Toy Pile Pervertery

Because where else am I going to wank on the last day of Wankfest 2010?

Without further ado: me!

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Wankfest 2010: Week 4 Update

It’s time for the final update of Wankfest 2010! With just three days (and wanks) left before the end of the challenge, our Intrepid Wanker is looking somewhat frazzled.

As you’ve no doubt read in the original Wankfest 2010 post, the week 1 update, the week 2 update, and the week 3 update, Dee has taken up the challenge to wank every day for the month of May, and – here’s the real challenge, folks – not repeat any methods/toy or media.  She’s been tracking it all on her spreadsheet (and we’ve been following along), and she’s doing a pretty good job!

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Sunday was a lovely day. Sunday, Hylas was absolutely wicked and evil and downright mean. Sunday, I had the strongest orgasms I’ve had all month. And that’s saying something!

Sunday, 11am. I put my clit clamp on my clitoris. I’m wearing a long skirt, no underwear. The clamp has a bell, so it jingles.

11:15am. Hylas arrives, and he helps me hang the washing.  Bending over is interesting. So is squatting. I get laughed at. Dammit.

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Wankfest 2010: Week 3 Update

Welcome back, intrepid wankers one and all! It’s time for the Wankfest 2010 week 3 update, where we check in with the wantonly-wanking Dee to see if she’s expired of orgasm-induced exhaustion yet. Only one week to go before she can take a well-earned break!

For those of you just joining us, the luscious Dee has been challenged to wank every single day for the month of May (before any other sexual shenanigans take place), with no repeats on toys or media. While she’s completed the month-long wank challenge before (in 2008), the no-repeat rule has caused some extra difficulty.

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My goodness, what can these be? Yes, they’re little teeth with eyes. And they bite!

*click for jaw action*

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Wankfest 2010: Week 2 Update

Welcome back folks! We’re now at the halfway point of the Wankfest 2010 challenge, and it’s time that we check back in with Intrepid Wanker Dee to see how she is coping. If she’s been following the guidelines then she will have been ensuring that she takes plenty of electrolytes (so she doesn’t dehydrate), and that she always has a towel with her, just in case.

Unsurprisingly, more questions came in to Wankfest Central over the week, and we thought that it would be nice for us to give Dee a break from working her cunt and let her brain out to play instead.

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Wank with a View

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my best masturbatory experience from Week 1 of Wankfest 2010 was a knee-trembler in the great outdoors, overlooking the Manukau Harbour. So of course I have pictures to share (Hylas being smart enough to have the camera)!

For those wanting to stalk along with their maps, we visited Huia Point, after a long meandering journey that had taken us over a good part of the Waitakeres, and down to the Little Huia Dam. Eventually we wound up here.

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Wankfest 2010: Week 1 Update

Well folks, it’s been a week since the start of Wankfest 2010, so it’s time to give you an update on how Intrepid Wanker Dee (her official challenge title) is going on her challenge!

We here at Wankfest Central thought it interesting that in her opening speech Dee firmly lay the blame on her friends (and play partners) Kiana and Demeter, stating that they persuaded her to take up the challenge. Really, we’re quite delighted that they did, so we thought that, in turn, we’d persuade them to give us a few questions to pose to our madly masturbating writer. (Don’t ask what we bribed them with – we promised not to say!)

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Wankfest 2010!

It’s that time again – May is (Inter)National Masturbation Month! Back in 2008 I took up the challenge of masturbating every day for the month of May, and succeeded – although I was thoroughly sick of it by the end …

If you don’t remember back that far, let me refresh your memory:

In Post one I discussed the challenge, explained the rules, and why I was doing it! Part of that was the spreadsheet – which anyone could access, and kept me honest and on to it.

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