I’ve been described as a bibliophile more than once, and the many bookcases in our house suggest that it’s accurate. Not all of the books are mine – some are Apollo’s – but I’ve read (and re-read) a large number of them. So when Bittersweet Me tagged me with a meme earlier this week, wanting to see what I read – quite aside from my recommended posts on Google Reader – I thought I’d take her up on it.

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Delving Into Polyamory

Navigating the maze of advice about polyamory – provided you can even find people who are positive about it – can be a bitch. Nearly everyone who is polyamorous now once-upon-a-time didn’t know the concept existed, or that you could have a relationship without cheating, or that honesty was possible for two people sharing a house and their lives. Some may have escaped those negative learnings, but many of us have not been so lucky.

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Reckless Experimentation

A wee while back I asked if there were any questions that readers had for me. I’ve answered two questions (about jealousy) already, and it’s time for a new one.


This time, the question is from the lovely Dionysos:

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I’m terribly disappointed in all of you, dear readers. Here I was expecting derisive and inflammatory comments – trolls, even – in the comments to my post on swinging vs. poly, and instead everyone was thoughtful and had interesting things to say. Obviously I’m moving in the wrong circles. *shakes head in mock disappointment*

Anyhow. The Butterfly Temptress asked me a very interesting question in response to Apollo Sandwich, and it relates well to another question that Z asked in Social Intercourse (where I requested questions from anyone who cared to ask – and if you haven’t asked and want to, go for it! Want to know the colour of my favourite pair of knickers; why I say knickers instead of panties; the meaning of life, orgasm and everything? Ask away!)

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Social Intercourse

I’m absolutely thrilled to have fantastic readers who leave me excellent comments (and are great fun to natter to on Gtalk – add me if you like and say hello!). But what is it that you don’t know about me?

Ask me anything you like – no question too big, too small, too intimate, too general. All answers guaranteed, in a post soon to come!

Disclaimer: I won’t tell you my name, my address, or anything compromising the identities of my lovers. Anything else is fair game!

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