Watching Closely

So we all know that I’m a bit of a perve, and that I really like to watch. My penchant for voyeurism came in handy when sitting down with the second volume of Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman XXX series, and there was plenty to see! The first DVD came out last year (it was really hot), and so my expectations for this second offering were high.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a partner to watch with me this time around – but it did mean I could stretch out comfortably on the couch; have the pleasure of drooling appreciating and scribbling notes as I went; stop and start if I wanted to write a quote down – and giggle like mad at the Behind the Scenes extras!

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Guest post by Tethys, reprinted here with m’Lady’s permission. Original post, with comments, can be read here.

Earlier today i had a Twitter conversation about the looks of trans people in porn; and i felt it raised some issues i feel are better discussed in a blog post than within the confines of the Twitter 140-character limit.

My initial tweets were:

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Gender, Buck Angel, and me

“What is between your legs does not define who you are.” – Buck Angel

I’ve been a fan of Buck Angel for quite some time now – not just because he’s damned attractive, but also because he takes the time to try to explain his physical choices to those who ask. Buck Angel, for anyone reading who doesn’t recognise the name, is a transgender performer who is often referred to as the ‘man with a pussy’ – born in a female body, he went through a sex-change, but opted not to have genital surgery. He’s been in a lot of porn, and his appeal is wide-ranging!

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