Bind Me

Anyone reading my blog for more than one post can figure out pretty quickly that I like to be tied up – I make no secret of it. But there are so many marvellous ways to be tied up! You can be tied to yourself, to the bed, to bondage furniture … the possibilities are myriad, and fun to consider.

And then there are the different things you can be tied up (or down) with. Rope is a particular favourite of mine, with chain rapidly gaining in appreciation as well. And then there’s *drum-roll* Bondage Tape.

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The last week’s been astonishingly busy. There’s been the sex with wonderful lovers, leaving me with lots of bruises, smiles, and happy memories that will make it into post form at some point. Then there was the monthly kink munch; helping Kiana move house; and preparing for and attending a job interview that went spectacularly well (hooray)!

Add that to the usual work, sleep, snuggling with Apollo (who is on staycation at the moment), mental cats, being there for friends and having friends who are there for me – and I got to today and was completely exhausted!

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Human Canvas

Yesterday was a fantastic new experience for me. For quite some time now, the wonderful Aphrodite has been enthusing about the idea of using my body as a canvas for painting. I was a little unsure about the whole concept, but I admire her artwork, and thought it would be a great way of indulging my exhibionistic self, no matter the result.

As it is, I had a wonderful time! My right breast and torso were used for the first painting; my left breast for the second; and my bushy pubic hair was put to work as a ‘brush’ for the third and final painting.

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Welcome to the 2008 Toylympics, held in the gorgeous city of Auckland, New Zealand. Once again we have a fantastic line-up for you, our plushy viewers. From the opening ceremony through the various sporting events, right through to the big party at the end – it’s sure to knock the stuffing out of you!


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May Masturbation Challenge

International Masturbation Month is here, for the thirteenth year running. And this evening Adonis, Aphrodite and Medea have challenged me to wank every single day of May. Of course, I accepted the challenge! *grin*

(Actually, Adonis ordered me. But I still think of it as a challenge…)

But today is the second of May – I’m a day late starting. Or am I? It’s been a pretty arousing week for me, and last night I bought myself to a gushing orgasm, with the assistance of a vibrating toy and Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z Vol 2. So before I even knew I was challenged, I was partaking. Hoorah!

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Crochet Sex

“Don’t mind me,” says Aphrodite. “I’m in a really weird headspace right now.”

She’s sitting crosslegged on one side of the bed, her skirt demurely over her knees, variegated wool in her lap and crochet hook in one hand. On the other half of the bed are Adonis and me, bare-arse naked and tangled up in each other.

She’s crocheting a blanket square. He and I are making out. It’s rather weird, and kinda hot, and not at all what I was expecting out of the visit. Still, she suggested he and I have some play-time after dinner, and neither of us wanted to say no to the opportunity! So he and I kiss and grope and reconnect skin-to-skin, and the three of us have random conversation, and we all giggle each time she drops a stitch and grumbles about it. The two cats, oblivious to our plans, decide where humans are is where they should be, and determinedly head for wool or bare flesh – they’re unwelcome either way.

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Strapping on the Missy-G

The first time I ever experienced a harness was five years ago. My wonderful, butch and totally 100% lesbian partner Rheia was trying out something new, because she knew I loved penetration so much. Penetration, for herself, left her cold, but she wanted to please me and knew I was missing it. Seeing her wearing black leather straps (with fluffy purple fur on the underside) and a perky pink dildo turned me on completely – and got me off thoroughly. But she never did get what I liked so much about it. After that we went back to our tongues and our hands, and were both happy, for a while.

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Poly Dinner

I’m sitting at the table

with my lovers all around

Having raucous conversations

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Go Go Away

The Vibrating Go Go Stick looks like a cool toy, which is why, when I had money to burn and was looking for a butt plug, I came home from Eroxxx with both a butt plug and, well, the Go Go Stick. I’m sure my train of thought made sense at the time: I like being tickled, and I like being vibrated. What a funky concept, being able to do both.

Here’s the thing though. No. Just … don’t buy this toy. If you want to be tickled, get a tickler – hell, most sex shops have them on the counter in a tall pot, for $4 or $5 apiece (I should know – I have a few! And they sit on top on my computer desk in a tall pot, along with some arrows that were a Valentine’s gift, a black rose, and a couple of pretty feathers. My whole house is kinky, if you know just how to look). And if you want a wee vibrator, there are a bunch out there that do a hell of a lot better job than this one. I mean – it uses one AA battery. How strong do you expect it to be?

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In Which Dee Proves to be Fallible in Matters of the Heart

Last week I wrote something surprisingly difficult on Twitter: “You know, for all that I mostly don’t feel jealousy? Sometimes it stabs me right through the heart.”

The lovely Aphrodite has been going through some hard times recently. A few months ago, after a lot of thought and heartbreak, I had a difficult conversation with her, where I asked to move our relationship from ‘girlfriends’ back to friends (hopefully with benefits, although that has not eventuated as yet). The situation we were in meant that I was having my hopes dashed over and over by her, and it was hurting me too badly. By changing the nature and description of our relationship, I was hoping to reduce the ‘hopes’ I felt, and just go with whatever happened. To be glad to see her, rather than sad not to sleep with her.

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