Perceiving Reality

Perseus came over last night, and despite knowing that there’re no happy-naked-fun-times in our future (which I have put away, although I still have hot fantasies about him) it was great to see him. He, Apollo and I shared a meal, watched British comedy and some Bill Hicks, and generally just caught up.

He told me about how he met a woman when he was out on St. Patrick’s Day, who gave him her number. Last weekend they caught up, and it looks like there is future hotness possibility there. I am very pleased – and want all the naughty tidbits, of course! It’s always nice being able to see in myself the compersion (opposite of jealousy – the definition is here) I’d like for people to have for me, so that’s pretty neat.

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Hot and Damp

I treated myself to a delicious long bath this afternoon. I try to have one every few weeks, and the day after one of Hygeia’s incredible massages tends to be the best, to soothe my aches away. Today the weather was quite hot and muggy (New Zealand in summer tends to be like that), but I ran the water hot anyway, sprinkling epsom salts into the running stream from the taps.

I stopped the flow as the bathtub reached two-thirds full, remembering just how close to the edge the sloshing water rises when I slip my body into it. Indeed, today was no exception, with the heat covering me – feet, thighs, arse, back – as I lowered myself in. It flowed across my cunt and lower belly, settling into a comfortable pool over my lower half.

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Intimacy with Perseus


So very smooth under my fingertips. I explore a new world of dips and crevasses, my hands roaming from his shoulders down to his waist, across thighs and buttocks. His toes are long, and curl under my touch.


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My life is well known for being complicated, and I take joy in the many and varied permutations that a polyamorous lifestyle allows for. But embarking on a new voyage always brings trepidation with it, and falling for somebody new is by turns terrifying and delightful.

I saw Perseus again last night.

(No, I still haven’t fucked him. But I really, really want to.)

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In Pursuit of Perseus

I’ve just spent the evening entertaining a friend – one whom I find most attractive indeed.

(No, I haven’t fucked him. Why do you ask?)

Perseus – for that is what I shall call him – is tall, handsome, intelligent, and a few years younger than me. He’s in the process of breaking up with his partner of seven years – and I’ve known her for longer than I’ve known him.

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