Buck’s Boots

Buck Angel was coming to Auckland Erotica Expo 2010. I was going to be at Auckland Erotica Expo 2010.

Buck wears boots. I like to black boots.

I follow Buck’s twitter – and I have no shame…

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Vroom Part 2

Because Kiana took too many fantastic photos of me on DvsV’s motorbike, here we have week 2 of photographs (here are last week’s choices).  I hope you enjoy – and don’t forget to click!

A hot throbbing engine … yeah, I think I like that! *throttles*

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I’ve only driven on a motorcycle once in my life – well, been driven. I was about sixteen, and a co-worker took me a for a spin around the suburb. It was fantastic, and fast, and terrifying.

Still, I’ve had some close encounters with them: when I worked in a petrol station pumping gas, I leaned against a hot engine and burned my leg rather badly.  So badly that one classmate made whip-noises upon seeing the burn, blister, and eventually scar – and that was one of the worst experiences of my high-school years, as it became an all-day, class-wide, bullying mess.

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I’m a terrible gardener. I’m not so great at keeping indoor plants alive either, although there’s a Cyclamen on my kitchen windowsill that thinks I’m doing pretty okay.

Thankfully, being a bad gardener doesn’t stop me being given flowers from time to time! Hylas surprised me with this gorgeous rose for Valentine’s Day, and so I took the opportunity to get pictures with it before it faded away.

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Toi Toi and Seagulls

Toi toi is part of my memories. When I was a growing up we had a large hillock fronting a shared driveway, and toi toi, cutty grass, and the ubiquitous biddy-bids grew there. It was a great place to burrow into, make caves or nests or simply wriggle in and read in sunny shade. And, of course, toi toi could be pulled free and imagined into swords, flags, or whatever took my fancy.

There’s a particular smell that I can remember when I think of that hillock. It’s summer and grass and pollen and petrol fumes (from the road), sunshine and dirt and safety.

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Pastel Pink

I’m generally not a fan of pink – at least, not of lots of it. But when it comes to contrast? When it comes to pale pink mixed with bright strong colours? When it comes to being über-feminine just because? Then it’s good.  Of course, it needs to be in moderation, so all the colour photographs are in click-throughs this week!

A free corset (inherited through a friend) is grand, no matter the colour!

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All good adventures must, eventually, come to an end. And generally speaking, feet are quite sore by the end of an adventure!

Thus it was that after taking the train to Pukekohe, wandering around, enjoying the beauty of the Pukekohe train station, taking far too many photos on the train on the way back, and being naughty in the Britomart transport centre … thus it was that I really needed to soak my feet!

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All good train journeys come to an end – but that doesn’t mean that the adventure stops! Eventually we came to a stop at  Britomart: a gorgeous train station in central Auckland. Funnily enough, it was just perfect for playing with cameras…


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Gates of Hell

Last week Apollo and I were off on a long-overdue holiday – and it was fantastic! In addition to a whole lot of relaxing (and skinny-dipping in the lake), we also did some tourist-y stuff. On Wednesday, we headed off to Hell’s Gate Thermal Park –  a geothermal area near Rotorua, which is stinky, bubbly, absolutely stunning, and perfect for perverts…

And, being the middle of summer, a parasol was a necessity!

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View from the Train

Hylas and I really did have a fantastic time on our train adventure – for one day, we sure did a lot (and there’s more to see yet!). Our train journey back into Auckland central did eventually come to an end, but there was a lot of view to enjoy before that!


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