Exhibiting the Self

For me being naked isn’t just about showing myself off for other people. It’s about being comfortable in my head, in my emotions, and in my skin.

I am very happy to be unclothed both indoors and out, by myself and with other people. But I do really enjoy the frisson of exhibitionism: of getting my kit off in places where folks could potentially see me – as well as at events where it’s accepted and welcomed. Part of the reason why the Scavenger Hunt appealed so much to me when it was introduced was because I really adore pushing those location limits!

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Sunday Laziness

It’s Sunday. Who wants to get dressed on Sunday? I know I don’t – which is why I’ll laze about in my nightie all day if I can.

I’m very relaxed on the sofa in these images, photographed by Demeter. But alas, I’m about to go sit my arse down in at the other end of the house and study like a good (no longer procrastinating) student. So enjoy all four pictures and think of me cramming my head full of knowledge.

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Outdoor Tub Afternoon

It was an absolutely delightful afternoon: splashing about in the tub in my backyard while Demeter took pictures, made suggestions, and rescued errant apples. We were doing the Envy photoshoot for my Seven Wonderful Sins series – and we had a blast! And, being us, took far more photos than those required to tell the story that I wanted.

Enjoy some more images from that lovely day (click-throughs on all of them):

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Lay Your Hands On Me

Today is day seven – the final day – of the Seven Wonderful Sins celebration, and the delectable focus for today is on LUST. 

And being me, I asked lots of friends and lovers to give me a hand or two …

There are click-throughs on all images – don’t miss out!

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Garden of Delights

Today is day four of the Seven Wonderful Sins celebration, and the focus today is on ENVY – but with a twist to keep it fun!

Envy is something I generally don’t perceive as wonderful. While I rarely feel jealous, I do occasionally have pangs of envy: wanting to have what they have (without taking it away from them). Which isn’t the greatest feeling in the world. What I am, though, is upfront with myself about how I am feeling and what I’m going to do about it. Intrapersonal communication is just as important as the interpersonal

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Cinematic Vulgarity

Demeter and I went to see ‘Vulgaria‘ at the movies recently. A Hong Kong comedy, it was very vulgar indeed (and funny in an occasionally cringing fashion) – so it seemed entirely appropriate that after the film had finished I took the opportunity to flash my bits!

Granted, I can always find a reason if I try hard enough. But this was a better reason than most.

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To the Nines

Demeter has a photographer’s eye. While most anyone can take a picture of me (myself included) and have it come out to my satisfaction, the images that she creates are pure art.

One day she took my skin, some bathtime crayons, my favourite number, and the afternoon sunshine – and this was the result.

(There are black and white beauties on the click-throughs.)

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Crazy 44’s

Continuing in the occasional numbers postings – Demeter adorned my breasts with 4’s. I have no idea why (maybe it’s her favourite number?) – but they look good, don’t they?

You can see that my left breast is just slightly heavier than my right – that’s not usual. Most people have one larger than the other.

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Infinity of Arse

I have a big arse,  and I’m quite happy with it that way. It’s padded for sitting, looks good in jeans, and is great for flogging.

But how about an infinity of it?

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Parked Up

I was feeling pretty butch when I escorted the lovely Demeter to the movies the other week. Probably helped by a) robots on my undies, b) wearing my packy in those undies, and rocking a singlet under my t-shirt.

It was the perfect opportunity to get photographed in the parking building, late at night…

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