Same Corset, More Parasols

Over time I’ve been slowly working my way through my archives – making sure all the older posts from blogspot are formatted correctly, and that all photos are re-uploaded with my watermark. Which means I’m continually coming across posts I’d forgotten I’d written, and pictures I’d forgotten I’d taken!

Just this very week I was delighted to discover a post from 2010, full of pictures of this delightful corset and the lacy pink parasol shown last week. I note that I know how to tie the corset ribbon better these days – but it still looks just as lovely either way. What do you think?

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Lacking in Steampunk

I adore parasols – as anyone who reads this blog, or has visited my house, or seen me out and about, knows! And since damaging my back recently, my corset has been getting a lot of wear. So when my niece – who’s also developed quite an appreciation for parasols as well – stayed over this weekend, I asked her to take a few photos of me combining the two.  We picked out which parasols went best with my corset, and off we went into the back yard.

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Rainbows and kitties and photographs

I have a blast every year at the Big Gay Out. This year I went with Hylas and Ailuros, meeting up with Demeter (and my niece) whilst we were there.  As always, I had a parasol to keep the sun from burning me. Rainbow seemed entirely appropriate, yes?

Hylas decided not to dress up this year – but Ailuros was an extremely eye-catching kitty! Many, many people asked to have their picture taken with him, and Hylas was an obliging photographer. Click-throughs on the pics this week will show you why …

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Over the last few months I’ve been catching up with Ailuros once, occasionally twice, a week. Sometimes that involves a whole lot of sex and orgasms, sometimes that involves food (actually, nearly always – he’s an excellent cook and I take shameless advantage of that), and sometimes that involves adventures!

The other week we decided to have a picnic, and I introduced him to some of my favourite outdoor spots over my side of the city – it was windy, and delicious, and delightful. For our final stop, I took him out to the Chelsea Estate Heritage Park. It’s beautiful and huge, next to the harbour (which you can see off to the right), with artificial lakes, swans (click through to see them, and their cygnets) and picnickers too (they’re in the background on the left).

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Safe from the burning star

Not that I was likely to get sunburned at the nudist beach so late in the day – but why take chances?  I’d brought a parasol with me in carry-on luggage all the way from New Zealand, and Tethys was quite happy to take pictures of me enjoying its shade:

After splashing about in the water, it was nice to feel the warm air drying my skin.

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Oh so frilly

It may be the middle of winter here in Auckland, but the weather today was glorious! I took advantage of this by wearing nothing but my (sinfully comfortable red velvet) knickers for most of the day: making topless date scones for lunch; stripping the bed; and enjoying the puddles of sunlight on the back deck. While I miss the private backyard we had at our previous house, I figure anyone willing to look out their window and through various tree branches in order to perve at me is welcome to do so.

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Vintage beauty

I really do love my parasols – certainly there are plenty of pictures on this blog where I show them off. Just about every shop in Auckland that does, or might, carry them knows that I love parasols too – especially vintage ones – and keeps an eye out for me!

Passionata, which you can find on the North Shore of Auckland, has tempted me with a few pretties in the past (my lovely purple umbrella was purchased from them). The parasol in the photos above, though, was given to me by the owner as a gift, which blew my mind – it is very old and extremely fragile and extraordinarily beautiful. And some idiot wandering around the store had poked a hole through the wax-paper, so it was unsaleable.

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Morning Glory

With a view that awesome, merely taking a few photographs was out of the question. As Hylas made me a cup of tea, I skinned out of my sexy clothes and put up my parasol. The early morning sun was warm on my skin while the gentle breeze kept me from overheating. Glorious!

Click for extra images!

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In Hot Water

In the continuing adventures of Dee and Hylas in the Coromandel, we made our way over to the East Coast, and thus to one of the many beaches, scattered around. This was a special one, though.

Why? Because it’s Hot Water Beach.

The sea water isn’t hot. The sand is – but that’s not surprising. However, for a few hours each day when the tide is at the right level, you can dig holes in the sand, and hot water filters in and fills it up. Nothing like a spa before your swim!

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Send Me An Angel…

I like going on adventures.  And going on an adventure with an unadventured friend is always an extra adventure! So when my awesome fanboy ménage-a-moi suggested we go Angel-hunting, it was with delight that we compared calendars and made a plan.

Said plan was quite simple – as the best plans are – and went like this:

1: Meet in Newmarket, five days before Giftmas.

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