On the KissCast

At the very end of last year, I opened my email and was absolutely delighted to see a message from Molly (of Molly’s Daily Kiss) asking if she could interview me for her new podcast, the KissCast. Of course I said yes – how awesome was that?

So in early January we got together on Skype and talked enthusiastically about many things, the end result of which is this, the fourth episode of the KissCast. (I recommend the others as well – they’re great listening!) Molly was a wonderful host who asked great questions about all sorts of things. Between the laughter there may even have been some answers!

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Labels vs. Labels

Guest post by Unicorn on a Motorcycle.

I wear a lot of labels. Pansexual. Switch. Liberal. Sex-positive. Blogger. Single. Cisgender female. Masculine. Tattooed. Pierced. These labels I wear with pride and will happily discuss them to the death with anyone who shows an interest and has something interesting to say. I revel in the person I am, have confidence in my desires and my body, and love to express myself in any and all ways, particularly through the written word. Rare is the day that I don’t commit something to figurative paper in the hope that someone will read it,

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I Want It All

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by Hannah, the editor of Express Magazine, to write an article for their Sex Issue. Pansexuality was what she wanted to know about, and I was delighted to oblige!

Below, a scan of the article itself (and hooray for hot images of Buck Angel!).  The editor also wrote damned nice things about me in the ‘about the author’ text at the end. You can read the text of my article below the scan, so you can see what I had to say.

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Slow Dance

I wrote this as an entry to Wilhelmina‘s ‘First‘ competition, now closed. It’s a true story, and one I’ve not shared on this blog before. Let me know what you think!

We had been doing the slow dance of flirtation for months. She was unconventionally attractive – her slim legs ending in Doc Marten boots beneath her skirts, a laughing mouth and teasing eyes – but it was quite some time before I realised I was attracted to her. A girl. Another woman. Not a man, in other words. That was a first for me, and it was some weeks of heavy pondering in the early hours, before I came to accept that I was attracted to whomever I was attracted to – in this case, her.

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Shall We Dance?

Perhaps not. For over the weekend I came to the conclusion that my dance-card is – believe it or not – finally full.

Those who follow my slutty exploits may have wondered if that point would ever come. I know I certainly did! There are so many marvelous friends and lovers, and those I want to be friends or lovers, in my life – and my heart and body want to accept them all. But while my heart still has plenty of room to expand, my time is somewhat limited.

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A few days ago I updated my profile – and the biggest change I made was to alter the description of my attraction to others. Rather than place myself in the ‘bisexual’ category, it now reads ‘pansexual‘.

Why the change? Well, once upon a time (back in the dark, supposedly monogamous, pre-polyamory days) I knew I was attracted to men, and I identified at heterosexual. Then I realised that I thought some women were attractive to me as well, and I added ‘bi-curious’. A little experimentation later, ‘bi-curious’ became ‘bisexual’, and I didn’t look back. And proceeded to add polyamory and kinkiness into my identity.

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Media Sexualities

This is what happens when I spend the day in bed reading an amazing book by Ursula K. LeGuin, The Birthday of the World, full of short stories that cover many permutations of relationship, sexuality, society and norm. It gets me thinking about people. It gets me thinking about sex. And it gets me thinking about people and their attitudes towards sex.

Unsurprisingly, I think that sex is great fun with willing and communicative partners. And I think violence is bad, unless it’s in a Safe, Sane and Consensual environment (in which case I don’t think of it as ‘violence’, per say, even though it may appear so to those outside the scene).

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