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For me fisting is one of the hottest, more intimate, sexual acts out there.  To trust a partner enough to relax, to open wide, to envelop them within you – to cradle them tight and deep and incredibly slickly – is an act of such mindfulness that I have done it with very few people.

Fisting isn’t quite as it sounds (any more than a blow-job is!) – but the name puts many people off trying it. I think that’s a shame, because the sensations – both as the fistee and the fister – are amazing.

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Last week I held my second general amnesty, asking folks to delurk and say hello. Well, seventeen people got up the courage to comment and share a bit about themselves! As a thank you, each of them (and you, dear readers) get a never-before-posted image.

Are you ready for a lot of photos? Here we go!

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I do love my sarongs. While you’ve all seen this one before, I felt it was worth sharing some more, especially as this week is an unofficial HNT theme – Sarong Sirens!

One of the things I love about this sarong is how damned sheer it is – if it’s not folded you can see certain body parts hidden beneath, or my silhouette as the sun shines through it.

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Cup half-full

Earlier this year I bought myself a cupping set. I’d been cupped before, a few years ago (by an acupuncturist), but it’s a whole lot more fun playing with the set myself! Of course, I can only put cups on the parts of myself that I can reach, so I asked Adonis if he’d like to experiment, and put them all on my back for me.

Guess who’s always up for trying something new?

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Tim Minchin!

We have a special guest star in this evening’s images. Click to find him!

I have a huge crush on Tim Minchin. For those of you who are going ‘who the hell is that?’, allow me to enlighten you: Tim Minchin is a comedian musician Australian Londonian with bizarre hair, a penchant for eyeliner, and a whole fuckload of talent. And I have a massive crush on him.

It all began when I watched a youtube video a few years back. It continued as I found more youtubes of various songs. But it really kicked into high gear the middle of last year, when I stumbled across a copy of his DVD ‘So Live‘. Apollo and I watched it together … and proceeded apace to introduce it to each poor sod friend who crossed our threshold. We made more converts.

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Cool Water

In New Zealand we call them ‘togs’ – those lovely stretchy pieces of clothing we pull on over our curves and bumps, and then splash gleefully into the water whilst wearing. In this balmy summer weather, they get used a lot!

In Australia they’re usually known as ‘cossies’, and in other places you’ll hear them referred to as bathers or swimsuits – but here it is and always has been togs. These are mine.

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One of the great things about summer (yes, it’s summer down here in the Southern Hemisphere) is sarongs. I have a variety of colours and patterns – which go with my moods and my clothes – and they’re ever so handy!

After Apollo and I first moved in together, he promptly claimed one of my sarongs – in this heat it’s morning wear, post-work wear, and all-weekend wear! It was originally a gift from my (now ex) partner’s brother’s partner, so was happy to give it a more positive spin. Not to mention the yellow and green suit him, and I get to perve at his arse through the thin material…

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Pump it pump it

I could never figure out the appeal of penis pumps (not having a penis of my own may have had something to do with that) but the concept of a clitoral pump definitely struck a chord. So when I had the opportunity to review the Selene Vibrating Clitoral Pump, I was gleeful at the prospect! I do love playing with my clit – not just rubbing, but also pinching and pulling, and then getting rough and using pegs and teeth on it. Suction would be a new experience.

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It’s the middle of summer – the sun beats down, the cicadas chirp, the cats sprawl in the shade. And I sit in the shade with them – my skin and summer are not mixy things, and I suffer burnination very swiftly. However, I’ve discovered ways to protect myself from the reddening rays: parasols.

Over the last few years, I’ve built up a lovely collection – and loved ones always know what to buy me for special occasions! This is my newest acquisition, a birthday gift from Adonis and Aphrodite.

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There are so many ways to paint my delicious cunt.

Transient: gently tongue me, painting saliva across my lips. Leave me glistening and liquid, my orgasm trickling down my thighs.

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