Guest post by Tethys, reprinted here with m’Lady’s permission. Original post, with comments, can be read here.

Earlier today i had a Twitter conversation about the looks of trans people in porn; and i felt it raised some issues i feel are better discussed in a blog post than within the confines of the Twitter 140-character limit.

My initial tweets were:

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Dee’s birthday story

It’s my birthday, and I have received many wonderful gifts from many wonderful lovers today. But my owner and m’Lady, Tethys, has given me a very precious present: a story zie has written herself, read out and recorded for me to hear in hir own voice.

I am delighted and honoured that zie is willing for me to share the text of that story with you all. I hope you find it as arousing as I do. Enjoy!

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Candles and Bubble Baths

A guest post from Catharine – be sure to go read her fantastic blog when you’re done here!

Women can’t orgasm without them.  Well, you’d think.  I started masturbating when I was 18, and it took me months to figure out how to orgasm, and many more months to get good at it.  I read advice sites looking for a solution.  Fuck, there was a lot of candles and bubble baths.

Women are advised to take it slow.  So slow it involves a bubble bath first.  With scented candles of course – a woman can’t orgasm without the smell of pine – and maybe some nice relaxing music.  Enya.  Go for Enya. Not Last Christmas, even though it seems fitting with all that tree filling the air.

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Cyber Relating

A combination post – italics by me, non-italics by Tethys. Enjoy (and, please, comment)!

i find it odd that many people feel that a long-distance relationship (LDR) is somehow not a ‘real’ relationship. Odd because my culture – Anglo-Australian – is not averse to the romantic myth of a couple separated by great distance but nevertheless maintaining their commitment to each other. It seems that when the medium is not the handwritten letter but the Internet, a relationship is not deeply romantic but, at best, shallow and superficial.

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Oh really?

A thoughtful guest-posting from Tethys.

Dee recently shared with me sexgeek‘s awesome posts “words fail” (part 1, part 2). In reading them, it occurred to me how fortunate i am to only now be entering my first relationship involving a core kink dynamic. Over the years i’ve done a fair bit of reading around and about kink; and though i’m surely no expert, i wouldn’t exactly classify myself a neophyte either. So when Dee and i first started talking about our relationship having an o/p dynamic, my first thought was not: “Okay, what’s the Right Way to do this?” but “Okay, how do other people do o/p relationships, and what sort of things will be part of the o/p relationship Dee and i want?”1 For example, Dee and i have discussed how the “Mistress/slave” dynamic doesn’t – for whatever reason – at all resonate with either of us, even though a person who is someone else’s property is indeed often termed as a ‘slave’. Dee calling me her ‘owner’, and me calling her my ‘property’, gets us both hot and flustered in ways that ‘Mistress’ and ‘slave’ don’t.

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I’m delighted to introduce another guest post by m’Lady, Tethys.

i’ve read and heard a lot about ‘subspace’ in the context of kink1, but not so much about what i call – and might be generally called, for all i know – ‘topspace’2.

When i’m in topspace, i feel like i’m a rutting beast glowing with power. Whereas i normally prioritise a sexual partner’s needs and desire over my own, in topspace this gets inverted: i care less about what my partner wants than what i want. i’m not in the mood for a slow mutual exploration of desires; what i want, i want now. i want to use my partner as a sexual object to give me pleasure. i want to take what i want and need and don’t really care either way whether my partner is getting pleasure from me doing so. i don’t feel it’s exaggerating to describe it as a type of high. i’m still completely responsive to safewording, but it’s more like a “magic word” which dissipates the topspace, rather than being something i process and respond to in the usual way i respond to language.

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I am pleased to introduce a post penned by m’Lady, Tethys.

If you’d told me five years ago that i would find myself in the position of working on creating an owner/property (o/p) relationship with someone, i’d have found the thought perhaps amusing, but not likely. Yet here i am!

It’s only in recent years that i’ve begun to call myself ‘kinky’; i’d not felt comfortable doing so previously due to “kinkier-than-thou” attitudes i’d encountered over the course of a number of years. So i hadn’t been sure that i was kinky enough to call myself ‘kinky’; and even if i was, i didn’t like the idea of being associated with people who seemed to think that being kinky made them so much more sophisticated than, and superior to, everyone else, or that if sex was involved, it wasn’t really kink anymore.

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Adventures in Playland- Swinging and the Single Woman

Another guest post from the sexy-as-anything Unicorn on a Motorcycle:

Swinger’s clubs have, shall we say, something of a reputation to the general population. Middle-aged couples grinding at each other or making awkward conversation over ill-fitting lingerie and vodka tonics. Sleazy operators. Cheap lube. Basically, the kind of place that would like to be inhabited by extremely fuckable twenty-somethings acting like they’re in a Snoop Dogg video, but aren’t.

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Labels vs. Labels

Guest post by Unicorn on a Motorcycle.

I wear a lot of labels. Pansexual. Switch. Liberal. Sex-positive. Blogger. Single. Cisgender female. Masculine. Tattooed. Pierced. These labels I wear with pride and will happily discuss them to the death with anyone who shows an interest and has something interesting to say. I revel in the person I am, have confidence in my desires and my body, and love to express myself in any and all ways, particularly through the written word. Rare is the day that I don’t commit something to figurative paper in the hope that someone will read it,

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Masturbation and Dee

Guest post by Flexibeast 

(edited to add: now known on this site as Tethys.)

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