Nothing But Mouth

I was having a sexy sweaty awesomely fucking good time with Hyperbius last Saturday.

(Hyperbius? Who’s that? Well, he’s relatively new in my life, and once we got through the months of casual flirting, serious flirting, expressions of interest, making out, testing, then waiting for results, we finally got to the naked-and-able-to-do-everything-we-want stage. About two weeks ago. It’s been glorious since!)

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Curvaceous Derp

I post a lot of photos of myself. I regularly receive comments from readers complimenting both the photographer’s talent and how I look, which is always appreciated and great for the self-esteem. Still, with the occasional comment suggesting that I always look ‘amazing’ I must disagree – boy howdy, is that not the case! As it is with anyone who takes and posts pictures, there are a lot of shots that never make it onto the blog.

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Gagging For It

I don’t often use gags in my sexual play – for the most part I prefer to have my mouth available. But I do like having them as an option, especially during kink sessions. I know how remarkably loud I can be when I get going, and they’re good for at least muffling me a little bit!

Over the years I’ve purchased a variety of different gags, but some of my favourites have remained the simplest: a hand; bondage tape; rope. And I never, never get tired of gagging on fingers or cock…

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Oral Specialist

Last night (or rather, early this morning) as my mouth was hot on Apollo’s very hard cock, I wasn’t considering this post at all. I was focused entirely on sensations: the tang of precome as it seeped onto my tastebuds; the slight vacuum in my cheeks as I sucked upwards; the slight ripple of his stomach muscles every time I flicked my tongue just like that.

Fellatio, indeed, any kind of oral pleasuring, isn’t something I regard as an inherently submissive act – even though, for many of my relationships, I’m in a power exchange dynamic where I am the submissive. What it is, rather, is something that I adore doing, and often tips over into outright worship. Worship of genitalia; worship of my partner; worship of the act itself.

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Fellatio by Puffing Billy

What’s Puffing Billy, you ask? (I sincerely hope you’re not asking what fellatio is!) Puffing Billy is a historic steam train that runs in the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne. And it’s what you find at the end of the train line m’Lady and I took on the day of our adventures.

So of course we took a wander and had a look. It looked like a train. I was more interested in the scenery – so we found a lovely picnic area, and then wandered some more, along the tracks that the train follows.

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Just Inside the Front Door

I am delighted to be in Melbourne visiting my beloved m’Lady, Tethys – whom I haven’t seen in person since last November. I arrived on Wednesday morning, and (no surprise here) we didn’t leave the house again until late on Friday afternoon!

(It was very bright out there. And I have aches in places I didn’t know I had muscles…)

On our amble back from the local shops we stopped at a local park and took some excellent Scavenger Hunt photos of me in front of graffiti – those will be up on Sunday – and the taking of those pics turned us both on (again) so much that we needed to get home again. Because we were both sorely tempted to just have me suck hir cock in the park, and that’s not so smart when you’re a) suburban and b) local …

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Wicked Tongues

I love cunnilingus. I love having the opportunity for my lips and tongue and chin and nose to discover the secrets of another; and I love to have my legs spread, my cunt open and welcoming of anothers’ teasing face.

There are so many different ways that a mouth can connect themselves with my cunt. And so many partners, each with their own way of connecting with me.

There’s the gentle approach: insidious, determined lapping which erodes my defences. Long and lascivious licks from my perineum, across the labia and up to the clit, then circling and stroking and nuzzling.   Continual contact, laving and stroking until a tidal wave gushes forth and drenches their face.  This approach can go for hours, and the waves keep on coming until we are nothing but a tiny figures in a large, damp, lake.

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Purple Pegging

One of the fantastic things about wearing a Share dildo is that when you’re having your cock sucked, you can feel it All. The. Way. Down. Having Hylas’ lips wrapped around my shaft made my clit pulse, my cunt clench, and my g-spot wake up and say hello. He’s enthusiastic and slurpy and extremely good – and I get off on it both physically and mentally. What a good Pet!

 (Click-throughs on everything.)

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I was completely tangled up in my own arousal. I’d been horny all day, incredibly turned on, wanked twice already, teased at dinner.

Now, my clothes shucked off, I slipped against the satin sheets and rubbed against his latex-covered skin. My body was overflowing with the pulsing of blood in my ears and dampness in my cunt. My nipples, usually too sensitive for play, I rubbed and angled towards his mouth. Full of desire. Wrapped in it.

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Oral Fixation

I love to have things in my mouth.  Fingers to nuzzle are good. Tongues to kiss are good. Skin to bite is good. Cunt to adore is good. And as for cock – cock is always, definitely, absolutely good!

I have quite the oral fixation. I’ve known this for a long time. Handily, every partner I’ve ever had has been happy to indulge me in this …

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