I get distinct pleasure from bootblacking. It’s not the act of getting shoes and boots clean and conditioned – although it is, a little. It’s more about the service aspect: being able to do this for my friends and lovers. It’s also sensual, and a little sexual too.

I’ve been improving my blacking skills for a number of years now, and my kit has increased, and my routine settled, over that time. I’ve found myself a case that fits what I consider ‘the bare essentials’ into it; I’ve stumbled across a foot stand so people can rest their foot on it (or on my leg, as they choose).

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Arse Presented

There are a lot of different things you can do with an arse as comprehensively large as mine is. While those who top me usually spank, paddle, and crop it, flogging also takes place from time to time as well – and in a long session often implements that do all types will warm my rear!

It’s important to start with a good position. I learned early on that I can’t stand or lean for long periods because I simply don’t have the energy. If it’s going to be a relatively short session I can hold onto the back of a chair for support, but for something longer I tend to be better lying over a table like so:

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Corset Jungle

Playing with Medea (my lovely long-time friend with benefits) the other week reminded me of just how much fun we have together. And of what gorgeous pictures I have tucked away on my computer! Very few people look just as amazing covered in grease as they do prettied up in lace, but Medea is definitely one such. Looking at images of our afternoon playing in the backyard ‘jungle’ of  our previous dwelling certainly confirmed that. Don’t her breasts look stunning swelling out of that top?

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Bring Back Buck!

I think we all know by now I have quite the adoration for Buck Angel. He’s a sweetheart in person, has great boots to shine, and is a awesome role-model to write about as well. I’m also somewhat shameless, so when he mentioned on twitter that his latest DVD was out, I totally offered to review it in exchange for a copy! And because Buck is very nice, he said yes and sent one out.

I’m very glad that I did – this DVD is not only educational, it’s extraordinarily hot! There are five scenes, and each will rock your world.  Let me (and Buck) introduce you to Sean, James, Eddie, MJ and Fallen – all trans men.

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Sun shining through

I’ve been working through my computer files tidying things up, and making sure I can find all my photographs when I need them. Because I’ve been slowly updating my website archives as well (ensuring all the links are correct, pictures are watermarked etc.) it’s helpful to be able to find things!

One of the great things about a spring-clean of this sort is stumbling across photographs that were taken but never posted, for one reason or another.

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Pastel Pink

I’m generally not a fan of pink – at least, not of lots of it. But when it comes to contrast? When it comes to pale pink mixed with bright strong colours? When it comes to being über-feminine just because? Then it’s good.  Of course, it needs to be in moderation, so all the colour photographs are in click-throughs this week!

A free corset (inherited through a friend) is grand, no matter the colour!

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Last week I held my second general amnesty, asking folks to delurk and say hello. Well, seventeen people got up the courage to comment and share a bit about themselves! As a thank you, each of them (and you, dear readers) get a never-before-posted image.

Are you ready for a lot of photos? Here we go!

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I love to be bitten. Teeth sinking into my skin makes me weak at the knees, and frequently wetter than I thought it was possible.

All my lovers know this – and more than a few of my friends. Most are delighted to put teeth to flesh; some because it gets me hot, and some because it gets them hot. But everyone bites differently. It’s surprising the variation you get between folks. Allow me to provide examples.

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Tim Minchin!

We have a special guest star in this evening’s images. Click to find him!

I have a huge crush on Tim Minchin. For those of you who are going ‘who the hell is that?’, allow me to enlighten you: Tim Minchin is a comedian musician Australian Londonian with bizarre hair, a penchant for eyeliner, and a whole fuckload of talent. And I have a massive crush on him.

It all began when I watched a youtube video a few years back. It continued as I found more youtubes of various songs. But it really kicked into high gear the middle of last year, when I stumbled across a copy of his DVD ‘So Live‘. Apollo and I watched it together … and proceeded apace to introduce it to each poor sod friend who crossed our threshold. We made more converts.

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Bondage Duckie, you’re not the one

I began my quest to own a Bondage Duckie way back last December: there I was, compiling hopeful-gifting-requests (to give folks ideas in the lead-up to my birthday and the mad present-giving season), and I came across the ‘I Rub My Duckie’ range. I just had to have one – the idea of a duckie that isn’t only for play, but also for play is very damned appealing!

Luckily for me, Medea heard my pleas (especially when we visited Video Expo together and I saw the shelf full of them and made pretty squeeing noises) and presented me with my very own Bondage Duckie for my 30th birthday. She knows me well, combining my many kinky loves that way!

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