Where Are My Knickers?

While I love to be naked, if I’ve put clothes on then knickers are generally a part of the package. It’s pretty rare for me to be without them, be it beneath jeans, a skirt, or a dress (sarongs are an exception – fuck it!). So it was a tad strange to me to be out with m’Lady for a visit to Kinglake National Park, fully clad in skirt, singlet, socks, sneakers, sunblock and parasol… but without anything between my legs except, well, me.

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This Hole is Uber

I have a lot of appreciation for holes. I know, you’re all shocked by this! So when I found a manhole cover out in the subdivision, I knew the time had come to grab this location.

If you’re going to cover a hole up, you just know I’m going to squat on it until it’s available

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For Sale!

What’s for sale? Not me, no – this plot of land here! Remember that great subdivision where Hylas photographed me with the sharing sign? That’s right at the top left of this first image (if you can’t quite tell? Just click through). And it was full of other excellent opportunities for scavenging:

It was extra bonus wonderful to be showing off a newer parasol of mine, as well as my smile!

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Flying the Flag

New Zealand isn’t huge on flags like some nations – but there are still a few around. Enough that you know you’re in New Zealand and not Australia (who have a similar flag – we have four stars; they have six). Places you’re always guaranteed to see the New Zealand flag in Auckland (provided it’s not too windy) are on the top of the Harbour Bridge and in Cornwall Park. Oh my! That’s where Modesty Ablaze, her hubby, and I met up for lunch

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In Front of a Crowd of Thousands …

… just because I could, because ‘bleachers’ is a category in the Scavenger Hunt, because it was the Pride Parade, because I’d had two drinks with vodka in them and was somewhat tipsy, and why the hell not – I did what I so often do and flashed at an inappropriate moment.

Which was so much fun! Once again Hylas took some great pictures – and I really didn’t know that the balcony of the International Foodcourt on Ponsonby Road could safely hold that many people!

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Glam at the Parade

Last weekend was the Auckland Pride Parade – the first parade celebrating the Rainbow community in Auckland for 12 years, since Hero was pushed out of operation. So it was fantastic to be able to attend!

I had been invited to take part with the express crew, but declined – as the long walk down Ponsonby Road, in addition to the crowds and music, would have been too much for me. Instead, my wonderful editor hooked me up with tickets to the GABA GlamStand, so Hylas and I were able to watch in comfort with a brilliant view, all with a complimentary drink to boot.

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Same Corset, More Parasols

Over time I’ve been slowly working my way through my archives – making sure all the older posts from blogspot are formatted correctly, and that all photos are re-uploaded with my watermark. Which means I’m continually coming across posts I’d forgotten I’d written, and pictures I’d forgotten I’d taken!

Just this very week I was delighted to discover a post from 2010, full of pictures of this delightful corset and the lacy pink parasol shown last week. I note that I know how to tie the corset ribbon better these days – but it still looks just as lovely either way. What do you think?

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Lacking in Steampunk

I adore parasols – as anyone who reads this blog, or has visited my house, or seen me out and about, knows! And since damaging my back recently, my corset has been getting a lot of wear. So when my niece – who’s also developed quite an appreciation for parasols as well – stayed over this weekend, I asked her to take a few photos of me combining the two.  We picked out which parasols went best with my corset, and off we went into the back yard.

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Rainbows and kitties and photographs

I have a blast every year at the Big Gay Out. This year I went with Hylas and Ailuros, meeting up with Demeter (and my niece) whilst we were there.  As always, I had a parasol to keep the sun from burning me. Rainbow seemed entirely appropriate, yes?

Hylas decided not to dress up this year – but Ailuros was an extremely eye-catching kitty! Many, many people asked to have their picture taken with him, and Hylas was an obliging photographer. Click-throughs on the pics this week will show you why …

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Over the last few months I’ve been catching up with Ailuros once, occasionally twice, a week. Sometimes that involves a whole lot of sex and orgasms, sometimes that involves food (actually, nearly always – he’s an excellent cook and I take shameless advantage of that), and sometimes that involves adventures!

The other week we decided to have a picnic, and I introduced him to some of my favourite outdoor spots over my side of the city – it was windy, and delicious, and delightful. For our final stop, I took him out to the Chelsea Estate Heritage Park. It’s beautiful and huge, next to the harbour (which you can see off to the right), with artificial lakes, swans (click through to see them, and their cygnets) and picnickers too (they’re in the background on the left).

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