Cat with Breast

Sometimes I don’t have much to say. So here’s a photo of Mama Bear and I relaxing in bed one morning last week.


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Udderly Wonderful

Cows are cool. There are a whole lot of different cow breeds that you’ll see in rural New Zealand, but by far the most common is the Friesian with it’s black and white hide (me, I’m really partial to Jersey cows. They’re around too, but you’ve got to look for them).

So when Demeter and I were driving home from our long weekend holiday and spotted this field next to our quiet country highway? It was time to make a stop and get some pics for the Scavenger Hunt! ‘Livestock’ is one of the locations, and it’s rather difficult to get when you live in a city (I’d been trying for well over a year, whenever I travelled).

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Derptastic Dee

It’s been a while since my last ‘derp’ post, and it felt like time! For this post there’s a theme: derping with parasols. Because why not?

(Derp post 1; Derp post 2)

A few years old now, this photo is immediately dated by my black hair and fringe. (What happened to that top? I really liked it!) Hylas caught a great expression here, with my eyes closed and my mouth partway through changing position:

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Sometimes I’m utterly amazed that Apollo and I have been together for so long – over thirteen years. Other days I’m not surprised at all: our days flow together comfortably and lovingly (albeit full of experiences good, bad, stressful and entertaining!).

The other day one of my blog posts was automatically retweeted – this one from near the end of 2006 – and after re-reading it and smiling I had to wonder. Which holiday away had that been? Where had we gone? Was it to see relatives, or get some time away, or something else? I spent the evening sporadically considering this, and when I awoke on Saturday morning (and then awoke Apollo for some sleepy sexy fun) we sprawled in bed with a cup of tea and discussed it.

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Squishy Goodness

What are you looking at? Can you tell? Does the click-through help you at all?

That’s right – it’s Hylas’ cock. And it’s thoroughly squished between the two parts of the Electric Bondage Board (there’s no escape!). The more squishing, the better the contact for the electricity… and there’s where I get a whole lot of sadistic pleasure.

A maginally less squished view is below (and for ultimate squish, click on through).

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Breasts in Bowentown

In Bowentown, near Waihi Beach, there’s an astonishing view that Demeter wanted to share with me. From the clifftops by the holiday park you could look out across Shelley Bay to Athenree (where we were staying), as well as over the inlet to Matakana Island, which was trees as far as the eye could see.

Demeter drove, and we reached there as the sun was starting to go down – and in addition to being very bright and a tad windy, it was also utterly stunning.

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Auckland Retro

This is an older photo, taken back in 2010 on my 32nd birthday. Not as old as I’ve made it look, though! I adore the view of Auckland behind me in this shot, and I’ve edited to make it look like the old pictures in my family photo album. If my parents had been up Mt Victoria in Devonport before I was born and taken a photo? Then this is similar to what the picture would look like, I think.

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Slippery Slope

When it’s the middle of winter and there’s been a lot of rain, and the claggy clay is threatening to overwhelm everything … naturally putting a heavy digger on the slope is going to fix everything! (I feel a bit sorry for this property owner.)

And naturally I took the opportunity to flash in front of it. Which involved standing on the guttering at the edge of the road, barely avoiding the mess. I was rather delighted though!

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Bridge Walk

I felt like playing with animations today, and there was a set of photos Tethys took during my visit last November that I thought would work well.

(This is from the same daytrip to Kinglake as in this post – just a little further up the trail, in fact!)

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Delightful Dam

When Demeter and I went away last weekend I had no idea what to expect. We were going to a part of the country I’d never been to before, and I was looking forward to seeing what there was to see as a happy passenger.

But as she and I randomly drove around Waihi Beach on the Saturday, neither of us were expecting to find a stunning man-made lake; a dam and spillway, in fact.

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