The voyages of Dionysos

For those of you come part-way through the tale, let me tell you about Dionysos. He was part of this story right from the very beginning, as together we discovered what kink was – he from the top and myself from the bottom.

Over the years, we experimented with rope and chains and orgasm denial and pegs and flogging – all sorts of wicked and wonderful things. With him we learned swiftly that I adored having photographs taken from every conceivable angle … and somehow that it was extra funny when ducks were involved.

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Attack of the Tchotchkes

Just as I like the labels I choose to wear, I also like the stuff I choose to own (which seems obvious, but really isn’t). They aren’t the all of what I am, but looking around at my material goods you get some idea of the person I am, the relationship Apollo and I have, and the life we live.

Let me tour you through the house of us. This was our last house, this is our current house, this will be our next house. First was books. Now it’s ornaments:

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Rubber my Duckie

I was earwormed last week by a sweet ditty of a song – well, it sounds sweet. The lyrics, on the other hand? Well, they’re dirty, filthy, and wrong. Which is why humming it at work is highly amusing.

We’ll find a pond /We’ll find a puddle

Put your beak in mine and we’ll cuddle

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Rocket in the shower

The Citron Florentine, by Evolved, is a damned fine toy. And it’s damned fine for a number of reasons – all of which come down to ‘yum’!

Here are some of the reasons why:

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It’s one of those things that occurs every day. And as such, it can become a bore (or a chore) – or it can be an opportunity for amusement and fun.

What am I talking about? Showering, if course! Getting clean. Soaping up and scrubbing down.

Some people like to shower in the morning; others at night. Me, I’m a morning showerer. The strong pressure of water beating against my breast, my belly, my thighs, my back – it all helps to wake me up and energise me for the day.

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I love my ducks. Over time, a collection has sprung up, and there are ducks in the lounge, ducks by the bath, and a circle of ducks on top of the toilet (I re-arrange them every other day, just to disconcert Apollo when he goes to pee).

You’ve seen my ducks before – there was the great Duck Race earlier this year; my recent review of my Bondage Duckie – and my newest Buddha duckie was a gift from Alison Tyler!

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Bondage Duckie, you’re not the one

I began my quest to own a Bondage Duckie way back last December: there I was, compiling hopeful-gifting-requests (to give folks ideas in the lead-up to my birthday and the mad present-giving season), and I came across the ‘I Rub My Duckie’ range. I just had to have one – the idea of a duckie that isn’t only for play, but also for play is very damned appealing!

Luckily for me, Medea heard my pleas (especially when we visited Video Expo together and I saw the shelf full of them and made pretty squeeing noises) and presented me with my very own Bondage Duckie for my 30th birthday. She knows me well, combining my many kinky loves that way!

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Duck Race!

For the 3rd anniversary of Half-Nekkid Thursday, we welcome you all to a special event:

The Inaugural HNT Duck Race!

Held on the bee-utiful Curvaceous Raceway, and commentated by Trev and Bruce, it’s sure to be a day to remember.

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Splish Splash

The lovely Fatty D recently dedicated some (very hot) photos to me, which made me blush mightily. Thanks, sweetie!

Last week I thought I’d treat myself to a bath, and treat you all to some photos. Which are dedicated, in return, to April.

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