Fuzzy Honey Bunny

I arrived at Hylas’ late on Thursday evening – and was greeted by a large fuzzy and rubbery bunny (who gifted me with delicious chocolate). This delighted me no end!

*click to see the chocolate*

As an added bonus, he wriggled his tail at me, too

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So, what IS a Vampire Flopper?

I know I’ve been keeping you in suspense, but since so many of you took the time to enter my competitions (thank you, each and every one of you), it’s now time to actually let you in on what a Vampire Flopper is, and why it caught my attention.

It’s got nothing to do with piercing skin, drawing blood, or turning you into a bloodsucker (at least, not for humans). Nope. Instead, it’s to do with, well, spearfishing. Yep, spearfishing.

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Competition Winners!

Yes, the Vampire Flopper competition is closed, the entries read, the votes tallied, and the winners contacted. I had a bloody wonderful time over the past 10 days, and thoroughly enjoyed the various entries as they came in! I hope you all, in turn, enjoyed the various vamp-oriented posts as I pimped the competition to all and sundry.

Now that it’s closed, I am delighted to be able to announce the winners! But first, a reminder of each competition:

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COMPETITION: Vampire … flopper?

So here’s something I’ve never done before – held a competition on this blog! Two, in fact – so read on, email me, and perhaps you’ll win 


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