Waiting at the Studio

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait out here. The red warning light is on.” I came to a halt as he pointed at the sign above the door that said Recording Quiet Please in large letters.

“Oh! I guess I’m here early. You’re part of the crew for the documentary as well?”

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Learn to Love Your Body

Do you love your body? Far too many people don’t – so when Express Magazine asked me to write about body love – at every size – for their recent fashion issue, I was delighted to do so.

You can click here to read the article on the Express website, click to enlarge the image, or simply scroll down. And let me know what you think.

(The amazing body paint you can see more of here and here and here!)

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Three in the Bed

This article was originally printed in the January 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan (Australia / New Zealand), sealed section – my first professional publication! See the image below to read it as it was in the magazine. However, I prefer the version with the words unasterisked, and with my original usage of cunt, rather than vagina, so you can read that here as well. 

I should tell you, before we go any further, that my first threesome wasn’t awesome. It was good – they were excellent kissers, the oral was great, and there were orgasms for all involved – but it wasn’t what you’d call awesome.

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Sexing the Social Life

The morning after I returned from Melbourne, I woke up to an email from Amie Wee, asking if I wanted to come with her and get interviewed about sex blogging and social media for this show called The Social Life.

Me: jetlagged, bruised, and very tired. So why the hell not?

I’m very glad I took Amie, and Lewis Bostock, up on their invitation. I had a lovely time, and I  think the interview came out fantastically. Having permission to wear m’Lady’s collar calmed and centred me, too.

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So much is going on right now – and new things keep cropping up! Time to make a note of them all before something goes by the wayside.


Tomorrow I have an afternoon photo shoot with Studio X. I won the shoot itself in a competition at the most recent Erotica Expo, which quite delighted me!

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Getting My Slut Walk On

S – L – U – T

I don’t care what you call me

Wearing high heels or PVC

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Expressing Myself

As you may recall, I’ve written a few articles for Express Magazine in the past (one on pansexuality, and one on HIV and loss), both of which have been very well received. It was great to see my name, face and words in the newspaper, not least because I was writing about topics that are important to me.

Express, in addition to their fortnightly paper, now has an excellent web presence, and their lovely editor got in touch with me before Easter and asked if I would be interested in regularly contributing some words. Naturally, I was very reserved and only squee’d a few times as I accepted the offer

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Staying Safe – Published!

After my Staying Safe post a few weeks ago, the lovely Hannah, editor of express magazine, asked if I could expand upon it for the next issue. (You may recall I had an article in express last year about Pansexuality. Apparently when I write about Buck Angel it’s a popular thing…)

The latest issue (09/02/11 – 22/02/11) came out last week, and as promised, here is a scan of the article – and the full text of the revised post.

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Gorgeous You!

I am sending out a big love-heart to everyone – my lovers, my friends, my readers, and random strangers stumbling across this post.

You are beautiful. Stunning, sexy, arousing, loveable. And definitely huggable!

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Latex Pet (on Set)

Last weekend I went to a 30th birthday celebration. I knew no-one except for the host, who works with me (but that’s okay – I’m used to going into places where I know not one single person). It was pretty fun – it was held at a pub which had a mechanical bull, and I made conversation with a fair few people.

But my night was made when a woman came up to me at the bar as I was ordering a drink and asked, somewhat shyly, if I’d been on television recently? I replied in the affirmative. Yes – she’d seen me on Wero!

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