Keeping it Real

I pondered on the prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, unsure if I wanted to write or not. But the phrase used for the prompt (“I don’t want realism. I want magic.”) kept tugging at me. Did I want magic? What about realism? Where did I fall on the continuum of magical through to real?

Magic is appealing. It really is (and I read a whole lot of fantasy!). But for everything I considered where magic would be amazing, I could see what I’d lose as a result.

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On the KissCast

At the very end of last year, I opened my email and was absolutely delighted to see a message from Molly (of Molly’s Daily Kiss) asking if she could interview me for her new podcast, the KissCast. Of course I said yes – how awesome was that?

So in early January we got together on Skype and talked enthusiastically about many things, the end result of which is this, the fourth episode of the KissCast. (I recommend the others as well – they’re great listening!) Molly was a wonderful host who asked great questions about all sorts of things. Between the laughter there may even have been some answers!

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Property Milestone

I am delighted to celebrate my fourth anniversary today with m’Lady Tethys! This is also an opportunity to post a copy of my latest Title Deed (this is the fourth version – we’ve signed one every year since our first anniversary). My relationship with m’Lady is complex, comprehensive, and full of joy: we are not just owner and property, but also partner and partner – we have an overarching relationship structure which does not rely on our D/s interactions, but is intensified and increased by it. Being long-distance adds extra challenges, but we have persevered and grown together through them.

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Tomorrow is the day that I’ve been waiting for: it’s the day where I fly back over to Melbourne.

Tomorrow I will be back with m’Lady, my owner, for two whole weeks.

Tomorrow I will be on an aeroplane for four hours, wearing my knee-high boots, a short dress and no underwear. My tag will be shiny in my ear. My face will be bright with smiling anticipation. My aroma of arousal may possibly be noticeable, if you’re close enough.

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Conversations With My Owner

Need versus Want

Dee on IM: growls happily 

I am so fucking horny and ready to come.

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Keeping Up Energy Levels

If you’re going to be having intense, epic, multiple-times-daily sex sessions with a lover you haven’t seen in nine months then remembering to both eat and keep up fluid levels is somewhat vital! To that end, m’Lady and I were at least someone organised. Zie purchased some powdered electrolytes for me before I arrived, and we also made sure that all the ingredients were in place for me to cook on at least one occasion.

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I really like D/s, and a lot of what it entails (yeah, duh, I know). A quick look at the BDSM and kinky categories over in my sidebar, and all the sub-categories, shows that I have and have had a lot of fun experimenting in the time I’ve kept this blog.  A few years ago I figured out that I am no longer entirely on the bottom end of the spectrum (hooray for switchy proclivities, which keeps Hylas well entertained).

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Back to earth

After ten amazing and intense days with Tethys, I have landed back in the regular everyday world with a ‘thump’. And that thump hurts like a bastard. It’s a hurt that says: ‘you had something amazing for a few days. Now back to reality for you.’

I know I am lucky. So far as regular everyday worlds go, mine is pretty damned awesome! I live with an amazing husband who snuggles me good, makes me tea, comes on my tits and rubs it in lovingly, listens indulgently to my shenanigans, and conspires with my pet to plan something for my birthday (I assume it’s my birthday. Come on, guys!). I see my beloved pet three or four days a week and he paints my toenails for me, encourages me to plunder his arse (and teases mine in return), covers me in slobbery pet kisses, and generally is the bestest pet a Boss could ask for – even with the conspiracy-in-progress …

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Cyber Relating

A combination post – italics by me, non-italics by Tethys. Enjoy (and, please, comment)!

i find it odd that many people feel that a long-distance relationship (LDR) is somehow not a ‘real’ relationship. Odd because my culture – Anglo-Australian – is not averse to the romantic myth of a couple separated by great distance but nevertheless maintaining their commitment to each other. It seems that when the medium is not the handwritten letter but the Internet, a relationship is not deeply romantic but, at best, shallow and superficial.

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