Hitachi Magic Wand

I really didn’t know what all the fuss was about the Hitachi Magic Wand. All over the internet, sex bloggers swooned over this toy and the orgasms it gave them. Surely it couldn’t be that much better than a battery-powered vibrator?

But oh, how wrong I was! It’s hard to know you’re wrong until you try something – and living in New Zealand, I hadn’t had the chance to try one. Luckily for me, Kiana (who had moved here from the US) brought hers to a play party.

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Finishing with a Bang

I woke up on Saturday the 31st, with a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea. I rolled over to snuggle in with Apollo, and as I lazily groped him, I told him of the thought that had come to me.

“Today is the last day of the May Masturbation Challenge. And later today I’ll be seeing Medea, and Adonis. Do you reckon I could masturbate three times today? Finish off with a bang?”

He looked at me like I was crazy. Completely mental. (But that’s not unusual.) And I thought it was an idea worth pursuing.

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Stand on Me

My attraction to boots has been growing exponentially over the last few months. Medea, in particular, delights in pushing my buttons with her selection of bootwear – from military-style heavy boots to high-heeled pointy-toed numbers, and a few in between.

Not only does she enjoy ‘standing’ on me with them (bearing down on me with one boot, the other on the floor for balance), she’s also discovered how very, very much I like to be teased by them.

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Shall We Dance?

Perhaps not. For over the weekend I came to the conclusion that my dance-card is – believe it or not – finally full.

Those who follow my slutty exploits may have wondered if that point would ever come. I know I certainly did! There are so many marvelous friends and lovers, and those I want to be friends or lovers, in my life – and my heart and body want to accept them all. But while my heart still has plenty of room to expand, my time is somewhat limited.

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May Masturbation Challenge

International Masturbation Month is here, for the thirteenth year running. And this evening Adonis, Aphrodite and Medea have challenged me to wank every single day of May. Of course, I accepted the challenge! *grin*

(Actually, Adonis ordered me. But I still think of it as a challenge…)

But today is the second of May – I’m a day late starting. Or am I? It’s been a pretty arousing week for me, and last night I bought myself to a gushing orgasm, with the assistance of a vibrating toy and Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z Vol 2. So before I even knew I was challenged, I was partaking. Hoorah!

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Liquid Latex

Liquid latex makes me feel alliterative. Luscious, lambent, luminous, lascivious – all excellent words to describe how I felt after my first experience with it.

Said experience came about because EdenFantasys sent me a giant pot of lurid blue latex to review. I didn’t want to try it out on my own though, so Adonis and Medea stepped lively and offered to spend a summer’s afternoon coating me with the stuff!

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Two Years of Curvacity

On New Years Day 2006, I had just one resolution – to start my own sex blog. I’d been reading and admiring others’ for quite some time, but I thought January 1st was an appropriate day to begin my own! Rather than opening with an introductory post, I instead started with a bang, managing to combine an intense BDSM session with my love of Apollo (I did finally introduce myself few days later – because otherwise it’s just rude!)

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Strapping on the Missy-G

The first time I ever experienced a harness was five years ago. My wonderful, butch and totally 100% lesbian partner Rheia was trying out something new, because she knew I loved penetration so much. Penetration, for herself, left her cold, but she wanted to please me and knew I was missing it. Seeing her wearing black leather straps (with fluffy purple fur on the underside) and a perky pink dildo turned me on completely – and got me off thoroughly. But she never did get what I liked so much about it. After that we went back to our tongues and our hands, and were both happy, for a while.

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Constant Reminders

I begin to type, and my left wrist aches and mutters. If I look closely, I can see the subtle red welts left by Adonis’ fingernails – tiny red lines which appear innocuous but that instead signify pain and pleasure and submission. I wear my bracelet so that it sits over the marks – not to hide them but so it will rub ever so slightly and remind me of last night. We lay on his bed and talked of many things, reconnecting and strengthening, but at one point the words went again, as he grasped my wrist and his nails bit in and I cried out, wanting it to stop but also (moreso) wanting him to press harder, to sweep me away on the oceantide of our connection.

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Patience Rewarded

The temptation has been there for months, and it grows each time we come together. There is the musky aroma of your arousal, your slick fluids coating my fingers, the way you writhe and wriggle as I learn your folds and hidden places by touch. My nostrils flare and my saliva dampens my mouth, and the temptation is so very strong: to drop my head, pull you toward me, and cover your mound with my mouth while I bury my tongue in your cunt.

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