May Photo Favourites

In this regular feature, I showcase my most recent favourite pics for the month. If you like them, please visit the person in question and let them know – I certainly have!

As I spent a month focusing on masturbation, my eye became ever more focused on the act as well…


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All Wanked Out?

The Wankfest 2012 challenge – to masturbate 3 times daily for the month of May – is over. While a bad cold meant that there were five days where I only masturbated once or twice, I did complete the entire month, and I am quite pleased to have done so!

You can see the spreadsheet, comprising all thirty-one days, eighty-four sessions, and what got me off, here.

You can also read my previous updates, throughout the month, here:

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Cunt Dancing

Today is the very last Wanton Wednesday – so I’ve decided to be even more wanton than usual, and send it off in style!

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you will have seen my Clit Clamp (with bell) before. This tiny clamp has caused me a great deal of trouble in the past. There was, sure, one hell of an orgasm at Bastion Point, but prior to that were was  a car with hard suspension, lots of judder bars, and me with said clamp on my nethers for hours.  I remember it mostly with a gritting of teeth, while Hylas thinks of it considerably more fondly – and has a blast teasing me about it!

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Hitting the Doldrums

It’s been a difficult week in the Wankfest 2012 challenge. The masturbation has continued, but not at the joyous thrice-daily level that I have been achieving up to this point – Apollo had a bad cold last weekend and passed it on to me (alas!) – this after I successfully avoided catching Ailuros’.  However being sick meant from Monday my energy levels began to drop precipitously, and some days this week only saw one session of wanking, as it was all I could manage.  Rule 1 from my Title Deed then came into effect (‘Dee must care for her own physical, mental and emotional health’), which overrode everything else, including the challenge rules. Hence I am only masturbating as much as I am able to do so, which is okay with m’Lady – if not necessarily okay with me.

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Excitable girl, they all said

As I type this I have masturbated 53 times so far in May. Which sounds like a lot! But I wank three times a day as I eat a meal three times a day (not at the same time, though, as that’d get somewhat complicated) – and, like a meal, I can be done in fifteen minutes, or I can really take my time and savour the courses.

I quite like both. It’s all about variety!

Last Sunday I recorded myself having an orgasm for m’Lady, and sent it to her. Zie was very pleased indeed! And it’s a winner all around, because I get to share it with you:

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Hand in my pants

Originally published in Express Magazine on 11th May 2012.  This is not the picture originally included with the article!

Hooray for May! While it’s rapidly heading into the chilly season, I happen to be flinging off my clothes rather than wrapping up warmly. Why? Because it’s International Masturbation Month, and I want easy access to my nether regions!

Not that I don’t wank the rest of the year, of course – but come May I ramp up the intensity considerably. The rest of my spelunking-related-activities increase too. I suspect by the end of the month everyone will be sick of me talking about jilling, writing about rubbin’ the nubbin, whinging about my aching fingers, hunting for more batteries and taking up all the outlets recharging my toys – not to mention asking if everyone else is blissing off as well.

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A brief break from wanking to bring you an update

It’s been a busy seven days since my first Wankfest 2012 update, but it’s not, unfortunately, just been from the masturbation. If anything, those frequent breaks for self-pleasure have been welcome pauses in amongst everything else – so that’s all good by me!

If you haven’t been keeping up with my spreadsheet, it’s a good way of seeing how I’ve been getting my rocks off. What I’ve been fantasising about, erotica I’ve been reading, and toys I’ve been using. My fingers have also been getting an excellent workout – both they and my clit are really feeling the effects! Despite creating rather a lot of my own, I’ve also been using lubricant in liberal amounts (I do recommend water-based ID Glide – we keep a pump bottle by the bed, and it’s so damned handy), and that keeps things nice and slick and slippery.

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Bring on the wanks

It’s that time of year again – May is International Masturbation Month! In 2008 I challenged myself to wank every day in May, and blogged about it as I went. It was exhausting, but worth it! In 2010 I did it again, but upped the ante by not reusing any toy or product (or even my fingers, more than once) in the quest for self-pleasure.

It’s 2012, and this this seems to be becoming a bit of a biannual tradition …

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