and Stella for saying such lovely and blush-inducing things

I don’t feel inspirational, you know – and that’s not me fishing for compliments. Whenever I am told this I thank the person in question politely and then go away to scratch my head and wonder how that happened, because I’m just me doing what feels right and trying not to hurt people (non-consensually) in the process. But if what I’m doing as I’m being me inspires others in the process, then more power to them!

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So Versatile

Oh, but it does make me happy when I get given such lovely awards – especially when they’re silly internet blog meme awards. Why not? They’re all about the compliments. Compliments – sincere, heart-warming compliments – are just lovely. I like giving them, and I like getting them.

Clive, Molly, KaziGrrl and Shelby Cross have all recently complimented me with the Versatile Blogger Award. And said really nice things!

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10 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Have Not

Taking an idea from John Scalzi and running with it – because I can!

For the hell of it, I’m listing these in reverse chronological order (five and nine both listed by starting dates).

1: Been outdoors in the central city wearing nothing but body paint.

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Sociosexuality OE

How could I possibly not take a test that promises to tell me how promiscuous I am? Especially when it’s a) really simple, and b) really easy to understand? Win!

Over at BigThink, I took the online test. And, funnily enough, came out as rather promiscuous. What really amused me, though, is that it suggested the country I would be most ‘at home’ in is Finland: the #1 most promiscuous country out of the 48 countries the study evaluated. Huh.

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Bright Blogging

Both Lila and The Panserbjørne were kind enough to give me the Favourite Blog Award – which is astonishingly hard on the eyes, but a treat to receive nonetheless!

Lila has admitted to stalking me – albeit electronically. Which is really sweet in the sense she means it. Yay!   And PB just makes me blush with what he has to say: “Dee is one of the most universally friendly people I’ve met in just about any online situation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her have a single bad word to say about anyone.”

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Boobquake Alert!

There’s a boobquake coming.

It’s travelling the world with the sun, and the earth is moving as cleavages appear and boobs flash. And it begins here in New Zealand (by the virtue of being first in the world to greet the new day).

Yes, it’s Monday 26th April, and for me, at least, the boobquake is here.

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Is it any wonder?

I seem to be all over the internets at the moment… which is pretty cool, actually!

A roundup of me-ness from the last week:

The delectably tart Luka interviewed me over at the Boudoir, drinking tea and letting it all hang out on her chaise lounge. This was the inaugural Boudoir interview, and she is looking for more exhibitionistic folks – so let her know if you’re interested!

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So twice in the last week I’ve received the delicious, delectable, dee-groovy, Dee-sexy award. Many thanks to Viemoira and Diana both – it made my day each time!

 *click to see me glowing*

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Genie in a Bottle

Usually my favourites take the form of photographs. But this week’s HNT had a theme – three wishes (for Giftmas) – and I wanted to share the wonderful wishes which were made for me.

Vanilla Impaired was moved to say: 

Curvaceous Dee was the person responsible for getting me interested and starting to post HNT’s and I am so glad she did! I love doing them each week.

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