Beautiful buttercup

I still have so many photographs to share from my time in Melbourne with m’Lady. So many images of our experiences together. Looking at them makes me smile all over again.

But tonight I am missing hir badly. Missing being in hir presence. Being naked and collared and owned and secure and perpetually aroused and absolutely focused.

So I do now what I did then. I give hir a token.

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It’s been too long. Too long since you knelt between my legs and used your fingers to part my lips, carefully slipping past the curly tangle that frames my cunt. Too long since I last felt that deliberate flick and caress of tongue across my mons and down to my clit. Too long since my insides clenched and tummy tingled while your lips explored my labia, then your teeth gently grated past my clit, teasing me before your tongue pressed itself deep inside me. Too long since I moaned and tightened my thighs around your head, feeling your chin down low and nose up high while you bury your face between my legs.

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Ask Aunty Dee: Dental Dams

A friend who wishes to remain anonymous is dead curious about dental dams:

So what are these dental dam things anyway, and what’s the point of them? I know that you’ve used them before, Dee, so tell me what you think about them please!

That I can definitely do, anonymous friend. My first introduction to dental dams was when I started to do presentations about sex toys for work – in the lube and safer sex section there were dental dams (in addition to condoms), and they were a lot of fun to talk about and to show off. They always got a lot of attention too, as very few people in New Zealand know what they are (most assume it’s something to do with dental work. The name is not an endearing one!).

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Diminutive Delights

See the Flash Fiction Friday challenge and image here!

Diminutive Delights

It’s not an easy relationship, the one we have. We’re so different, and when we go out together people look as us as if we’re freaks. Not to mention the challenge I have getting the housework done while she’s at work!

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Wicked Tongues

I love cunnilingus. I love having the opportunity for my lips and tongue and chin and nose to discover the secrets of another; and I love to have my legs spread, my cunt open and welcoming of anothers’ teasing face.

There are so many different ways that a mouth can connect themselves with my cunt. And so many partners, each with their own way of connecting with me.

There’s the gentle approach: insidious, determined lapping which erodes my defences. Long and lascivious licks from my perineum, across the labia and up to the clit, then circling and stroking and nuzzling.   Continual contact, laving and stroking until a tidal wave gushes forth and drenches their face.  This approach can go for hours, and the waves keep on coming until we are nothing but a tiny figures in a large, damp, lake.

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I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair …

I do love giving blow-jobs. The rough-satin feel of cock under my tongue; the spongy tip giving way as I lick it; the raised vein pulsing under my ministrations. Cock in my mouth makes me happy – especially when the receiver is enjoying it just as much as the giver.

Occasionally my enthusiasm will have unexpected consequences, as was the case this morning. I’d been teasing Apollo with my hand under the sheets for a good twenty minutes, and as I sat up to pull the covers back I took the opportunity to heighten the tension with my mouth. So I’m half-way down the bed, my legs and cunt curled up invitingly close to his hand, fondling the base of his cock and his ball sack while I tease and torment the foreskin.

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Lessons from an Orgy

What you’ve been waiting to read, of course, is how Sunday’s orgy was. And the short answer is: it was fantastic!

The medium answer is: Why in the hell haven’t I done that before? Because I’m sure as hell doing that again.

And the long answer? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to get to that. But there are photos, so that might keep your attention a while longer. Or at least get you using your scroll button!

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Skoda Slut, part 2

When we left our intrepid exhibitionist, she was in the process of de-clothing herself whilst seated in a Skoda …

Alas, taking off all of my clothes was not a practical notion – although I promptly divested myself of my shoes (in the depths of the footwell), my cardigan (somewhere on the back seat), and my singlet I know not where (bra? there was no bra!). Also stripping off some layers, Hermes removed his hat and hoodie, leaving him clad in t-shirt and jeans.

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Her Glorious Cunt

My cheek is resting on Metis’ ankle, and my gaze is focused on her cunt. Her glorious cunt. It’s glistening and fleshy, petals opened, with the dark tendrils of her pubic hair curling around it. I can smell her aroma, and when I lick my lips I can taste her saltiness.

Hermes can taste her saltiness too. His tongue is flicking across her clitoris, back and forth, back and forth. His eyes are open and focused, his chin pressing down into the cleft. I can see the delight on his face as he pulls back briefly for air, before returning his tongue to its delicious play.

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Threesome on a Golden Afternoon

I collapsed, happily orgasmed out, on the bed. The three of us – Apollo, Demeter and I – had been kissing and licking and sucking and nipping and sharing for a few hours now. The sheets were rucked down the bottom of the bed, the fan was rotating in the corner and blowing late-afternoon air onto us, the sun was cross-hatching through the net curtains. Other than the cats, there was no one else home, so the doors and windows were all wide open to let the air waft through. It was the middle of summer, and it was hot.

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