Shady Assets

In which Katie and Dee flash their stuff!

So there are all these gazebos at Cornwall Park – they’re very popular, naturally, as they’re shady spots and you don’t have to worry about getting a damp bum on the ground, or sitting on roots. But we¬†were determined to find one that wasn’t already occupied, because damn, we wanted to get a photo at one. How often do you find a gazebo?

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Heated Spaces

A winter’s day.

Good company.

A hot fire, and no clothes…

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A few weeks ago I had the grand pleasure of meeting up with Modesty Ablaze and her hubby for lunch followed by an afternoon of Scavenger Hunting – a rare treat for a sex blogger in New Zealand! Katie and Hubby had flown into Auckland the day before, and thanks to great forward planning (that is, an email from her just before New Years, and the occasional back and forth since to check it was still on) we were all very much looking forward to it.

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Curvaceous Derp

I post a lot of photos of myself. I regularly receive comments from readers complimenting both the photographer’s talent and how I look, which is always appreciated and great for the self-esteem. Still, with the occasional comment suggesting that I always look ‘amazing’ I must disagree – boy howdy, is that not the case! As it is with anyone who takes and posts pictures, there are a lot of shots that never make it onto the blog.

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Under the Street Light

“Which one is better?” I called out to Delilah, having already flung my bag and cardigan to the ground. “This one here, or that one over there? And do we get the mosaic in the shot?”

The two of us were at Western Park in Ponsonby on a brisk August evening. Hours earlier we’d parked at very nearly the same spot, walked all the way up Karangahape Road and shopped at all the sex toy shops, visited a sex cinema and a cruise club, had some dinner and taken some fantastic Scavenger Hunt photos (one of which is yet to come). Now, pretty much knackered, these lamps simply begged to be used. What was one more stop before we dropped?

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Showing It All Off

What was I showing off? My udders and my arse – they were definitely on display at the party Hylas and I attended last month, celebrating the life and times of the Marquis de Sade.

Naturally, we needed to get some photos we took before heading in! (A little black dress slipped on nicely for the drive, and then slipped off again immediately after we arrived). My pet’s balcony¬†once again provided the perfect backdrop for displaying my pretties.

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Birthday Burning

I turn thirty-six today – and I’ve had an incredibly awesome day! However the fun really got started a few days early, as on Friday night Enyo and I attended the awesome queer kinky party, Rough House (held at Basement) – and had lots of scratchy switchy sexy fun together, perved at lots of other folks having fun, and had some great conversations with friends and strangers alike. It was crowded and noisy and Satan Claus was in attendance with his big stick (and making good lubed up use of it, by the sounds of it), and it was a blast.

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White Wine in the Sun

If you’ve never heard ‘White Wine in the Sun’ by Tim Minchin, then you’re missing out – and the video is at the end of this post if you want to hear it. For me it’s one of the few (too damned few, in my opinion) songs that really capture what it is to celebrate at Christmas-time in the Southern Hemisphere.

Not for us, the snow, the cold, the bundled-upness and heavy food. Instead, being in the middle of summer: we have warm weather, chilled drinks, swimming togs. There are outdoor celebrations in the backyard, at a park or at the beach and there’s plenty of sunblock (and a parasol, usually).

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Dark and Drizzly

It was a dark and drizzly night, and just was I was putting on my shoes to go to my evening class Kiana rang to let me know that she had spotted an Erotica Expo billboard up on the Albany Highway. Which was absolutely perfect – it wasn’t an unreasonable distance away, and given that I was heading out anyway, I could check it out on my way back home.

So it was that about 9pm on Monday evening in August I drove up the road in question, looking for the big Erotica logo. Where was that billboard? In the chilly dampness of the night, lights sparkling off the wet road, I was hopeful it remained in place.

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In the Mail

Hylas and I both have our own PO boxes, and have had for a number of years. So we watched with great interest as our local post office went under a recent rebuild, including moving the boxes into a completely new space over the course of a weekend. Our new boxes, it turns out, not only lined a long hallway but also filled up two lovely alcoves, set back from the main area.

“Perfect for photos!” we said to each other. Because we notice things like that.

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