Slippery and sticky and covered in lube

I’m a wanton, greedy, messy slut. Delightedly so! And while Apollo may not have known that the day we met, he certainly did just a few days later, once I’d thoroughly seduced him. It’s one of my charm points, you know. Me? Slutty. He’s fine with that. It works well for us.

Being as I am, and being polyamorous, I also share my wantonness around – another thing Apollo knew when we met (seducing a wonderful woman from Wellington the day after we met and the day before I took him home? Yeah, that might have given that away …).  But! I do keep one thing – one single solitary thing out of my great big bag of fun-sexy-stuff-to-play-with – just for him. Yes, there is one thing I do with my husband that I don’t do with any other partner – one thing that I am really happy to keep just for us.

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Pain versus pain

It’s been two weeks today since I took my last painkiller. Technically I am still allowed to take some – I could have taken up to four last week, and up until Sunday this week I am able to take three – but I haven’t needed to.

The last painkillers I took were on my flight over to Melbourne. I haven’t taken any since. This is a HUGE thing. Because remember that chronic, daily, never-goes-away-ever migraine? The one I’ve had for over six years? I take painkillers for that.

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It’s been too long. Too long since you knelt between my legs and used your fingers to part my lips, carefully slipping past the curly tangle that frames my cunt. Too long since I last felt that deliberate flick and caress of tongue across my mons and down to my clit. Too long since my insides clenched and tummy tingled while your lips explored my labia, then your teeth gently grated past my clit, teasing me before your tongue pressed itself deep inside me. Too long since I moaned and tightened my thighs around your head, feeling your chin down low and nose up high while you bury your face between my legs.

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Bring Back Buck!

I think we all know by now I have quite the adoration for Buck Angel. He’s a sweetheart in person, has great boots to shine, and is a awesome role-model to write about as well. I’m also somewhat shameless, so when he mentioned on twitter that his latest DVD was out, I totally offered to review it in exchange for a copy! And because Buck is very nice, he said yes and sent one out.

I’m very glad that I did – this DVD is not only educational, it’s extraordinarily hot! There are five scenes, and each will rock your world.  Let me (and Buck) introduce you to Sean, James, Eddie, MJ and Fallen – all trans men.

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Orgasms in the Vac Bed

I like putting Hylas into rubber – and he likes being put into it! It’s a good relationship set-up. Where things get complicated is when someone suggests that I be the one put into the rubber instead…

In this instance it’s a Vacuum Bed – which is full-enclosure, surround-sound, rubber everywhere. Don’t know what a vac bed is? If these pics and video don’t give you some idea, the forthcoming post all about Vacuum Beds will!

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I love endorphins. And when I have lots of orgasms, or get a really good beating, or have been bitten and clawed until my brain stops whirring, then the endorphins kick in and I start to giggle and I can’t stop. Which is challenging if I’m still in the middle of being beaten – so I warn tops beforehand that I’m likely to laugh uncontrollably, and that it’s definitely not at them or their technique!

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On this bed

On this bed we will come together.  Touching as so many others have touched. Taking pleasure from languid kisses and slow teasing licking tongues.

These hotel sheets have felt so many others’ orgasmic pleasure. Soon I will add my own, gasping at the ceiling, hands clenching your shoulders as you mouth me to ecstasy.

Soon I will curl myself around you, legs tangling together while my fingers tantalise your heavy scrotum and awakened cock.

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Temperature variations

I slide down Apollo’s warm body, wanting that velvet-firm cock in places other than my hand. I nuzzle at the fur of his groin, then lift my head as I prepare to take him into my mouth…

“Ah! Pre-come on my nose! Cold!”

Naturally I wipe my nose on his belly before I continue.

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Toy Pile Pervertery

Because where else am I going to wank on the last day of Wankfest 2010?

Without further ado: me!

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Libido Resurrection Programme™

So, having bemoaned the loss of my libido a wee while back, I am delighted to say that it is now back with a vengeance! Why had it vanished? How did I get it back?

Well, there were a few steps, and I thought I’d share my Libido Resurrection Programme™ for anyone else out there who is also hunting for their missing sex drive. The steps went like this:

Determination & Application

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