Ye Olde Cottage

Given that New Zealand’s been colonised for less than 200 years (by Europeans, that is – the Maori have been here considerably longer), there’s not a huge amount of choice when it comes to genuine Historical Places. The Stone Store in Kerikeri is one, as the oldest stone building in the country (Apollo and I visited it on our honeymoon), and there are various ruins like the Buried Village in Rotorua (also visited with Apollo).

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Hitting the Wall

Spending the afternoon with Modesty Ablaze and her husband earlier this year was fantastic – it was so lovely to meet them both, and I can’t wait to catch up with them again. And getting so many Scavenger Hunts together was a blast as well!

We found a whole lot in and around Cornwall Park – this boundary wall was just off to the left of the gazebo. (Click through for a different perspective.)

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This Hole is Uber

I have a lot of appreciation for holes. I know, you’re all shocked by this! So when I found a manhole cover out in the subdivision, I knew the time had come to grab this location.

If you’re going to cover a hole up, you just know I’m going to squat on it until it’s available

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For Sale!

What’s for sale? Not me, no – this plot of land here! Remember that great subdivision where Hylas photographed me with the sharing sign? That’s right at the top left of this first image (if you can’t quite tell? Just click through). And it was full of other excellent opportunities for scavenging:

It was extra bonus wonderful to be showing off a newer parasol of mine, as well as my smile!

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Being Irreligious

My hairdresser of choice is on the other side of town from where I live – these days, a good 30 minutes drive. So when I go over there I make a point of doing other things afterwards, so as to make the most of the trip.

In Onehunga, one of Auckland’s oldest suburbs, there are a fair few second-hand stores I’m a fan of. And, as it turns out, some excellent lunch choices. On this day in mid-December, I bought myself a bakery lunch and something to drink, then went looking for somewhere nice to sit and eat.

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Blocked from the Skate Park

Hylas knew about a skate zone, near the motorway. “What a great place for a scavenger hunt!” I said to him when he mentioned it. So we drove to the sports field and tramped across the boggy ground to the far end … only to find that the wooden ramp had been blocked off by great big temporary fences.


My plans of lying on the ramp and showing off my body didn’t pan out – especially as there was no chance I was going to scale the fence! Still, it didn’t stop us taking pictures – I just got as close as I could instead.

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Exercise, of Sorts

While I like to walk, and I have regular stretches to do daily to keep my hip and buttock happy (damned piriformis syndrome) and I most definitely not a fan of any organised exercise or sport.

Which is not to say I haven’t created an elaborate fantasy about park-side exercise zones, and how the various locations are replaced with sexy people to lick or suckle or clamber over or fuck … *cough*

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Dumpster Diving

Despite being in the middle of the CBD, it’s quiet. Surrounded by apartment blocks, with a sex shop and cruise club behind us, the sound of the city flows overhead, muffled.

Of course, anyone could be peering down from a window as Delilah and I entertain ourselves, having just visited the Basement.

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Naughty in the Office

I’ve got rather a lot of Scavenger Hunt photos that I’ve not yet posted. And, seeing as it’s the start of another month, I thought I’d make September an official Scavenger Hunt month – with 30 days and 22 locations, I think I’ll get through them all! (If you’ve got a bunch, why not join in?)

I’ve also decided to post mine chronologically (ie: in the order they were taken). First is the office – which I captured nearly two years ago, just before I finished my last office job. Because, yeah, I know there’s people there who sporadically read here, and thought I’d give it some time before posting!

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Sign Me Up

I spent a long time looking for the right street sign to be photographed with for the Scavenger Hunt, and I thought I had it: just one suburb away from our house is a road liberally sprinkled with signs stating “Share with Care” (referring to bicycles and cars sharing together). Which didn’t put me in mind of vehicular road sharing! Still, with the road being so busy, I was having difficulty figuring out how to get the shot.

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