Which Knickers Are You Wearing?

There are two things you need to know about me and panties.

The first is that ‘panties’ is a word is despise. Utterly. Call it ‘underwear’, call it ‘lingerie’ – hell, call them ‘undies’ or ‘gruts’! Ideally, I prefer ‘knickers’. But if you value your serenity, don’t call them panties if you’re within earshot of me. (If that’s what you like to call them, that’s fine, but that’s not what I wear.) *shudders*

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Purple Pegging

One of the fantastic things about wearing a Share dildo is that when you’re having your cock sucked, you can feel it All. The. Way. Down. Having Hylas’ lips wrapped around my shaft made my clit pulse, my cunt clench, and my g-spot wake up and say hello. He’s enthusiastic and slurpy and extremely good – and I get off on it both physically and mentally. What a good Pet!

 (Click-throughs on everything.)

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Palming My Purple Cock

I do love having my own cock. Not that touching someone else’s isn’t wonderful! But having own own, tucked between my legs; hanging out in my pants; jutting proudly and claiming attention? That’s utterly exciting.

This beauty is the Fun Factory Share. Now we all know that I love my Share XL – but the ridges are a challenge when it comes to that nicely paced in-and-out movement in arse-fucking. So when Hylas suggested we get the Share … hell yes!

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Parked Up

I was feeling pretty butch when I escorted the lovely Demeter to the movies the other week. Probably helped by a) robots on my undies, b) wearing my packy in those undies, and rocking a singlet under my t-shirt.

It was the perfect opportunity to get photographed in the parking building, late at night…

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Shining Ailuros

When presented with a lovely sexy kitty who needs a little shining up, of course I’m going to oblige! Ailuros is alluring in any outfit or none at all (as I have been discovering), but as Leela the Snow Spottycat there’s a look of sheer cute that’s hard to deny!

So using silicone lubricant and a soft sponge (and later my hands) I make sure I get all the spots that Hylas has left for me…

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Admiring my package

I bought myself a packing cock in Melbourne. I’ve wanted one for ever so long. On Wednesday I wore it out for the first time – and I couldn’t stop touching myself! Through my jeans, through my knickers. Adjusting myself. Admiring in the mirror. Taking photos. Looking down. Seeing how I bulge.

I’m so glad I took the plunge. I have a cock of my own (quite aside from this one), to wear wherever I want to. I wore it to work, to the patisserie, and to a television interview. I wore it for hours – and it felt just like a part of me. How awesome is that?

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I Love My Cock

I love having a cock. I love the heft of it, the look of it – and the feel of it.

I love wearing my cock and seeing the bulge in my pants.

I love lying back while Hylas gloriously sucks my cock with his mouth – and that every pull and slide and lick sends thrills into my cunt, making me tense and writhe and feel the oncoming tide of orgasm.

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