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When I write a tweet like this:


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Bites All Over

I love being bitten. By lovers, by friends, and by friends who are lovers. I love the bite. I love/hate the pain (and grin and grit through it) and giggle with the endorphins. I spend days smiling at the bruises that result.

Right now I have biting bruises on me from three different people. One of the first things I’ve learned to ask of new partners is how they feel about biting (and being bitten, too). And I am a very happy Dee when I find that they’re into it!

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Oral Specialist

Last night (or rather, early this morning) as my mouth was hot on Apollo’s very hard cock, I wasn’t considering this post at all. I was focused entirely on sensations: the tang of precome as it seeped onto my tastebuds; the slight vacuum in my cheeks as I sucked upwards; the slight ripple of his stomach muscles every time I flicked my tongue just like that.

Fellatio, indeed, any kind of oral pleasuring, isn’t something I regard as an inherently submissive act – even though, for many of my relationships, I’m in a power exchange dynamic where I am the submissive. What it is, rather, is something that I adore doing, and often tips over into outright worship. Worship of genitalia; worship of my partner; worship of the act itself.

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Alternate Perspective on a Shower

It amazes me how different the photographs in one session can be. Apollo took at these pics at the same time, on our holiday in Matakana, but for some the flash went and for some it didn’t. I really like them all, but chose to split them into different posts, as they give such different perspectives. The brightness of the tiles in the previous post … and the brightness of me in this one.

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A Kiss is But a Dream

He stood a little over six feet and was solidly built, with a rusty-red beard, shaggy hair, and a twinkle in his eyes. He smiled over at me with a questioning shrug, and then leaned down to Apollo’s height and planted a kiss on his lips.

Apollo was caught by surprise – he’s my husband, I know that look. But the unexpectedness of the kiss notably changed to appreciation, and what may have started as a quick smooch turned into something longer, deeper.

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Notes From a Small Cottage

These paragraphs are taken from my paper journal, written over the eight days Apollo and I were on honeymoon in May 2006. They seem to sum up our experience as a whole.

21 May

I’m sitting here with a glass of Chilean Gewürztraminer (given us by Robin, our celebrant), feeling the slight chafe of my ring as I write. There is no sound except my pen, Apollo’s pen, and the occasional startling crackle from the fireplace.

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Showering in Matakana

One of the best things about going on holiday is checking out the weird and wonderful bathroom facilities provided. Some places really go all out; others give you the quality you expect but it’s nothing amazing; some are unfortunately terrible … and some you’re really not quite sure what to make of.

Our shower at the cottage in Matakana was in the latter category. The water pressure was fine, the water was plenty hot and it didn’t run out. You could lie on the bed and perve at your partner in the shower – that had its advantage too. And, as we discovered on our last morning there, there was definitely enough room for two to share the shower simultaneously, provided you were planning on getting very slippery together!

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Admiring Alligator

Okay, so I have a serious phobia about dinosaurs (and I do mean serious, and I do mean phobia), but I got incredibly excited when I saw that there was a reptile park near where Apollo and I were staying for our sexaversary. Because while dinosaurs may be lizards, lizards these days don’t mean dinosaurs. Thankfully!

So on our first full day up on the Matakana Coast, we beetled around and found the park, paid our moneys, and had a wonderful time trying to spot at all the amazing exhibits. Geckos! Skinks! Chameleons! Turtles and tortoises and bearded dragons! A Galapagos Tortoise named Willy! Monkeys! (I have no idea what monkeys were doing at a reptile park. But there they were.) An actual tuatara!

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Every Day, Adoring

Today is a very, very special day. Today is 10 years, to the day, since Apollo and I mutually seduced each other after just a few days of convention flirtation – and that seduction, while never intended to be more than a little fun, turned out to be the start of a very satisfying and marvellous relationship indeed! To celebrate our sexaversary we are whisking ourselves away for three rampant nights in a saucy cottage, because why not?

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Rocky Shore

One of the wonderful things about Kazi is that she’s – whether intentionally or not – always challenging me to find amazing places in the Scavenger Hunt. And while I’m really not much for hiking or tramping, I really did want to get ‘Rocks (big ones)’ knocked off my list after she did it earlier in the year.

A few weekends ago my beloved Apollo was staying out by Piha, a wild and woolly West Coast beach that also happens to be the home of Lion Rock: one of the biggest rocks I know! While the last thing I was going to do was climb it (I knocked that bastard off as a teenager, and I still remember that climbing down it was more of a shit that climbing up – my legs were wobbly for days afterwards), I still figured that where there was one rock, there might be others…

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