Cage Calm

Everyone holds a different mental image of what a dungeon will look like. Mine is informed by years of reading kink blogs, combined with years of peering over Apollo’s shoulder (and occasionally participating myself) at tabletop gaming. Which makes for an interesting mental image.

It turns out that a professional dominatrix’s dungeon, or at least the one I visited last Friday, isn’t anything at all like I expected. Even with pictures to give me an idea first. For starters, there is absolutely no way photographs can describe how big it is – and how much furniture and equipment is in there. About fifty people had shown up at the social gathering (which was considerably more than I could cope with comfortably, even though I did know about half of them), and they all fit pretty easily, with space to move about.

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Cunt Dancing

Today is the very last Wanton Wednesday – so I’ve decided to be even more wanton than usual, and send it off in style!

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you will have seen my Clit Clamp (with bell) before. This tiny clamp has caused me a great deal of trouble in the past. There was, sure, one hell of an orgasm at Bastion Point, but prior to that were was  a car with hard suspension, lots of judder bars, and me with said clamp on my nethers for hours.  I remember it mostly with a gritting of teeth, while Hylas thinks of it considerably more fondly – and has a blast teasing me about it!

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Totally Stumped

When Apollo and I were ambling around the extensive gardens of Larnach Castle, we found all sorts of beautiful areas – and I knew that if I could manage it, I would return to photograph myself in them. One such spot was in the ‘Rain Forest Garden’  quite a distance from the castle, near the entrance gatehouse.

With a stump so large and gnarly, how could I resist? Especially with the delightful frisson of danger that a walking path, a road behind, and a carpark nearby provided.

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Make a Wish

What would you wish for, at a wishing well?

When Apollo and I found the wishing well in our wanderings around the Larnach Castle grounds, I was quite taken with it – and wouldn’t you be? While the well itself was now covered (I’d read that a very tipsy party goer had pushed a signal cannon down in about a hundred years earlier, which was rather challenging to retrieve), the sheer romanticism of it grabbed in a way that usually only parasols do. And did I ever wish I had one with me to take photos with! Still, Apollo did a great job of taking a picture of me making a wish, and I determined that I would return later to get me a scavenger hunt photo. Oh yes indeed!

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Experimentation on the Lodge Balcony

So I’m standing on a balcony, in a Lodge, on the grounds of a Castle, found on the Otago Peninsula, looking out over at the southern mainland of New Zealand – not to mention some very pretty water in between here and there.

Just in case you were curious.

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King of the Castle

This time last week Apollo and I had just arrived at Larnach Castle, which is on the Otago Peninsula, deep in the south of New Zealand. We were on holiday – and while for most of it we were visiting his mother in Dunedin, for two days in the middle we were taking some time for ourselves and staying at Larnach Lodge, on the grounds of the only castle in the country. And it’s a beautiful castle indeed!

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Swimming at Shakespear

As promised last week, I ran from the sand right into the lovely cool waters of the Hauraki Gulf – and it was a very cool contrast to the warm sunshine!

(Yes, there are click-throughs on most of these pics  – Ailuros took lots of photos, to my delight!)

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Prancing on the sands

When you’ve got a deserted beach on a sunny day, and a very willing camera-kitty, it means lots of photographs!  (And there are click-throughs on both – apparently they were missed last week.) 

Why yes, I am shaking my arse at you! And at Rangitoto Island, too, once I’ve turned around.

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Shady Tree

It was a beautiful autumn midweek day, and Ailuros and I were going on a day-trip! The notion had hit him the night before, so after a flurry of texts (‘sound like a plan?’ ‘sounds great!’) he swung past about 10:30am and picked me up – and off we drove up to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. We were going to Shakespear Regional Park, and we were going to have a picnic.

What do you need for a picnic? Not much, it turns out. We took the following with us:

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Cervix with a View

Last week I had an appointment for yet another ultrasound – both external and transvaginal – to check on the state of my Essure™ since I’d had the procedure done last year, and to see if my pesky ovarian cyst was still in place. (What’s an Essure? That’s the wee thing that makes me permanently baby-proofed. Yay!) I figured this was a good opportunity to finally snap myself some in-hospital Scavenger Hunt photos, given I’d bailed on the opportunity the previous time!

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