Mmm, Buttplugs!

I am rather a big fan of anal, and of anything that can be safely stuffed up the rear passage – be it fingers, cocks, or plugs. I’m also quite equal opportunity when it comes to arseholes: I like mine being filled, but I also really like filling those of others. Seems fair, after all!

My sprawling toy collection has a few plugs, which pleases me – there’s variety, and when I was doing my anal training I had different sizes to work my way up to:

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Balls of Steel

If I’d been handed this buttplug a year ago there was no way in hell I would have tried it out – even six months ago it would have been too big and too firm for me. But I’ve been persistent and (fairly) consistent with my anal training, and so when I clapped eyes on the Snowman plug last month and felt its weighty goodness in my hands I knew that I definitely wanted to give it a go.

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She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. “This is our most recent creation,” she said to me as she pulled it free from her white coat, maroon contrasting brilliantly. “Not yet for release – but ready for home testing. And while it doesn’t have an official name, just a designation, I’ve decided a very good title for it is S.I.R.”

“Sir?” I asked, confused, watching her as she stroked along the rectangular length of box with one fingertip and ruffled the nap of the velvet. I could not help but think of her stroking my skin in that way.

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Buggery by Baguette

A poem for Plumptious Pea, because she inspired me so!

He opens up

to accept the length of loaf –

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Providing a Service

It’s all in the attitude. When I’m with Hylas and I’m wearing my cock and I want his mouth or his arse, it’s very definitely about him doing what pleases me (although it sure as hell gets both of us off).

But when I’m with m’Lady and I put on my harness? Then it’s for me to provide service. And in this case, it was to service hir arse – and it pleased me very much to be able to pleasure hir in such a way.

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Ask Aunty Dee: Anal Play and Buttplugs

A good friend of mine is getting curious about anal play. He and his partner have experimented a little bit with fingers up his bum (which worked out really well), but now she’s a little unsure about continuing – while he’s definitely wanting to experiment more with those good sensations! So, knowing that I’m a bit of a butt-slut, he came to me for some advice about what toys to try, and how to do so safely.

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Sodom: Remembrance

Everyone comes to Sodom for something different. What are you looking for?


Nadica doesn’t talk. Nadica doesn’t play. Nadica takes her photographs, and takes them exceedingly well. And that’s all any guest ever sees her do.

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Purple Pegging

One of the fantastic things about wearing a Share dildo is that when you’re having your cock sucked, you can feel it All. The. Way. Down. Having Hylas’ lips wrapped around my shaft made my clit pulse, my cunt clench, and my g-spot wake up and say hello. He’s enthusiastic and slurpy and extremely good – and I get off on it both physically and mentally. What a good Pet!

 (Click-throughs on everything.)

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Sodom: What’s in a Name?

Would Sodom have the same air of mystery if it was called ‘The Club of Arse’? ‘Stick ’em Up’? ‘The Booty Bumper’? What something is named can make a difference – something that the Doyenne, and some of the staff, know very well indeed.



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Sodom: Midnight

Midnight is the witching hour – and at Sodom it’s no different. There’s something about the movement from one day to the next. Endings and beginnings. Whether you’re aware of the changeover or not, it still leaves its mark.


As the clock turned midnight, Caroline was wide open and welcoming a strangers cock into her arse. Tied to the stocks, blindfolded, well-lubricated, and profoundly aroused, she didn’t care who it was fucking her, as long as she was fucked.  Her cheeks burned from slapping, her tits from mauling, and her ankles from the pull of the rope, but she didn’t care. Sir had arranged this. Sir was watching her be used, at his pleasure.

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