Guest post by Tethys, reprinted here with m’Lady’s permission. Original post, with comments, can be read here.

Earlier today i had a Twitter conversation about the looks of trans people in porn; and i felt it raised some issues i feel are better discussed in a blog post than within the confines of the Twitter 140-character limit.

My initial tweets were:

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Sodom: It’s a date

It didn’t look like much from the outside – places like Sodom usually didn’t. But once you had entered, it was a different world. The club had two floors, and within that space it encompassed wide shared areas for play and voyeurism and smaller rooms for more intimate play. There was also space for suspension, areas for tie-downs, take-downs, soft floors for orgies, sofas for time out – and, of course, areas where you could sit and relax. But nothing was particularly particular. The only hard and fast rule was a limit on drinking: two maximum per night.  Where was the fun in an arse plundering if you couldn’t remember it in the morning?

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Shining Ailuros

When presented with a lovely sexy kitty who needs a little shining up, of course I’m going to oblige! Ailuros is alluring in any outfit or none at all (as I have been discovering), but as Leela the Snow Spottycat there’s a look of sheer cute that’s hard to deny!

So using silicone lubricant and a soft sponge (and later my hands) I make sure I get all the spots that Hylas has left for me…

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Admiring my package

I bought myself a packing cock in Melbourne. I’ve wanted one for ever so long. On Wednesday I wore it out for the first time – and I couldn’t stop touching myself! Through my jeans, through my knickers. Adjusting myself. Admiring in the mirror. Taking photos. Looking down. Seeing how I bulge.

I’m so glad I took the plunge. I have a cock of my own (quite aside from this one), to wear wherever I want to. I wore it to work, to the patisserie, and to a television interview. I wore it for hours – and it felt just like a part of me. How awesome is that?

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Bring Back Buck!

I think we all know by now I have quite the adoration for Buck Angel. He’s a sweetheart in person, has great boots to shine, and is a awesome role-model to write about as well. I’m also somewhat shameless, so when he mentioned on twitter that his latest DVD was out, I totally offered to review it in exchange for a copy! And because Buck is very nice, he said yes and sent one out.

I’m very glad that I did – this DVD is not only educational, it’s extraordinarily hot! There are five scenes, and each will rock your world.  Let me (and Buck) introduce you to Sean, James, Eddie, MJ and Fallen – all trans men.

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Gender Celebration Carnival round-up

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the inaugural Gender Celebration Carnival – many thanks for Ellie Lumpesse for putting it all together!  The posts for this carnival are definitely worth reading – if you missed any they are all below.

Comments got particularly interesting on my own post, so feel free to have a look back and add your own thoughts.

Participants and their posts:

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What Makes Me a Woman?

What makes me a woman?

Is it because I have a cunt? No, that can’t be right. Buck Angel has a cunt, and he’s very definitely a man!

Is it because I have the potential to create life inside me? It’s not that either. I’ve been sterilised, so no babies are growing in this womb. And sperm makes life just as much as eggs do.

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I Love My Cock

I love having a cock. I love the heft of it, the look of it – and the feel of it.

I love wearing my cock and seeing the bulge in my pants.

I love lying back while Hylas gloriously sucks my cock with his mouth – and that every pull and slide and lick sends thrills into my cunt, making me tense and writhe and feel the oncoming tide of orgasm.

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See the Flash Fiction Friday challenge and image here!


“What do you think you’re doing?”

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Gender, Buck Angel, and me

“What is between your legs does not define who you are.” – Buck Angel

I’ve been a fan of Buck Angel for quite some time now – not just because he’s damned attractive, but also because he takes the time to try to explain his physical choices to those who ask. Buck Angel, for anyone reading who doesn’t recognise the name, is a transgender performer who is often referred to as the ‘man with a pussy’ – born in a female body, he went through a sex-change, but opted not to have genital surgery. He’s been in a lot of porn, and his appeal is wide-ranging!

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