Heated Spaces

A winter’s day.

Good company.

A hot fire, and no clothes…

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Showing It All Off

What was I showing off? My udders and my arse – they were definitely on display at the party Hylas and I attended last month, celebrating the life and times of the Marquis de Sade.

Naturally, we needed to get some photos we took before heading in! (A little black dress slipped on nicely for the drive, and then slipped off again immediately after we arrived). My pet’s balcony once again provided the perfect backdrop for displaying my pretties.

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Having a Perve

I do enjoy watching others who are receiving sexual pleasure – but (and this is a big but) I only enjoy it if I know that the people I’m looking at are consenting to being viewed. That goes for people on film and for people in front of me. The type of porn that relies on hidden cameras? Really not my thing. Getting off hiding in closets? No thank you. Peering from the bushes to see someone doing it? Nope nope nope. If I’m going to perve, I’m going to be obvious and appreciative. Sure, I can be quiet – no need to spoil their moment. But there’s no shame in being the watcher either, and I’m going to revel in it.

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Slapping My Face

Only one person ever slaps my face. Or rather – only one person has ever slapped my face, more than once, with my full consent given and with a whole lot of pleasure gained for both of us!

These days, m’Lady slaps my face whenever ey feels like doing so. That can be in person; using my hand as proxy; or virtually over chat or text.

These days, I have permission – nay, orders – to orgasm each and every time my face is slapped by m’Lady (in person, by proxy, virtually). And I do. The most recent time was only a few hours ago.

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Flashing Greater Auckland

I take shameless advantage of the awesome balcony Hylas has in his apartment. It has an 180 degree view overlooking greater Auckland – from the Waitakere Ranges across the western suburbs to the central city, over the harbour and the Harbour Bridge, to a portion of the North Shore. And because there’s also a bush reserve directly beneath his building, there’s no neighbours too close by!

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Big Cats Come Together

Continuing our Wild World special on the Big Cat Mating Ritual of New Zealand, the Tall Golden Furred Tiger has expressed his interest in the Big Arsed White Bellied Tiger, and had that interest returned. They have touched faces, and she has bared her belly – a sure sign of approval and a prelude to the mating itself.

Now the Golden Furred Tiger is purring gently as she grooms him. The claws of the White Bellied Tiger can be vicious, but she continues to show her approval – she how she has pulled his head to her belly.

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Big Cats on the Prowl

What happens when two kinky cats meet and find each other attractive? This week in Wild World, your host takes you through the beginnings of the Big Cat Mating Ritual of New Zealand.

The Big Arsed White Bellied Tiger feels threatened when the Tall Golden Furred Tiger enters her  territory. As yet his intentions are unknown. She watches from satefy, ready to react. (While they are sub-species, they do not always play together well, and it can end in bloodshed and tears.)

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Great big heart

My heart is not small – my emotional heart, that is. My pillow one is pretty big too (although technically that one belongs to Hylas!). My big heart is full of opens doors; it’s bruised and scarred; and it has lots of space. Its walls are flexible and expand easily to fit more people in.

And I like my heart that way – it’s my design, and my choice. But some hearts are static. Some hearts are just one room filled with just one person. Some hearts only have one door, with one key latch – but no one has the key. And some hearts are so scarred they don’t open any more.  Sure, my heart is damaged – as all hearts are in some way – but damage is part of living and loving. I prefer to take the chance.

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Property Values

When I posted my recently about my Title Deed, and my Owner/property relationship with Tethys, the lovely Amie Wee was a tad perplexed. Nothing wrong with that – if you’d told me eighteen months ago that I’d choose to be owned by someone, I’d have scoffed!

So she asked me some really good questions, and I thought I’d devote a post to answering them. I hope they will prove interesting to you, dear readers.  Italics are by Amie.

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Guest post by Tethys, reprinted here with m’Lady’s permission. Original post, with comments, can be read here.

Earlier today i had a Twitter conversation about the looks of trans people in porn; and i felt it raised some issues i feel are better discussed in a blog post than within the confines of the Twitter 140-character limit.

My initial tweets were:

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