State of the Dee

Where did I go?

It’s been weeks since I’ve updated. Given that there’s usually anything between one and four posts a week from me, to go over three weeks without any at all is extremely unusual. The last break I had of any length was actually the end of 2006, when I dropped off the radar for three months – and I wasn’t planning to do that again!

That time, there was no particular reason. This time there was. So, what happened? It started when I went into hospital, in extreme pain – we ran through a bunch of possible diagnoses, ruling out the appendix, kidney and gall stones, and the sacroiliac joint. Every time a new possibility came up, the surgical team, in combination with x-rays and an abdominal MRI, figured out that wasn’t it. And eventually, after three days, they send me home with wicked strong painkillers and orders for bed rest.

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“Love makes you do the wacky.”

I’m feeling great – Apollo and I were civilly unioned five years ago today!

Rather than a big stressful ceremony, we instead had a little one on the front porch of our house. Our guests were four surprised people who had thought they were coming to lunch (my brother, Apollo’s sister, Dionysos and another good friend) along with the celebrant.

Apollo and I quoted Buffy, exchanged rings, signed bits of paper. We blew bubbles, took photos, ate lunch (so that wasn’t a lie – we just omitted the reason for it), and then ran away to the Bay of Islands for an eight day honeymoon.

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Statistical Deviants

Okay, so I’m still absolutely thrilled to have been named in the Top 100 Sexy Bloggers of 2008 (although the squeeing has settled down a little)! Still, it’s been on my mind, and I got to thinking about a few things.


In a list of 100 names, you anticipate some variety – and this lovely list is no exception.

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My New Favourite Number

In which Dee is rather over-excited and may have has been getting into the sugar.

My whole life I’ve had a thing for the number nine. It just worked for me – I liked how it looked when I wrote it down in numerical form, the double tongue-press to the top of my mouth when saying it, and how nine was neither too little nor too many of just about anything (including spankings).

But now, three is growing on me. Growing on me pretty darn fast. It’s been a day of three‘s. Let me share them with you!

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Celebration Question

Two hundred thousand is a big number. It’s worth celebrating. But how?

I’ve taken considerably more than that many breaths, and my heart has thumped more times than that again. But I’ve not slept half that many hours. I’ve not orgasmed more than about 100th of the amount. I’ve shared happy naked fun time with barely more than 0.0001% of the number.

So 200,000 is a big deal to me. And sometime in the last week, the number of hits on here ticked over – and I’m tickled! I’m delighted, and I’m pleased, and I’m excited.

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Post-It Booty

I was absolutely delighted to discover today that one of my HNT photos from a few weeks back has been drawn as a Naked Post-It Note!

Post-it note sketch:

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