Boobies On The Train

I really do like being an exhibitionist – but, as someone told me the other day, I’m a thoughtful exhibitionist.

I love to get my kit off and get photos taken in public places, but I do try not to do it when there’s kids around, or people who might object (or, indeed, people who might get my thrown off a train). As such, it was a good thing the train journey from Pukekohe back to Auckland Central was a long one, as it took quite some time before the opportunity arose for me to get my boobies out!

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On The Train

Who’s that on the train? Who is it you can see reflected in the window as the scenery goes by? That’s right – it’s Hylas and me. And we were having a fantastic time when we took these photos

There are more, of course. Make sure you click them all for extra-special views (and the last one includes something quite rare on this site)…

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Tawharanui Regional Park is a gorgeous place – and has amazing beaches with lovely gentle surf. Now, I’m not big on beaches, because I burn, but armed with a trusty parasol and lots of sunblock, I don’t mind trekking out there for a few hours.

Apollo (somewhat reluctantly, but with great skill) took photos for me. He is a good husband, and took lots and lots of them. Click any of the pictures in this post for extra images!

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Train Station

Following on from last week’s HNT, the train adventure Hylas and I were on took us to the Pukekohe Train Station. After a long exploratory walk (as well as lunch) in Pukekohe, we appreciated the shade and seating that the train station had to offer us!

Once again, you can click all three images to see more.

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Mind the Gap

Hylas and I had a grand time on our train adventure a few weeks back. It was a glorious day (lots of sunblock required), and we made sure that we took lots of photos as we journeyed home!

This week’s HNT pictures were all taken at the Pukekohe Train Station, which is old-timey and has some good shade. Not to mention excellent signage that we could have some fun with!

There are *clicks* on all three photos, so be sure you remember to have a look at what’s hiding behind the colourful shots.

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Rouge Parasol

It’s the first HNT of a new year  – so of course I’m showing off a new parasol! My parasol series was very popular last year, so I figured why stop a good thing?

This particular parasol was made by Djeco, a French company (they usually do children’s toys), and is made out of waxed paper. That means not only does it feel neat, but it can be used an umbrella as well as a parasol. I purchased it, new, from a place called The Garden Party on Ponsonby Road in Auckland – I spotted it in the window and had to have it!

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2009 Favourites

It seems only appropriate that on the final day of the year it’s also a themed HNT – this one is where you select your favourite HNT pic of the year (your own, that is), and post it. Which gives me quite a few images to choose from!

In the end, I couldn’t pick just one – but these are my three favourites from this year.  It’s interesting (to me, at least) to note that all three of these images are outdoor ones. Apparently my exhibitionistic tendencies are increasing!

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Wishes granted

It’s another theme week – this time it’s Three ChristGiftmas Wishes. The general plan is to pick three HNTers (who aren’t necessarily close friends) and tell the world what you’d get them for Giftmas, if you were able to!

Without further ado:

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I’d had it with Christmas a number of years ago. The whole ‘Christ’ part, frankly, didn’t resonate with anyone in our household, and really had nothing to do with what we were celebrating. So when Frank Fradella coined (or possibly filched from someone else, but I heard it from him first) the term ‘Giftmas‘, I seized upon it with glee.

I love giving presents. It makes me happy to find something that’s just right for a friend or lover or family member, and will make them smile/grin/squee/dance around. So for me, Giftmas is a wonderful time!

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A Very Special Post

Today is a very special day – it’s my sweet husband’s birthday! (Say ‘Happy Birthday, Apollo, you lucky, lucky man!’)

Today he is 36. Positively ancient. I’ve been teasing him and calling him an old man all day. Ancient, decrepit, worn-out… really, he’s none of those things, but it’s fun to make him wince and groan! *cough*

Apollo is, really, very private. Pictures of him have appeared here only a very few times. However, he’s smitten with me, still. And when I asked if I could pretty please do a special HNT guest-starring him, and promised to pick images that he would be satisfied with and could say no too … well, he said no.

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