Melbourne Airport Welcome

This is what delighted, reconnected with m’Lady, well-fucked property looks like:

I’d been in Melbourne proper all of perhaps thirty minutes at this point. Had come through customs, found m’Lady, sat down and had a lot of kissing and more kissing and oh the touching and mmm, kissing. (Kissing with m’Lady is simply delicious!) 

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Housework in the House

This is not something I thought would be assumed. And it was assumed by one of the last people I assumed (heh) would ever assume it. Which just goes to show.

I’ve been reading Mistress Matisse‘s writings since long before I started blogging – probably by a couple of years – so what she’s had to say has had an influence on me for nigh on a decade now. Whether it’s her blogging, articles in The Stranger, or tweets, I appreciate her wit, insight and attitude.

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Alternate Perspective on a Shower

It amazes me how different the photographs in one session can be. Apollo took at these pics at the same time, on our holiday in Matakana, but for some the flash went and for some it didn’t. I really like them all, but chose to split them into different posts, as they give such different perspectives. The brightness of the tiles in the previous post … and the brightness of me in this one.

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Showering in Matakana

One of the best things about going on holiday is checking out the weird and wonderful bathroom facilities provided. Some places really go all out; others give you the quality you expect but it’s nothing amazing; some are unfortunately terrible … and some you’re really not quite sure what to make of.

Our shower at the cottage in Matakana was in the latter category. The water pressure was fine, the water was plenty hot and it didn’t run out. You could lie on the bed and perve at your partner in the shower – that had its advantage too. And, as we discovered on our last morning there, there was definitely enough room for two to share the shower simultaneously, provided you were planning on getting very slippery together!

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Admiring Alligator

Okay, so I have a serious phobia about dinosaurs (and I do mean serious, and I do mean phobia), but I got incredibly excited when I saw that there was a reptile park near where Apollo and I were staying for our sexaversary. Because while dinosaurs may be lizards, lizards these days don’t mean dinosaurs. Thankfully!

So on our first full day up on the Matakana Coast, we beetled around and found the park, paid our moneys, and had a wonderful time trying to spot at all the amazing exhibits. Geckos! Skinks! Chameleons! Turtles and tortoises and bearded dragons! A Galapagos Tortoise named Willy! Monkeys! (I have no idea what monkeys were doing at a reptile park. But there they were.) An actual tuatara!

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Cup of Tea?

I do love my tea – it’s the best way to wake up; to keep hydrated; to relax. The standard at our house is Twinings Earl Grey, although there’s ‘gumboot’ (Choysa black tea) for those who don’t care that much, and I make sure to keep a rather large selection of herbal tea as well. I also have a special lidded cup from Xia just for drinking my loose-tea peppermint tea in…

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Naked on the C507

One of my most cherished memories from my first visit to Melbourne is when m’Lady and I took a car trip through the Yarra Valley and into rural Victoria (to spend the night at hir parents house) – and along the way we both had a strong desire to find somewhere to fuck.

This was not as easy to find as we thought it would be – every intriguing-looking side road turned out to have houses on it, or farmland being farmed, or, in one case, a horse that looked on curiously as we said “Whatever” and stopped for a passionate make-out session that was not sex but very close.

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Nutty Like a Fruitcake

I was randomly noodling through my computer this morning, and stumbled across this post – written exactly 11 years ago today, in 2001. I’d been writing online for a little under a year at this point, and I was 24 years old…

Some explanations / clarifications after the post, for those curious. (The post is exactly as it was written and posted – no changes have been made, much though I’d love to!)

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Providing a Service

It’s all in the attitude. When I’m with Hylas and I’m wearing my cock and I want his mouth or his arse, it’s very definitely about him doing what pleases me (although it sure as hell gets both of us off).

But when I’m with m’Lady and I put on my harness? Then it’s for me to provide service. And in this case, it was to service hir arse – and it pleased me very much to be able to pleasure hir in such a way.

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The Perils (Not Really) of Dee

I love my rope, but why be tied to the train tracks when I can prance around all over them instead – and accidentally get seen, as it turns out?  Besides, my delightful villain (aka m’Lady) had far better notions than letting me be run over …

We wandered down the walkway toward the Puffing Billy Railway, which gave us a great view of the train itself. but wasn’t what we had in mind. So we decided to see if we could get to the train tracks themselves, and found a lovely picnic spot in the process.

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