Morning Glory

With a view that awesome, merely taking a few photographs was out of the question. As Hylas made me a cup of tea, I skinned out of my sexy clothes and put up my parasol. The early morning sun was warm on my skin while the gentle breeze kept me from overheating. Glorious!

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In Hot Water

In the continuing adventures of Dee and Hylas in the Coromandel, we made our way over to the East Coast, and thus to one of the many beaches, scattered around. This was a special one, though.

Why? Because it’s Hot Water Beach.

The sea water isn’t hot. The sand is – but that’s not surprising. However, for a few hours each day when the tide is at the right level, you can dig holes in the sand, and hot water filters in and fills it up. Nothing like a spa before your swim!

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Send Me An Angel…

I like going on adventures.  And going on an adventure with an unadventured friend is always an extra adventure! So when my awesome fanboy ménage-a-moi suggested we go Angel-hunting, it was with delight that we compared calendars and made a plan.

Said plan was quite simple – as the best plans are – and went like this:

1: Meet in Newmarket, five days before Giftmas.

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Tauranga Fountain

I really do have a love affair with my parasols. In spring and summer – and for a good part of autumn – it’s rare to see me outdoors without one.

So when Apollo and I went on holiday at the end of February, I took three parasols with me (to suit the environment and my outfits, y’see). This particular parasol one was my newest purchase, and was a great find on TradeMe. I really like the fringing on the edges, and the way I can feel the texture of the paint on the fabric itself.

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Toi Toi and Seagulls

Toi toi is part of my memories. When I was a growing up we had a large hillock fronting a shared driveway, and toi toi, cutty grass, and the ubiquitous biddy-bids grew there. It was a great place to burrow into, make caves or nests or simply wriggle in and read in sunny shade. And, of course, toi toi could be pulled free and imagined into swords, flags, or whatever took my fancy.

There’s a particular smell that I can remember when I think of that hillock. It’s summer and grass and pollen and petrol fumes (from the road), sunshine and dirt and safety.

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Pastel Pink

I’m generally not a fan of pink – at least, not of lots of it. But when it comes to contrast? When it comes to pale pink mixed with bright strong colours? When it comes to being über-feminine just because? Then it’s good.  Of course, it needs to be in moderation, so all the colour photographs are in click-throughs this week!

A free corset (inherited through a friend) is grand, no matter the colour!

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Gates of Hell

Last week Apollo and I were off on a long-overdue holiday – and it was fantastic! In addition to a whole lot of relaxing (and skinny-dipping in the lake), we also did some tourist-y stuff. On Wednesday, we headed off to Hell’s Gate Thermal Park -  a geothermal area near Rotorua, which is stinky, bubbly, absolutely stunning, and perfect for perverts…

And, being the middle of summer, a parasol was a necessity!

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Tawharanui Regional Park is a gorgeous place – and has amazing beaches with lovely gentle surf. Now, I’m not big on beaches, because I burn, but armed with a trusty parasol and lots of sunblock, I don’t mind trekking out there for a few hours.

Apollo (somewhat reluctantly, but with great skill) took photos for me. He is a good husband, and took lots and lots of them. Click any of the pictures in this post for extra images!

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Rouge Parasol

It’s the first HNT of a new year  – so of course I’m showing off a new parasol! My parasol series was very popular last year, so I figured why stop a good thing?

This particular parasol was made by Djeco, a French company (they usually do children’s toys), and is made out of waxed paper. That means not only does it feel neat, but it can be used an umbrella as well as a parasol. I purchased it, new, from a place called The Garden Party on Ponsonby Road in Auckland – I spotted it in the window and had to have it!

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2009 Favourites

It seems only appropriate that on the final day of the year it’s also a themed HNT – this one is where you select your favourite HNT pic of the year (your own, that is), and post it. Which gives me quite a few images to choose from!

In the end, I couldn’t pick just one – but these are my three favourites from this year.  It’s interesting (to me, at least) to note that all three of these images are outdoor ones. Apparently my exhibitionistic tendencies are increasing!

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