Relax With Me

What do you do after an enthusiastic shibari session? Relax on the sofa festooned in purple bondage tape, on course! Theseus had purchased some and wanted to see how it worked, so I settled back and let him work his magic.

(There are click-throughs on all images – and if you look closely you can see rope-marks on my upper arms, too…)

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Rope Space

As the rope goes on around me, I like to help. I turn my body so the placement is more easily made.  I hold sections when told to; ask for portions to be tightened more please; mention when inadvertently twisting has occurred.

And as the rope binds into place and my movement restricts, I find my heart beat slowing and my breath lengthening. I am in the moment and enjoying it so very much. Not for me the struggle to escape, or the desire to find my freedom again. Instead I revel in the tightness, the compression, the cotton or hemp snug against my flesh.

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I Want It All

Today is day two of the Seven Wonderful Sins celebration, and the focus today is on AVARICE, also known as greed.

I think it’s wonderful to want too much!  I want too much, I want it all at once, I want everything right now dammit. *stomps feet*. Lucky for me, Theseus was around to help me out in photographing exactly what I wanted on this particular day.

Not photographed (but remembered with great pleasure): a whole lot of making out, skin-on-skin, and absolute pleasure.

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Apparently being stretched out and relaxed on the deck, with rope and a very fine hat,  was enough to arouse the curiousity of one of our cats.

Moss wanted to know what I thought I was doing in his spot, thank you very much. The answer, of course, was paying attention to him!

(click-throughs on all images, for bonus cattage!)

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Red Hat and Rope

After Theseus had practised a karada on me clothed (and done an excellent job too, I must say), it was time to do one with much less material in the way – and it had been far too long since rope had been wrapped around my torso! I asked for it to be tight, tight tight please, and he was pleased to oblige.

And boy howdy, did that every make me rather spaced out and extremely happy! I had to lie down for a bit once he was done tying the knots, and was even joined by the cat …

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More rope deliciousness

It’s been absolutely marvellous getting regularly tied up in rope more regularly. My friend really enjoyed his first experimentations with rope, and has decided that this is a good thing that must be done more!

So he came up to visit again this month, and I introduced him to the Karada tie.  I’ve been tied in karada quite a few times before – Dionysos was partial to it, and Kiana has done some lovely ones on me. My friend picked up how to do it very quickly!

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Roped to a tree

It has been a damned long time since I was tied up – and I miss it a lot! So when a kissing friend, who is completely new to rope, asked if they could use me as a warm body to practice on? I wriggled delightedly and said ‘yes please!’

I also provided the house to practice in, the rope, the safety shears, the suggested ties, and general rope-y information. I am a fount of knowledge and stuff… all I asked in return was some kissage and some photographs. Handily, said friend was most happy to oblige with both – and even let me wear their very fine hat, too!

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