Seriously Proud Queer

For a long time I was uncomfortable with the term ‘queer’ – at least when it came to applying it to myself. Despite knowing that many people regard it as an umbrella term for those of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, it didn’t feel like it was a label that was right for me.

I’m quite particular about my labels. I really like to have them, with the proviso that I have chosen them myself – and I write them on removable stickers, in pencil! So sure, I’ve plastered myself with pansexual and polyamorous – either of which is enough for various friends to tell me that the label suited me. But I needed to work it through for myself, to see if it was a term I could come to terms with, reconcile to my sense of identity.

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I was surprised to be given the Very Inspirational Blogger Award – and then I was really surprised and extra surprised, because over the last few weeks five different people have awarded it to me! Many, many thanks to Rebel, Kazi, Pea, Mia and Stella for saying such lovely and blush-inducing things

I don’t feel inspirational, you know – and that’s not me fishing for compliments. Whenever I am told this I thank the person in question politely and then go away to scratch my head and wonder how that happened, because I’m just me doing what feels right and trying not to hurt people (non-consensually) in the process. But if what I’m doing as I’m being me inspires others in the process, then more power to them!

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A little over a year ago I was reading A.E Brain’s blog when there was mention of a documentary called Intersexion. Directed by Grant Lahood and narrated by Mani Mitchell – an intersex New Zealander – it’s about the personal stories of intersex individuals from all over the world.  I knew comparatively little about what intersex was at the time, but given my distaste for culturally entrenched gender binary, I definitely wanted to learn more.

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