Lay Your Hands On Me

Today is day seven – the final day – of the Seven Wonderful Sins celebration, and the delectable focus for today is on LUST. 

And being me, I asked lots of friends and lovers to give me a hand or two …

There are click-throughs on all images – don’t miss out!

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Dee-licious Donuts

When you’re at a kinky public play party and there are donuts (delivered by a luscious Leela), and someone wants to smash them into your face – surely it’s the done thing to be very enthusiastic about such a thing? And to offer up not only face, but also breasts, belly, and thighs up to the chocolatety goodness?

And then when others want to lick those donuts off you, to encourage them to make the most of the feast?

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Doll of Wax

I lie naked on the massage table. Plastic sheeting protects it, covered by a sheet, covered by me. There is plastic on the floor as well. Welts are rising on my back and arse from the earlier flogging, and I wriggle – just a little – to feel the lines of burn.

“Stop moving,” Hygeia warns me, and I settle.

“Yes, mistress.” I have been saying that all evening. She likes to hear it, and I am happy to comply. Nike, her slave, has been saying it a lot that evening as well.

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