I love endorphins. And when I have lots of orgasms, or get a really good beating, or have been bitten and clawed until my brain stops whirring, then the endorphins kick in and I start to giggle and I can’t stop. Which is challenging if I’m still in the middle of being beaten – so I warn tops beforehand that I’m likely to laugh uncontrollably, and that it’s definitely not at them or their technique!

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On this bed

On this bed we will come together.  Touching as so many others have touched. Taking pleasure from languid kisses and slow teasing licking tongues.

These hotel sheets have felt so many others’ orgasmic pleasure. Soon I will add my own, gasping at the ceiling, hands clenching your shoulders as you mouth me to ecstasy.

Soon I will curl myself around you, legs tangling together while my fingers tantalise your heavy scrotum and awakened cock.

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Temperature variations

I slide down Apollo’s warm body, wanting that velvet-firm cock in places other than my hand. I nuzzle at the fur of his groin, then lift my head as I prepare to take him into my mouth…

“Ah! Pre-come on my nose! Cold!”

Naturally I wipe my nose on his belly before I continue.

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Toy Pile Pervertery

Because where else am I going to wank on the last day of Wankfest 2010?

Without further ado: me!

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Libido Resurrection Programme™

So, having bemoaned the loss of my libido a wee while back, I am delighted to say that it is now back with a vengeance! Why had it vanished? How did I get it back?

Well, there were a few steps, and I thought I’d share my Libido Resurrection Programme™ for anyone else out there who is also hunting for their missing sex drive. The steps went like this:

Determination & Application

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Morning fun

Today started very well indeed. Morning sex is always a pleasure, and happens occasionally – but it’s been quite some time since it occurred on a work-day! Apollo was remarkably late for work…

It’s important to note that it’s only a few days off winter here, and bloody cold. Currently on the bed we have flannelette sheets, the double-thickness winter duvet, a comforter and a blanket. Not to mention hot-water bottles and felines for added warmth. Brrr.

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Lessons from an Orgy

What you’ve been waiting to read, of course, is how Sunday’s orgy was. And the short answer is: it was fantastic!

The medium answer is: Why in the hell haven’t I done that before? Because I’m sure as hell doing that again.

And the long answer? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to get to that. But there are photos, so that might keep your attention a while longer. Or at least get you using your scroll button!

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A touchy subject

We all know that I love to wank – it makes me happy, makes my lovers happy, and makes my readers happy (pretty much in that order). It makes doing the laundry a bit of a chore, but that’s a small price to pay for such wonderfully orgasmic pleasure!

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May Masturbation Challenge: Progress Report day 20

Welcome back! We’re once again visiting the Dee & Apollo household, midway through day 20 of the May Masturbation Challenge. Our intrepid frigger is looking cheerful, which may be because today is also, incidentally, the second anniversary of her civil union. We here at Wank-a-lot Industries have offered our hearty congratulations to them both, along with a gift-basket of lubricant. (Because everyone needs more lubricant, and Dee more than most right now!)

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Threesome on a Golden Afternoon

I collapsed, happily orgasmed out, on the bed. The three of us – Apollo, Demeter and I – had been kissing and licking and sucking and nipping and sharing for a few hours now. The sheets were rucked down the bottom of the bed, the fan was rotating in the corner and blowing late-afternoon air onto us, the sun was cross-hatching through the net curtains. Other than the cats, there was no one else home, so the doors and windows were all wide open to let the air waft through. It was the middle of summer, and it was hot.

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