Intriguing Reading #54

My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

The Love Connection: “Interesting question for 4am. I told him the truth. I was lying in bed with my hand on my cunt pondering the mysteries of the world.” (Swinging Gemma)

Deep Inside – A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars and Their Careers: “So when I hear somebody claim that porn is ‘degrading’, I can’t help but ask: which porn? Is an anal scene involving three men and one woman more or less degrading than a scene in which three women have sex with strap-ons? How about a solo scene in which a woman appears alone? And if they’re equally degrading because they’re all part of a the same industry, is homemade porn that couples sell on their own personal websites part of the same monster? Much like sport, or violence in films, or cruelty to animals, I don’t think you can really drill down into the topic on an intellectually respectable level until you’ve strictly defined your terms.”  (Jon Millward)

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Fuck Yeah, April Flores!

April is awesome – and I’ve had a mega-crush on her for a very long time now. Since I started my tumblr over a year ago, April has featured heavily. But I decided recently it was time for more. More focus, more April. Fuck yeah!

So a few weeks back I started a new tumblr focused specifically on the luscious April Flores, aka Fatty D. And it turns out I’m not the only fan out there. Posting twice a day, it’s already garnered a few hundred followers.

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Femme Fabulous

I’ve been getting the love recently, with Droplet and Megan both saying incredibly nice things about me. As is the way of memes, it’s time to pass the love on.

Thus, I award the Rockin’ Girl Blogger badge to the following fabulous women: (drum roll, please)

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Pieces and Bits

Cleaning house

First off, some nekkid housework. I’ve updated my RSS feed so that it now runs through feedburner – if you’re reading me through the old RSS, please update your feed, and you’ll get a prettier version (there’s also an option to subscribe and receive Curvaceous Dee in your email). So many choices!

I’ve also made a new header for the site, which I had a blast putting together. Feedback thus far has been good – apparently people like to see cleavage, and the markings give a strong hint as to site content. Who knew?

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Splish Splash

The lovely Fatty D recently dedicated some (very hot) photos to me, which made me blush mightily. Thanks, sweetie!

Last week I thought I’d treat myself to a bath, and treat you all to some photos. Which are dedicated, in return, to April.

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