Labelling Me

I’ve been thinking about labels again. It’s one of those things I keep coming back to, not least because it impacts so heavily how I perceive, and am perceived by, the world. Labels are everywhere, and pretty much unavoidable.

A lot of people really dislike labels, feeling limited by the boxes they’re placed in. Which is understandable – who wants to be crammed into a musty overused damp square that is nothing like who they really are?

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This article was originally written for express magazine online in June 2011. It was written for those without much rope experience. All photos (so far as I can recall) were taken by Kiana at various workshops and play parties.

It’s marvellously versatile, rope. Sure, you can use it for securing the load on your trailer, but it’s a hell of a lot more exciting winding it around limbs, across skin, and creating patterns that you know can stay impressed on flesh for hours later.

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Gender Non-Binary

I’m in love with someone who doesn’t fit the so-called gender binary. I’m in love with someone who has breasts and a penis, wears their hair long and occasionally sports a goatee, who prefers to be in skirts but pairs them with stompy boots. Are they simply a woman? No. Are they simply a man? No. Am I attracted to them? Absolutely.

Gender is not a binary – even though media and social perceptions reinforce it every day.

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Smut Peddler Portfolio

Smut Peddler, let me woo you with my writing! The links below are a selection of articles that have been published in places other than my blog – but there’s no shortage of words here too (7+ years). If you want to see my fiction stylings, then the Erotic Writings category is the place to nosy at.

I Want It All – express article about pansexuality, 2010

I like labels. I like them a lot. Labels, provided you get to choose them for yourself, please me no end – especially when I discover a new one that fits me (and occasionally when I peel off an old one that no longer suits). I have a whole lot of labels which I choose to wear. Among them are kinky, polyamorous, fat, happy, Buffy fan, slut, and pansexual.

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Why Can’t I Have That?

After having the opportunity to thoroughly check out the newly refurbished cruise area at The Grinder, I have a serious case of ‘the envys’.

It’s not often that, as one who identifies as female, I’m allowed into one of these hallowed spots. Indeed, it was only that there was no one currently using the space that my friend and I were able to have a look at all (that and knowing the right person in the first place).

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Learn to Love Your Body

Do you love your body? Far too many people don’t – so when Express Magazine asked me to write about body love – at every size – for their recent fashion issue, I was delighted to do so.

You can click here to read the article on the Express website, click to enlarge the image, or simply scroll down. And let me know what you think.

(The amazing body paint you can see more of here and here and here!)

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Three in the Bed

This article was originally printed in the January 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan (Australia / New Zealand), sealed section – my first professional publication! See the image below to read it as it was in the magazine. However, I prefer the version with the words unasterisked, and with my original usage of cunt, rather than vagina, so you can read that here as well. 

I should tell you, before we go any further, that my first threesome wasn’t awesome. It was good – they were excellent kissers, the oral was great, and there were orgasms for all involved – but it wasn’t what you’d call awesome.

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Expressing Myself

As you may recall, I’ve written a few articles for Express Magazine in the past (one on pansexuality, and one on HIV and loss), both of which have been very well received. It was great to see my name, face and words in the newspaper, not least because I was writing about topics that are important to me.

Express, in addition to their fortnightly paper, now has an excellent web presence, and their lovely editor got in touch with me before Easter and asked if I would be interested in regularly contributing some words. Naturally, I was very reserved and only squee’d a few times as I accepted the offer

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Staying Safe – Published!

After my Staying Safe post a few weeks ago, the lovely Hannah, editor of express magazine, asked if I could expand upon it for the next issue. (You may recall I had an article in express last year about Pansexuality. Apparently when I write about Buck Angel it’s a popular thing…)

The latest issue (09/02/11 – 22/02/11) came out last week, and as promised, here is a scan of the article – and the full text of the revised post.

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I Want It All

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by Hannah, the editor of Express Magazine, to write an article for their Sex Issue. Pansexuality was what she wanted to know about, and I was delighted to oblige!

Below, a scan of the article itself (and hooray for hot images of Buck Angel!).  The editor also wrote damned nice things about me in the ‘about the author’ text at the end. You can read the text of my article below the scan, so you can see what I had to say.

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