Strength through words

I was delighted when I won a session with Studio X a few months ago – I’ve spent years admiring their work at various Erotica Expos. Getting to see how they worked in person was fantastic, and the shoot itself was awesome (get naked and have someone take photos of me, with lots of props to choose from? Don’t mind if I do!).

There were 163 pictures taken in the end – and we got to look at all of them that very day, relaxing on the sofas, looking at them on the big screen and snickering at my occasional bizarre expression and oohing at the frequent amazing photos. There were a solid 100 or so images I would have been delighted to take home and put on my walls, or indeed put on this blog. I wanted so many of them!

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So much is going on right now – and new things keep cropping up! Time to make a note of them all before something goes by the wayside.


Tomorrow I have an afternoon photo shoot with Studio X. I won the shoot itself in a competition at the most recent Erotica Expo, which quite delighted me!

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