Auckland Retro

This is an older photo, taken back in 2010 on my 32nd birthday. Not as old as I’ve made it look, though! I adore the view of Auckland behind me in this shot, and I’ve edited to make it look like the old pictures in my family photo album. If my parents had been up Mt Victoria in Devonport before I was born and taken a photo? Then this is similar to what the picture would look like, I think.

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Sofa Lust

It’s just a couch. Not particularly pretty – verging on exceedingly ugly, in fact – its pilled brown fabric has seen years of laundry piles, children’s feet, dumped shopping, and tired bottoms. It’s really a practical couch. It takes up one wall in the dining room, close enough to the kitchen to sit and talk and drink a glass of wine (once you move some laundry, that is). It’s near the dining table, near the computer, near the bookcase, near the la-z-boy. More than just practical, it’s convenient.

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Her Glorious Cunt

My cheek is resting on Metis’ ankle, and my gaze is focused on her cunt. Her glorious cunt. It’s glistening and fleshy, petals opened, with the dark tendrils of her pubic hair curling around it. I can smell her aroma, and when I lick my lips I can taste her saltiness.

Hermes can taste her saltiness too. His tongue is flicking across her clitoris, back and forth, back and forth. His eyes are open and focused, his chin pressing down into the cleft. I can see the delight on his face as he pulls back briefly for air, before returning his tongue to its delicious play.

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My New Favourite Number

In which Dee is rather over-excited and may have has been getting into the sugar.

My whole life I’ve had a thing for the number nine. It just worked for me – I liked how it looked when I wrote it down in numerical form, the double tongue-press to the top of my mouth when saying it, and how nine was neither too little nor too many of just about anything (including spankings).

But now, three is growing on me. Growing on me pretty darn fast. It’s been a day of three‘s. Let me share them with you!

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I’m a geek, and happy to be one. But while our house is full of computer parts, computer books, and computer games … it’s all PC-based, which is not much use for a Mac-themed HNT (not that we don’t like Apple … we just never had the $$ for it).

So when I visited Hermes and family last Sunday to cook them dinner, I asked if I could take advantage of him, his camera, and his Apple toys – to which he replied in the affirmative. Yay!

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Pretty in Paisley

It’s wedding season! Weddings are an excellent excuse to dress up, and in summer it’s too damned hot to wear too much. Hence – my favourite dress, a cream number with subtle paisley patterns.

I remembered from the last time I wore this dress (to my poly birthday dinner) that I no longer had any sexy light-coloured knickers (an appalling oversight …). A visit to the local lingerie shop for big women – with Demeter in tow – was in order! Luckily, Rich Lingerie had lots of what I wanted, and I came away with five new pairs in three designs, and a bra.

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