My First Scarification

[content note: blood – but not a whole lot, and behind a read-more]

I’ve written about various ‘first times’ I’ve experienced: my first PiV experience; my first kiss; my first time kissing a woman; my first outdoor sex disaster; my first troll. And there’s been play parties and fisting and overseas visits and exhibitionism and plenty of other things I could write about in the first category … but today I’m going to share my first scarification (will there be another? Maybe sometime).

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Bad Girl

I wanted it. The pain was astounding, but I bore it because I wanted it.

― “Spanking Aphrodite” from the collection Bad Girl by Alison Tyler

Who’s the baddest girl of all? Me…

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Rubber Band Brilliance

Last Saturday night I got all dressed up, picked up Kiana, and off we went to a kink party at the Chilli Club. It was private invitation, a pre-event for the new CHoKE  – but boy was it packed! It was fantastic to arrive there and see friends, acquaintances, and new people all mixing in together. Not to mention having a good perve at everyone

The party had a theme of corporal punishment, so it’s unsurprising that there were quite a few school girls, school boys, a headmaster and headmistress or two, and a whole lot of general fetish wear on show. It was quite an impressive turnout, with the least dressed-up still looking lovely indeed.

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Showing It All Off

What was I showing off? My udders and my arse – they were definitely on display at the party Hylas and I attended last month, celebrating the life and times of the Marquis de Sade.

Naturally, we needed to get some photos we took before heading in! (A little black dress slipped on nicely for the drive, and then slipped off again immediately after we arrived). My pet’s balcony once again provided the perfect backdrop for displaying my pretties.

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Birthday Burning

I turn thirty-six today – and I’ve had an incredibly awesome day! However the fun really got started a few days early, as on Friday night Enyo and I attended the awesome queer kinky party, Rough House (held at Basement) – and had lots of scratchy switchy sexy fun together, perved at lots of other folks having fun, and had some great conversations with friends and strangers alike. It was crowded and noisy and Satan Claus was in attendance with his big stick (and making good lubed up use of it, by the sounds of it), and it was a blast.

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Party at Pet’s Place

I much prefer small intimate parties to large ones. While I have occasionally attended kinky events that have had 50-100 people, I get ‘peopled’ out and overwhelmed quite swiftly – while I really enjoy getting to know people and talking to them (not to mention seeing folks play), the sheer numbers tire me out.

So the small parties that we hold at Hylas’ place? Are absolutely perfect. 8-12 people that we know really well, the option of sex with our kink, and anyone is welcome to go and hide out in the toy pile if they need some quiet space. There’s no shortage of introverts in our group of friends, and I’m not the only one that sometimes needs some time to myself.

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Ginger Clit Tease

I’ve only played with ginger the once, on a long and depraved weekend where I had quite a lot of fun with quite a lot of things! Rather than penetrating any particular orifice (although both Dionysos and Kiana tormented me with the notion), I instead had freshly peeled sections placed directly on my clitoris, its juices slowly leeching into me and intermingling with my own.

It was a good breakdown of sadism. While Dionysos made sure I couldn’t close my legs and ensured I was extremely moist; Kiana took the ginger root and peeled it, all ready to go places. As you can see, she was clever and wore a glove, so she didn’t accidentally juice herself! (You can click above for a different view of the ‘placement’ process.)

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Steel and Smiles

After busting my back a few months ago and wearing my pale pink corset practically daily for weeks, I discovered that plastic boning really isn’t strong enough to hold my voluptuous curves in check – I’m sure that’s a surprise, right? So I embarked on a search to find, fit and purchase myself a proper steel-boned corset for myself.

I found an utterly gorgeous one, in an Edwardian Stripe style – but by the time I’d done so, I was so sick of having to wear a corset that I took the opportunity my healing back offered (and the strongly worded advice of the osteopath to not, so my back would not rely on one for support), and tucked it away until the right occasion. Which was a play party!

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Cage Calm

Everyone holds a different mental image of what a dungeon will look like. Mine is informed by years of reading kink blogs, combined with years of peering over Apollo’s shoulder (and occasionally participating myself) at tabletop gaming. Which makes for an interesting mental image.

It turns out that a professional dominatrix’s dungeon, or at least the one I visited last Friday, isn’t anything at all like I expected. Even with pictures to give me an idea first. For starters, there is absolutely no way photographs can describe how big it is – and how much furniture and equipment is in there. About fifty people had shown up at the social gathering (which was considerably more than I could cope with comfortably, even though I did know about half of them), and they all fit pretty easily, with space to move about.

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Oh, my aching bottom!

Last night Hylas and I went to a birthday dinner for a kinky friend. Fourteen of us were out at a restaurant, and for the most part we behaved, although possibly our conversation was not as discreet as it should have been (everybody, blame the wine). Somewhat inevitably, though, we decided we should do something more, so we retired to someone’s house for some kinky shenanigans. Is anyone surprised? There were new birthday floggers to be tried out!

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